Let It Snow

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Let It Snow

Post by Hannah DuMont » Sat Sep 29, 2018 5:15 pm

[15:18] Scene There is a group of gangsters shooting at a woman garbed in white with skin of snow. Group of snow golems are shielding the woman and attacking the gangsters and any civilians who haven't escaped the scene. The woman stands seemingly unaffected as she displays a smile at the carnage done to the gangsters. Several snow statues can be seen around the woman

[15:13] Cathlyn stop her truck when spotting all the golem.

[15:18] Control flies in nearly silently from above and behind the villains, hopefully remaining unnoticed for now

[15:18] Entity would just be out and about when she would noticed a odd sight, what appeared to be snow with white giants in the middle of the road. Out of curiousity Entity would simply make her way over wondering what was going on

[15:23] Drone flew by observing what was occuring, Eventide watching throught its camera

[15:23] Entity watches the shooting going down as she simply says humans are foolish at times. A light violet glow would begin to form around her skin just in case any stray bullets came her way As she wonders if she should help the gangsters so she could hopefully get a easy meal. But then realizes maybe the gangsters might die and that be just as good.

[15:28] Snowflake laughs as her golems take down the pathetic gangsters "teach these fools who they are messing with my pets." She walks up to one of the gangsters, the bullets passing through her skin as it merely repatches itself with the snow. Raising her hand she forms claws and drives them into the screaming shooter as he turns to snow before everyones eyes. She growls sensing several lifeforces nearing the area including the one behind her "well if it isnt the heroes of the city. Have no worries. I have already dealt with this riff raff, there is no need to thank me"

[15:35] Cathlyn look at the scene, in her reinforced truck. She finally goes in reverse, make the moto roar, and accelerate toward the scene, aiming for one of the golem. Throwing the 2.5 tons cars at over 50mph !

[15:36] Entity raises a eye brow and mumbles "I'm not a stupid hero." She just simply continue to watch the scene and probably hold out till everyone was gone to see if there was any free souls to snack on

[15:38] Control targets the golem on the far right with a barrage of explosive rounds

[15:38] The drone remained out of local area, recording the events. She would have to report this woman to Outburst

[15:45] Scene Cathlyns truck barrels into the snow golem but not all the way through. The golem collapses into a thick snow bank trapping the truck. The golem targeted by Control is taken out melting into a pile of slush. The gangsters panic seeing what the woman did to their comrades and now seeing more metas on the scene begin firing wildly at the metas. Some gangsters are smart enough to hightail it out of there running towards Entity without realizing.

[15:48] Snowflake laughs seeing the gangsters panic as she summons a blizzard and snow flurries around them further blinding their already erratic shots. Bullets passing through her skin as the snow patches her up like new. She cries out seeing two of her babies taken down by the heroes "Hey! They were attacking these bad men. What is your problem?" She doesnt seem to care about the innocents that were also being attacked.

[15:50] Entity meows seeing a few gangsters coming her way as she simply thinks free kills. Quickly she would attempt to pounce at the escaping gangsters running her way and try to tackle one to the ground where she would also attempt to rip its throat out with her fangs

[15:50] Cathlyn get her truck in the snow. For mere second nothing happen, and she finally start and try to open her door. She respond to Snowflake, shouting : "I wanted to see how far it would have gone.. stop blocking the road !"

[15:52] Control turns and targets the next golem, the one attacking the civilians specifically before firing another and carefully aimed stream of explosive rounds, making sure not to hit the civs, even if it means the rate of fire is much lower

[16:00] Drone recorded watching and noting faces, of the gangsters and others alike

[16:03] Scene the gangster Entity attacks didnt see his end coming as Entity gets her meal. His partner runs off screaming. The other golem attacked by Control is hit again melting into a puddle of slush. The last golem rounds on Control seeing his brothers taken down

[16:06] Entity releases the lifeless body as it was now useless to her and seems to grab hold of something in thin air, the gangsters spirit for those that can see, which now that she has her dinner she quickly goes to make her escape as well so she can go eat in peace

[16:07] Cathlyn finally exit the car, in a slow pace. Her skin shimmering as she adjust her grenade belt. "So.. what's the problem ? Why do you block the road ? There is a problem ? You didn't get your hot chocolate or something ?" She still move in a slow pace, and skin continue to shimmer, sign of her active power.

[16:09] Drone cycles weapons in case

[16:09] Snowflake smiles seeing the woman get out "No problem. These fools merely did not know of who they..what is the word? Ah fucked with I believe" She draws her blade as the tip glows bright with powerful spirit energy "But do not worry. I will take care of this issue so you may be on your way"

[16:10] Control turns her gun on the final golem and opens up to bring it down as well before it can attack

[16:14] Cathlyn "Great.." She finally cross her arms, resting one hand near a pin of a grenade, just in case. She look at the whole ordeal, with a sigh.

[16:18] Scene the final golem brings its massive fists down upon Control as it to is blown apart leaving a snow pile covering Control.

[16:18] Chung portaled onto the snowy rooftop and he just perched in the show, watching unless he was attacked or otherwise pulled into the fight

[16:21] Drone zoomed in on Snowflake

[16:24] Snowflake sees the kitty snag a soul out of the corner of her eye. She nods to Cathlyn and without a word slashs her sword horizontally towards the last gangsters. The energy traveling from her blade in a death wave as it cuts the men in half along with a couple of street lights and tops of cars. SHe smirks sheathing the blade as the corpses fall turning into snow as she turns to Cathlyn "I dont see what is so difficult about this save the day thing. You heroes make it look so hard" She smirks showing no regard for the lives she just took. If Entity is still near she would be able to see the souls leaving

[16:27] Chung's eyes glowed purple as he rolled under the death wave and he quickly backflipped a few meters away to get to a safer position to watch

[16:29] Cathlyn shrug. "I'm neutral, but i'm sure these hero don't cut every people in half.." She look toward Entity, and start to pull a grenade of her belt. "But sometime, you need to make exception.." She unpin the grenade with her thumb, and throw it toward Entity.

[16:30] Control maneuvers, the snow not even hitting the machine itself, instead it just lands on the shield and falls off as it moves, the gun takes aim at snowflake and fires away with yet another barrage like before, hopefully its at least moderately effective

[16:35] Snowflake screams as the bullets from Control tear into her. The blizzard swirling around her to whiteout conditions making it impossible to see her

[16:45] Drone floats to the side, trying a better angle

[16:49] Cathlyn frown when the blizzard appear. She walk back a bit, and notice the bip at her wristwatch. "Fucking hell.. that hybrid is lucky i swear.." She shout toward the blizzard, and Snowflake. "I gotta move, don't destroy my car, or i kick your ass !" She mumble, and start to walk away !

[16:49] Control stops firing and checks over various sensor readings to try and cut through the whiteout in order to be able to find snowflake again

[16:54] Snowflake sensors wont pick up heat from the woman. The blizzard picks up and flurries around then flies off. A snowman is left where the woman once was under fire. only signs of her being there is is a small puddle

[16:56] Chung blinked as he looked around and he stood up, his extrasensory perception looking THROUGH the fleeing blizzard to see if she was in it, but he said nothing

[16:57] Control didnt try heat and mostly went with radar and sonar, but figures shes gone when the storm flies off

[17:00] Scene all that is left of the gangsters and civilians caught is bodies of snow. If analyzed it will be shown that the victims where completely changed on molecular level. No trace of a human being left, only simple snow sculptures. Reading would pick up Snowflakes signature in the blizzard as it heads back towards the dangerous outskirts of the city into the deadly mountains

[17:03] Control calls for cleanup and remains hovering over the scene for now, just ovserving the onlookers

[17:05] Chung wiggled his fingers and he opened a purple-pink portal in front of him and he stepped through, using his portals to track Snowflake. He had a few questions for her. Unfortunately, he lost her halfway through, a symptom of being relatively untrained.

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