Rockabilly Rhythm

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Rockabilly Rhythm

Post by Timberwulff » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:34 pm

This is Howard Handupme with a special report there seemed to be a ruckus in the city between the villainous Johnny AKA Johnny guitar and various heroes and protectorate members here is the video we received of the incident.

[16:14] Rain was onto the disturbance quickly, she leapt and jumped from building to building, then crashed into the ground as Johnny came around the corner, "You music SUCKS!" She grabbed a civilian by the back of his shirt and lifted him out of the way, then shot her massive arm out to absorb the impact and stop him dead in his tracks hopefully! It would be really hard to go through her, unless the car was indestructible! The man yelped as he was picked up, he had resigned to the fate of being run over when a monster picked him up! He started struggling and Rain would let him go if things turned out to be a tiny bit safer. Like stopping the car!
[16:16] Johnny Guitar: as the car is punched the back end lifts up and Johnny is launched over rains head, landing behind her he stops and unslings his guitar until it is in front of him."Now now kitten no need to be sore, I said I would be back and here I am."
[16:20] Rain closed her massive fist over the engine before letting the poor man go, he ran away to safety.... About 10 feet away, and pulled out his Iphone to start recording... Ugh. Rin turned slowly after releasing the car as her spines picked up in pitch, "Well, good... Now i can smash you." She lumbered towards him as she reached for her sword, her massive arm out in front f her defensively. "You re under arrest for murder and attempted murder, Your sentence is jail or death. Give up if you want to live Trash." She was an Officer, so she had to follow a few protocols now...
[16:23] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) smirks as he looks at her."Has it been so long since you saw me that you forgot? the names not trash, it's Johnny." He strummed his guitar as his eyes watched her movements."trash... was my sister."
[16:23] Johnny Guitar: smirks as he looks at her."Has it been so long since you saw me that you forgot? the names not trash, it's Johnny." He strummed his guitar as his eyes watched her movements."trash... was my sister."
[16:23] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident) stood somewhere in the background, watching. The raven on his shoulder took to the sky and began to circle around the woman with the sword and the man with the guitar. This figure of darkness and shadow hardened the expression in his golden eyes, but said nothing. He chose to remain impartial it seemed.
[16:25] Ogawa Resident: Come, The Morrigan!
[16:25] Rain spoke into her Comm as she approached, "Engaging Johnny guitar... Might need some back up to keep civilians safe. Any officers around that can assist?" She drew her sword as he thrummed his guitar, "No.. I remember you, Trash referring to your shitty hairdo and music. Your Car will be compacted by yours truly, and you are going to spend a long time behind bars." She was going to get within striking distance soon!
[16:26] Johnny Guitar: narrows his eyes at her."Don't call me that!" AS he hits a power chord aimed at the car causing it to explode behind her."My name is Johnny and I hate that damn song!"
[16:29] Rain lunged as her vision faded from the explosion behind her, Echolocation was tricky to see with when a loud noise dwarfed her spines! She swung her hefty sword at him, spinning around to feint a kick and aiming the strike for his left shoulder! Her sword was blunt unless she used it in her massive left hand!
[16:31] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident) tilted his head. He noticed that Johnny was vain. The explosive wrath told a story in and of itself, one that was all about Johnny's reputation. The car exploded and the golden-eyed stranger shielded his face from the blast with a left hand clad in steel. He sidestepped out of the way of a flaming tire. His gaze hardened on the both of them again.
[16:33] Johnny Guitar: fell for the feint and took the blunt sword hit which staggered him back from the impact. He glared at her."You ain into sweet lovin.. you're jus' the devil in disguise." as he begins playing. the vibrations come out like invisible blades at her."You're gonna see darlin what it means to cross me."
[16:39] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident) grit his teeth. His own gauntlet thrummed with arcane energy that coursed up his left arm and through his body, indicated by the small electric discharge in his eyes. He crouched, and from his belly, he began to do the one thing he knew would get Johnny's attention faster than anything anyone else could do: he began to UPSTAGE the musician via SONG. What song? Well... the one that the Morrigan whispered in his ears. "....Generals gathered in their MASSEEEEEEEEEES!"
[16:39] Sapphire Keene walked the city streets, whistling lightly at the hot rod, which she notices first, then blinking at everything else going on around her...
[16:40] Rain brought her sword around as the first cut left a red line on her skin and a scratch on her armor! Her spines picked up in pitch as she took a deep breath, then roared at him! It would feel like a Squadron of Fighter jets were passing by a few feet from them, her Echolocation returned and she saw him playing his guitar, her arm shot up and blocked another few slices, not leaving a mark as her sword dings and vibrates from the hits! A few of the blades managed to nick her skin and draw forth black blood.
[16:42] Mikoto (Kitsune Omizu) streaks down from the sky in what looks to be a bolt of lightning. The lightning seems to smush onto the ground then take humanoid form, solidifying into Rakgeki. She rolls her shoudlers then gives a bit of a neck crack " and it already looks like a huge mess... "
[16:43] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) smirks as he sees her blocking his attacks and aims low sending out a blast at Rains feet, about 15 tons of force to knock those feet out from under her if he can."Just like witches at Black Masses." He doesn't even look."I'm not elitist man I prefer the good stuff, as he takes a step back from the enraged rain whether he knocks her down or not.
[16:44] Johnny Guitar: smirks as he sees her blocking his attacks and aims low sending out a blast at Rains feet, about 15 tons of force to knock those feet out from under her if he can."Just like witches at Black Masses." He doesn't even look."I'm not elitist man I prefer the good stuff, as he takes a step back from the enraged rain whether he knocks her down or not.
[16:44] NYX for the moment is nothing else than a field of probability swirling around Raigeki's exotic engagement ring
[16:46] Rain was indeed knocked down, however, her massive claw dug into the ground and she launched herself at Johnny! She used her sword for momentum and spun, trying to deliver a hefty double kick as she yelled, "Get people to safety then help damn it! I got this." A crowd was gathering as more and more people heard noise and decided to investigate!
[16:46] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident) set his stance, the magical double-bladed spear gathering potential energy for a moment as the black cloaked figure observed Johnny Guitar's reaction. As if taunting Johnny to react to him, he bowed. Then he leaped in, blades whirling, dizzying in their speeds and arcs before he sent out a network of stabbing attempts. Not towards Johnny, but instead at his guitar! "Fiendish minds that plot DESTRUCTIOOOOOOOOON!"
[16:46] Sapphire Keene gives a loud 'Ack!' and falls backward, barely managing to put a hand back to keep from falling on her keytar, though also using completely transparent energy constructs to minimize the amount of fall so she didn't scrape up or injure her hand either...
[16:53] Johnny Guitar: sees the spinning blades coming and puts up his guitar, blocking the stab attempts one of which end up grazing the side of his pompadour, as Johnny sends out a 5 ton kick at Nuada."There's a brand new sound going 'round
You can hear it now in any town
There's two guitars and a man on bass
Startin' a-jumpin' all over the place
Well, it's a rockabilly rhythm"
[16:54] Johnny Guitar: his next words stopped as he was kicked by rain and slammed into a nearby building, slowly coming out he puts up a hand, and reaches to his back pocket for the strongest item in this fight. His comb, which can go through his hair and fix it.. and it does."Okay cats game on."
[16:55] Raigeki actually took a step back to simply obserce " my my the phallus measuring is thick today" she murmurs, beginning to build up her electricity, though, instead of letting out a light show of arcs and sparks, she kept it contained and lightly under her control She puts two fingers to the side of her helmet. " Warm up the reactor just in case I need some extra juice. "
[16:57] Rain wasn't giving him an opportunity to recover! She bounded towards him as she let her aura go, the regular civilians felt it first, an uneasiness and a fear swept over them as they saw her for what she was! She was a monster! The civilians began backing away as she tried again to hit her target, this time with her massive arm! Others might feel as though she was radiating murderous intent, and be afraid of her... Though most heroes have a weird ability to be completely immune to fear!
[16:59] : PAE engineering would reply over the coms and acknowledge the order 'Understood. Intialization of plasma ignition phase ... please stand by." and Raigeki's would be aware that it would take at least two more actions until the ARC reactor would be able to provide maximum power output.
[16:59] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident) cut the pomadour kick and prepared to come in for another round with his blade when the kick was launched. The raven that flew overhead, The Morrigan, had an answer to that. An invisible shield of force about the size of a kite shield manifested before the cloaked figure, which absorbed the impact while the figure leaped backwards. This gave the illusion that said kick had connected. However as Rain roared, the figure hesitated. ....Maybe a new tactic was needed. Yeah. Definitely time to try something else. so with that in mind, he dismissed the double-bladed spear and produced instead: a bladed bow.
[17:01] Sapphire Keene blinks at the bit of rockabilly, nibbling her bottom lip a moment, then adjusting her keytar's settings as she stood up, feet spaced apart, one forward and one back for better balance... Starting to play music that would fit with the lyrics... Slowly walking a bit closer... For a brief second creating an energy construct above her head that flashed with a very bright intensity... Making sure to turn it off quickly, aiming to stun or dazzle Rain... The aura made her shudder and back up, but she grit her teeth, locking in place, shaking, sweating, but still playing... Such a fierce woman... But her fear made her try to evaluate her while stationary, trying to assess if she could somehow overcome her or manipulate her in some fashion at a later point...
[17:01] Johnny Guitar: wasn't a hero and knew fear, she terrified him but he was a dangerous guy and thrived on that fear, it set his blood pumping and his heart racing, as he jumps, leapfrogging over the enraged hero., hoping her momentum would put her into the building. He sees the bow appear as well as Raigeki standing there, and he lit a cigarette. He was cocky as hell at this moment but the distance from the charging rain made him feel a bit better."Scary chick right there."
[17:02] Nuada Ravenclaw (Ogawa Resident): .unleash
[17:07] Rain ground to a halt and huffed, every time she thought she'd get him, he gets out of the way! She swapped the massive sword to her left hand, then spun as the flash appeared overhead, she didn't see the light.... But it might act as a good opportunity to throw her sword at the Guitar wielding Villain!? It broke the sound barrier as she chucked it like a log, spinning end over end in hopes of smashing him in the face! The Civilians started to back up even more and a few were already running away, she'd handle the civilian presence herself then, just through her sheer presence! This wasn't going to end well for her though...
[17:08] Deux Blackthorn (Deuxaun Resident) is offline.
[17:09] Sapphire Keene gulped when she saw the bright light was useless, as the man moved enough for her to clearly see Rain wearing a blindfold. "Fuck." Was all she said, realizing not only this situation but other interactions would make the light of her constructs useless. And she'd have to be far closer for their physical form to be of use. Too close.
[17:12] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment flies to the scene "This unit apologizes. Its nav system was acting up. What is the situation here?"
[17:13] Raigeki takes a deep breath as she realizes that both of the music based folks where in league together. She takes a portion of the energy she was storing and splits it off. She then murmurs "
Kugelblitz" Forming balls of plasma held in electromagnetic fields ti swirl round her She looks to the newcomer " Music people versues supernatural people it seems ... prety sure music people are the 'bad guys' "
[17:15] Johnny Guitar: sides steps the sword and tries to grab it for a turnaround throw back to rain but the force and the weight catch him off guard and he goes flying into another building."This is a new one!" He is heard yelling before the impact. He stands up hearing the accusation."Sorry cats she aint with me, though she would look good in the backseat of a hot rod." He looks at Rain and in case she decides to charge for her sword starts playing a succession of power chords, launching debris at her.
[17:17] Sapphire Keene blushed at the rockabilly's comment, looking over at the others and slinging her keytar on her back, putting up her hands. "She's got swords, he's got a guitar. Figured he could use the help more, no?"
[17:18] Rain motioned with her claw and the sword vibrated... She swung at Johnny as the power cords hit her! She had a limited range for this ability of hers and she was just barely in reach! She grunted as a piece of debris hit her spines as it passed, making them stutter slightly as more of the debris connected and bounced off her body! She was forced to take a few steps back, and after the sword swung at him would fall to the ground! Leaving cracks and an impressive indent in the road!
[17:19] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment nods to Raigeki and turns her sensors to the two music metas. Trying to get a read on energy levels. She charges a sphere of energy in both her hands and speaks in commanding voice "This is Protectorate Officer designation, Integrated Cybernetic Experiment. Stand down and surrender or I will be forced to engage as a hostile threat" she warns
[17:21] Sapphire Keene already had her hands up, breathing out through her teeth, nibbling on her bottom lip...
[17:21] Johnny Guitar: feels the impact as the sword his the pompadour and is deflected off before it lands."Baby, I've been hostile since this began." as he keeps playing, changing the chords so they are a mix of debris and 10 ton hits of solid sound if they connect."Hey," He says to the woman with the keytar."Get ready to bag it, these cats are nuts!"
[17:26] Rain was actually on the defensive at the moment! Blocking the debris with her massive arm and taking steps back as she got hit by the invisible 10 ton hits! She growled as a rock hit her face and knocked her Blindfold loose, she held it on with her hand as she continued to take the hits, blocking any that might miss so no one behind her gets hit as well, "Take him out! I already warned him!"
[17:29] Raigeki pulls her left arm over her chest with her right, streaching it, then foes the same with her right. She begins to bounce a bit flexing her knees toing a bit of limberinging up " Last chance to surreunder. " She warns. Then amplifies her voice " ALL CIVILIANS ARE TO CLEAR THE AREA UNTILL THE CRIMINALS ARE SUBDUED "
[17:32] Sapphire Keene gulped, waiting, hoping the others might be willing to let her go if they saw she wasn't actively trying to fight... But if not, hoping to find the right opening to flee... Seeing the blindfold down... Thinking perhaps she could do a bright flash again, brighter than before, and run, shapeshifting in the middle of one alleyway, then another, through backroads if she could get away... But, hearing the amplified warning, she turned and started leaving at a moderate pace, just in case they thought she was a danger fleeing rather than going with the civilians...
[17:35] Johnny Guitar: smiles as an idea forms in his head."Kitten you got a choice. get that big ole sword and come after me or," His words stop as he turns and aims for the bridge section over raigeki and some frankly dumb citizens that stuck around and lets out a 25 ton blast causing a section of the bridge to crumble and pieces start falling. The whole thing on the verge of collapse."Or be a hero and save those people." the sounds from the bridge are not good at all
[17:37] Raigeki lets her power surge forth arcs forming in the sky. The arcs vibrated molecules in the air creating sound, then music [ ] She reaches her hand out to the bridge and began to surround it in an electromagnetic field to reinforce it untill those on it were able to get off, thankfull she had the extra energy she'd been storing since the begining Then with her other hand she pointed at the man with the gutuar
[17:39] Raigeki: Hōmingushotto" She said and all of the orbs flew outward, then came sooping back in towards the man each from a different angle, and being controlled to circle back around for another pass if they missed
[17:40] Rain grunted again as a rock hit her spines, it made her shudder a little bit from the tiny amount of pain it caused her! She growled and took a menacing step forward, then paused as he made the bridge very unstable! She huffed and let her blindfold fall down to reveal unnatural black orbs of doom! Anyone who made eye contact with her would feel as though their life was being drained and Madness crept into their minds! She was hesitant to go after him, even with the electro girl holding the bridge up! She instead kept her eyes on him and moved to intercept the blast that he might send out!
[17:41] Sapphire Keene left, gulping at the shows of force the others displayed... But at the same time, her inner instincts, pushing her to build an army... Pushed her to consider how to manipulate and recruit the man later...
[17:42] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment pauses in her attack. The flash of shadowed memories seeing the eletrical power. training her optics on Raigeki for a moment trying to remeber anything . Her moment ruined by the guitarist. Seeing no dilema. The hero Arctica would of risked her very life for the citizens safety. However the cyborg was programmed to eradicate all threats rather than waste time saving the few. Firing her blast at the guitarist after Rains yell "Threat level elevated. Terminate with extreme prejudice" she voices charging anopther blast in her hand
[17:45] : PAE engineering would now report in over Raigeki's com < ARC reactor status update: Plasma ignition phase complete ... thermal stability achieved ... nominal power output redirected into the local grid >
[17:46] Johnny Guitar: takes his guitar and flicks a cigarette at one of the orbs, before swinging the guitar at a couple."Oh you cats wanted a rumble? Well why didn't ya say so?" before a couple orbs hit him from behindthe electricity shocking him good, and causing him to fall on his ass."Dang that's... shocking."
[17:48] Sapphire Keene left while she still could, only briefly glimpsing back to make sure she memorized the license plate of the exploded hot rod in case it was ever repaired, and the man's appearance, before slipping off...
[17:48] Rain took the moment he was stunned to charge him! She bounded towards him as quickly as she could with an outstretched hand, trying to make a grab around his waist with her massive claw! If she succeeded she'd squeeze hard enough to make escape really hard! Then her other hand would reach for the guitar!
[17:50] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment keeps a blast ready trained on the guitarist as she again looks to Raigeki. A memory playing of a electrical woman and ninja of ice fighting side by side. The memory stops
[17:53] Raigeki takes the moment of the stunned man to work on the brridge. In a moment of what she considered poetic justtice, she began riping metal bits off of the car and uses them to reinforce the weakest parts of the bridge, using electricity to arc weld the chhunks of metal in place. It was a stop gap measure, to be sure, but she hoped it would keep it up untill a city repair crew could shore up the overpass
[17:55] Raigeki changes the music too [ ]
[17:56] Johnny Guitar: gets his head right as rain is upon him he reached up to grab her chest and if successful rolling with her movements to flip her away from him. looking to slam her into the already wrecked building. his eyes glancing around trying to find an exit.
[18:02] Rain felt the hands mush into her breasts! She yelped in surprise as she was flipped over him, not expecting that at all! She motioned with her claw as she landed on her back with a groan, her spines curled up around her abdomen reflexively like external ribs, then the sword flew at Johnny, right towards where the other heroes were at! Hopefully giving him little options in the way of dodging any incoming attacks!
[18:04] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment doesnt give any warning as she fires her blast at Johnny. Having pretty extensive records that Rain would be able to handle any damage from the crossfire "This is your final warning. Stand down now or I will elevate my response"
[18:09] Timber Wulff (timberwulff Ivanovic) blocks the blast with his guitar a scroch mark appearing."That is never gonna buff out." He pauses a moment as the sword flies at him and he tries something different and jumps up landing on the sword, almost surfing as his guitar is played sending out a stream of music giving everything he has got to cause damage and distract the heroes as he makes his move to try and properly escape. "This aint over cats! I'll be back!" as he tries to leap off the sword and over the building
[18:11] Rain was hit with the blast as she was getting up to give chase, stopping her in her tracks! She growled and took a step forward as the damage was slowly worked through, and she watched him trying to escape!
[18:11] Raigeki gritts her teeth and lowers to the ground holding up the bridge " little help here..... this thing is heavy... "
[18:12] Johnny Guitar: blocks the blast with his guitar a scroch mark appearing."That is never gonna buff out." He pauses a moment as the sword flies at him and he tries something different and jumps up landing on the sword, almost surfing as his guitar is played sending out a stream of music giving everything he has got to cause damage and distract the heroes as he makes his move to try and properly escape. "This aint over cats! I'll be back!" as he tries to leap off the sword and over the building
[18:15] Johnny Guitar: lands on the ground instead of the building and tries something new, he aims his guitar at the street and hits a power chord launching him back and out of the city. his escape complete
[18:20] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment was about to chase the fleeing guitarist but another memory triggers. Depowering her blast she screams and grips her head. Landing on the ground roughly.
[18:20] Rain ran towards Raigeki and thrusts her massive arm over her head, blocking a piece of debris from smashing the womans helmet! Her breasts might be right in the visor, but no headache, "You got this, try and steady it a little bit more!" She growled as Johnny made his escape, she'd get him eventually!
[18:22] Raigeki grunts " Someone call an emergency crew to prop up that bridge... "
[18:25] Rain raised a hand to her ear to re activate her comm, "Repair crew needed at sight..." And pinged her location, "Just hold it up, don't worry about anything else!" She huffed as some debris hit her head, she luckily towered over the woman, so was able to bend over slightly to protect her while she focused on the bridge! Hopefully her comm worked because electricity was bad in large doses!
[18:26] Integrated Cybernetic Experiment gets up and flies upwards. Scanning the area for the guitarist and finding no sign. Placing the call to the emergency crew as well. She then flies over and helps to stablize the bridge with her strength "Suspect got away. Data saved for future analysis"

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