An unwise search {Log}

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An unwise search {Log}

Post by LillianVickson » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:51 pm

Having heard rumors that the Elite were having a recruitment party, Lil Vickson patrolled the East part of town to try and follow villains there and get her revenge.

[20:58] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) has scanned many buildings on the East End and lands by the XXXcelsior, then wonders aloud, "Could it be that obvious?"
[21:02] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) clicks her tongue at the door that leads to a wall. "That's not suspicious at alllll."
[21:03] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) examines the 'wall' and easily finds the switch. "Hello, Secret Elevator!"
[21:04] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) sighs as she enters the elevator. "In for a penny..." before pushing a button.
[21:09] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) looks out the door as the elevator opens. She is already nervous because the wallpaper looks familiar. She steps out slowly, confident that her battle-suit gives her advantages she lacked when she was here before.
[21:10] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson): NPC Guard stands up and shouts, "Hold it right there, superbitch or whatever you call yourself!"
[21:11] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) smirks, glad he is only one man. "Like I need a codename." She activates her energy sword.
[21:12] Maximilian Cromwell was just on his way to the exit and he looks at the person drawing her blade. " Honestly ?" he just murrs " How about you put that thing away?" he said calm as he looked at the woman.
[21:13] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) looks at him incredulously. The guard is even more confused. She keeps the blade glowing.
[21:15] Maximilian Cromwell looks at the woman, he did not seem put off at all. " Blade ... turn it off or sheath it " he tried to speak slow, in case the woman did not understand him well.
[21:17] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson): The NPC guard watches the Elite Member's take-charge attitude and relaxes a little.
[21:17] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) glares at the man and deactivates the blade, though she keeps the hilt in hand and her finger on the switch.
[21:18] Maximilian Cromwell sighs a little " thank you very much ... that thing is loud !" he murrs and rubs his temples some. " So ... what do you want down here ?"
[21:19] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) smirks. She has to admit that the sword is annoyingly loud. "I'm looking for something." She sizes him up a bit more. "What did I find?"
[21:21] Maximilian Cromwell sighs again and stretches " You ... found a bar " he said as he tilts his head, walking a bit closer to her. " Now ... what is with the strange dress anyhow? Thought you'll be getting into a rave party or anything ?" his voice still calm, kind even.
[21:24] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) attempts to match his tone, though she can't keep a bravado out of her voice. "Are you having a rave at this bar? I do like to discover new hotspots." Having set up with silly questions, she gets to the one she wants answered. "What's it called?"
[21:27] Maximilian Cromwell sighs " no there is no rave at the bar " he said calm " And i would prefer not to say names ... as should be obvious by the guards ... its a private place for the high society of the town ... " he said before he offers the woman a apologetic smile " So please, don't make such a fuzz yes? it would be disturbing the other guests "
[21:31] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) almost chuckles while she decides whether he was making a pun intentionally or not. She should probably mot make a fuss since there is supposedly a gathering going on. She would love to later bring the fuzz. "Well, if it's all that boring, I'll look for more interesting places." She turns to the elevator and uses her hilt to salute the guard as she tells her host. "Goodbye."
[21:32] Maximilian Cromwell smiles some " Oh i will come along, i was just about to leave myself " he said calm as he looks her over " So how comes someone as cute is venturing around the town as of such late hour ?" he asks with a small chuckle.
[21:33] The Headhunter nods. "I don't object to that. We need someone who is level headed. So what about the other two heads? You look more like a banker than a field agent, Mr...sorry I did not catch your name."
[21:34] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) half-frowns a moment, then exaggerates a shrug as they rise up. "Bored."
[21:35] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) looks around, "This isn't my floor."
[21:36] Maximilian Cromwell laughs softly as he looks at the woman " Well ... " he rubs his chin some and he looks her over " Oh there is a exit here as well " he said calm " you know due to paparazi and such " he explained " If you are bored ... why don't you come along ... i'd know of a nice place "
[21:36] Alicia Frakture pauses a moment."You all hear that?"
[21:38] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) shakes her head, also deciding to not give her name though she is mildly surprised not to be recognized. "Thanks, but the way I came in was pretty empty. It will be fine." She pressed the call button
[21:39] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson): ((clever door program))
[21:39] Alicia Frakture shakes her head."I'm gonna check something. Damn we need security around here, keep nosey people out of here,"
[21:40] Maximilian Cromwell looks and as she turned her back to him, he grins. Silent feet move him closer and he reached in his pocket, pulling up a cloth handkerchief before he drenches it with a small bottle from his other pocket. He then attempts to simply press it onto the womans mouth and nose.
[21:43] Alicia Frakture stands next to the elevator, curious about what she thougth she heard, after a couple minutes starts to think she was hearing things
[21:43] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) notices him coming and readies for an attack, but expects a strike, not chloroform. Once she smells it, she knocks on the not yet open door in frustration. She tries to block his application of the cloth, but is too late and then swoons quickly.
[21:46] Maximilian Cromwell chuckles a little as he sees her slumping down. He keeps the cloth pressed on her mouth and nose till he was sure she would be out cold. "Honestly ... people nowadays " he said as he would pick up the woman and place her over his shoulder before heading out the other door.
[21:49] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) is not especially heavy and hangs from his shoulder as a rag doll should. She drops the energy sword she had been coddling all this time.
[21:50] La Fleur Mortelle looks up from her phone, disappointed that she had missed the meeting. "Looked like an interesting meeting."
[21:51] Maximilian Cromwell slides open the extra door as he moved in the room in front of it. He sees another masked person and he laughs some, pretty sure where she belonged just by the fact she did not attack him outright " Oh the meeting itself was boring ... this one just tried to make her way in as i was about to leave " he chuckles " Others are still inside ... tho i could also offer you to join "
[21:53] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) is as active as a sack of potatoes.
[21:54] La Fleur Mortelle puts down her phone and admires the lady's suit. "Hmm... a powersuit. Quite the tight fitting one as well. I'm guessing she is quite fragile without it.... either that or she is very deformed under that thing. There is only one way to tell."
[21:55] Maximilian Cromwell looks at the woman and he chuckles " Hmm fair enough " he said as he places her on the ground, moving to take the suit off of her.
[21:57] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) 's suit does not seem to have any defenses in place with it's mistress unconscious. Though it tends to heal when torn, it seems to open at the neck.
[22:00] Maximilian Cromwell then reaches to her neck, attempting to open the suit and peeling her out of it, after all the suit would be useless for the next couple days
[22:00] La Fleur Mortelle watches as Mazimilian tries to take off the suit. "Most powersuits tend to be a little bulking. She seems to have a nice one. " La Fleur cups her own breasts and gives them a little lift. "Heroines don't seem to take much care in their appearance sometimes. Style matter."
[22:02] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) seems to breathe a little easier though she is still no more active than a stuffed animal as she is stripped down.
[22:04] Maximilian Cromwell chuckles as he looks her over " oh my ... looks like a normal human to me " he said calm before he looks to the other " Agreed ... and you are quiet the gorgeous specimen " he snickers before he looks at the redhead,. " Now ... i wonder " he grins at the purple haired woman " Wish to join me when i have my fun with her ?"
[22:06] La Fleur Mortelle takes the end of her staff and pokes at lady's bare ass. "She is a cute one... but I will have to pass on your generous offer." La Fleur Mortelle stikes a pose. "I'm Fleur Mortelle... I don't think I've met you before have I?"
[22:08] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) twitches and grunts in reaction to being poked, though still lies still.
[22:08] Maximilian Cromwell offers her a calm smile "Hmm for all intends and purposes " he snickers " I am Lust " he offers a small bow before he tilts his head " Too bad you are going to pass ... i think of keeping her for a couple days ... so if you change your mind seek me out. And no we have not yet met " he said before he picks the woman back up. " Well then i shall move before she wakes up. "
[22:09] La Fleur Mortelle smiles and nods to Maximilian. "I hope you enjoy yourself, Lust."
[22:10] Maximilian Cromwell nods and then heads out.
[22:11] Maximilian Cromwell carries her all the way into his apartment. He looks down at her and then decides it would be best that she can't see a thing, so his mind attempts to invade hers while she was still asleep.
[22:13] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) stirs sleepily as her mind is probed.
[22:14] Maximilian Cromwell then goes ahead and blocks off the reception of her eyes, turning her basically blind for the moment, of course not a permanent state, just as long as she was around his flat.
[22:18] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) groggily stirs and lifts her head. "Huh?" She reaches for a blindfold that isn't there. "Damn, must like to keep his prey in the dark." She sits up carefully.
[22:20] Maximilian Cromwell looks at her and he grins. The second the woman sits up, he reaches down and grabs her by her hair, pulling her up further and over to the kitchen counter. " Well since you are awake ... lets have some fun shall we ?" he asked as he leans her onto it before spreading her legs.
[22:23] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) had noticed that she was naked. She wondered when she will ever find a villain that didn't do that to her. It was like a magic thing had happened when she turned 18. When he grabbed her hair unexpectedly, she cried out. "OW!" She then resisted, punching wild toward the puller of her hair.
[22:25] Maximilian Cromwell sighs a little as the woman was throwing punches " Stop that ... if you fight i have to hurt you.... be a good girl " he said trying to force her down onto the cold oven. Still in an attempt to get her legs spread wide.
[22:27] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) is not certain what sort of apparatus he is trying to get her into but she won't submit to being tied down. "Let me.." She tries to punctuate her statement with a kick, "GO!"
[22:29] Maximilian Cromwell grumbles as he kick did not really much to him ... and in return he slaps her with probably enough force to throw her off her feet. " For fuck sake ... i even give you the chance to not get hurt "
[22:31] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) had guessed wrong about the order of his planned steps. Assuming he was tying her down, she had kicked and punched until his slap knocked some wind out of her. On top of that, thanks to all her kicking, he now managed to get between her thighs. She still tried to twist and scramble away while trying to figure out what they were fighting on and why she smelled pine.
[22:34] Maximilian Cromwell then reached in one of the drawers, taking some lube. And yes he had lube in his kitchen drawers. He spreads some on her anus and cunt before he frees his cock. " Guess you really need pain then " he shakes his head and without warning, he pushes his cock deep inside of her anus, stretching her wide as he went balls deep on the first push.
[22:39] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) kept struggling as he applied his lube, "Get OFF me!" She was just sensing that he was not trying to tie her down when he shoved his way in. She went stiff a second as she realized where the pain was and what had caused it. She then wailed a moment from that pain. Though the punching and flailing stopped, she was visibly angrier. She glared at a point to the left of his eyes and yell, "You fucker!"
[22:42] Maximilian Cromwell presses her down with her face on the oven as he starts to move his hips. His shaft nearly leaving her before its forced back all the way inside. " Shut up already ... if you'd not have been such a brat i wouldn't of had to hurt you " he was not holding back on her either as he was pounding her in a quick pace.
[22:47] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) starts to grunt in pain with each thrust. She tries to elbow him. "You uurgh expe-urgt me to urgh lie back -urg- and -UGHT- No way-urgGH!"
[22:50] Maximilian Cromwell grabs her elbow and he keeps pounding her at a steady, quick pace. " Guess its no help then " he said as he turns on the stove beneath her, the fields slowly growing hot where her belly rests on the stove.
[22:54] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) keeps struggling faintly and grunting angrily with pain when she notices the heat. "Wha-uurgh!" She tries to roll away from the burner beneath her only to find another. "You -urdh- insane!"
[22:56] Maximilian Cromwell keeps pounding her as he slowly turns up the heat " if you are a good girl and beg in submission i might turn them off "
[22:58] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) feels more pain as her skin reddens. "Oh G-urfgh!" She tries to push off the surface with her one free arm and burns her hand as well. "Off, Plea-urgh. PLEASE!"
[22:59] Maximilian Cromwell keeps her pinned down " will you be a good girl and do as told ?" he asks, not letting her go yet.
[23:01] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) now cries out loudly and tries with all her might to rise as her belly and right breast each begin a 2nd degree burn. "Yes, YES! Turn it OFF!"
[23:03] Maximilian Cromwell turns the stove off and lifts her off of it, setting her down on the cool kitchen counter next to it. He then goes back to using her anus for his amusement.
[23:05] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) keeps grunting in time. She settles down, thankful for the cool stone on her skin. She grunts a little differently for a second as she realizes that this is a kitchen.
[23:07] Maximilian Cromwell then finally pulls it out of her ass. He lifts her leg on his shoulder and he forces his cock in her pussy. Holding her close he slams his cock all the way inside, tip piercing her cervix and entering her womb.
[23:10] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) does not resist as he moves her. When he enters her again, she tries not to think about where he just was. Her grunt is replaced by a guttural chirp in her throat as he thrusts into her depth.
[23:13] Maximilian Cromwell then once more starts to move his hips, putting his weight into his thrusts as he grins. " Why so quiet ?"
[23:15] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) chirps a bit sharper. "I don't want to get cooked, thank you." She starts to feel around the counter to confirm her theory.
[23:18] Maximilian Cromwell looks down at her and he grins. " Ohh but you look like you are enjoying yourself " he said as his mind invades hers once more, starting to fill hers with pleasure and nothing but pleasure. But yes she could probably feel it to be well at least a hot spot with a counter next to it, could as well been a workshop.
[23:22] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) just thinks she feels part of a sink when a wave of passionate enjoyment crashed over her mind. "Whoaaa <chirp>". She lay back and opened her thighs a bit more.
[23:23] Maximilian Cromwell grins and he picks up the pace some " Something wrong?" he asks with a dirty old grin on his face she could not see.
[23:26] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) shakes her head lazily as her chirps morph into moans. "Nah- ahhhhh." Her legs wrap around him, her ankles attempting to meet up behind his back.
[23:27] Maximilian Cromwell grins some " well you are holding me mighty tight for nothing " he said as he reaches down, his hands grabbing her throat and he squeezes it shut as he keeps on pounding her, assaulting her womb.
[23:32] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) tries to chirp a last time as he closes her throat. Her unfocused eyes bulge as her oxygen stops being renewed. She loosens her legs in the hope that it was the offense he perceived to bring on a strangling. Still otherwise enjoying herself, she let him keep fucking her now soaking pussy.
[23:35] Maximilian Cromwell just keeps choking her for a bit of fun at the moment. Tho, obviously he let her breathe every now and then so she would not pass out. As time flies by, the whole fun goes on for the next two hours before his cock eventually twitches inside her womb
[23:37] Lil Vickson (lillianvickson) suddenly feels him seed within her. She cries our happily but unintelligibly as her body twitches all over. Then she sighs long, hard and contentedly.
[23:41] Maximilian Cromwell chuckles as he had filled her womb with his seed. " Hmm who knows, i might make you a little breeder " he said as he looks down at her. " tho for today you should rest ... the next days will be eventful. " he said as he pulls out, but he did not let her leak too much as he forces a vibrator inside her cunt that he turns on the highest setting before closing her with a plaster. He then goes ahead and ties her up, storing her under the bed even.

As you can see at 22:02 above. My battle-suit has been stolen and then left alone in a subway maintenance room that is accessible from the Elite club's 1st floor elevator landing.
Anyone wishing to RP finding it, PM me. :-)

Not that I will be able to use it for a while....
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