After the Heist

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After the Heist

Post by Leona » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:49 pm

Posted for The Superior (bear.davi)

Outside the PAE building sat a limo, a familiar one to an eagle eye as it was the one present at the bank heist the previous night. A slender, middle aged Japanese man stood outside of it, hands behind his back, waiting patiently as another man steps out, horn rimmed glasses, buzz cut Caucasian, dapper suit. He was the Lawyer. Behind him were five men of various types. Blond, brunette, one with unkempt hair, one with an out of control beard, one black, one Latino. All of them were the 5 men who were caught at the bank incident, having tried to make their way inside and steal all the money they could get while the heroes and villains were so pre-occupied with each other and that truck. Too bad one of the heroes was smart enough to check on the other bank entrance.

"Inside," said the Japanese man with a stern commanding voice. Sharply, he turns his back to the group and steps inside the limo first as the chauffeur opened the door for him.

"You heard the man," said the lawyer, following the Japanese man's lead as he steps inside of the limo. The five men looked at each other, nerves on edge and knew what was coming. One by one they filed into the limo before the door slams shut and the chauffeur returns to the driver's seat. The license plate on the limo reads "SH0-6UN" as it sped off.

Cigar ever present in his mouth, Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun had a little mini golf course set up in his office. His secretary sat nearby, fixing up her blouse and having cleaned herself up. The Shogun does like to release his frustrations in.. other ways, ways only she could provide him, but this situation was one that needed to be dealt with. The door opens as the Lawyer and Japanese man step in. Behind them are the 5. The fear is very clear in their eyes. They haven't known him long but there was a reason they followed him. His presence commanded respect. Some people just have that natural aura. He carried himself like one with authority, a man of respect and power even though he wasn't even a meta. With that respect and power also came fear, take one look at him and just know he is not the one you want to make an enemy out of. He is not someone whose wrath you want focused on you and today it seems like that is what is about to happen.

He says nothing, cigar dangling from his lip. He points his golf club downward, a simple gesture ordering each of them to lie on the ground and line up. They hesitate for only a brief period, doing what was commanded of them. He then gestures for them each to open their mouths. As they do so, he places a tee in each of their mouths, then places a golf ball on each. He hovers over one of them, as he takes a stance, preparing to tee off.

"Let me tell you a little about myself," he began. "Pretty sure a lot of us come from our own versions of Earth right? Maybe our Earth was destroyed before coming here. Mine was. See"-tees off, club colliding with the ball over the first guy, impact is such that it knocks the tee out of the guy's mouth as the ball sores through the air and into the hole. He begins pacing around, picking out the guy on the opposite end of the line, taking a stance again-"I ruled as king there. I was the big boss, the criminal underworld belonged to me. I was no meta but you best believe even meta scumbags gave me the proper respect and acknowledged my status.
I got to where I was because I was smart. I didn't allow circumstances to dictate where my life went. I decided!"-He tees off again. The sound of that club meeting the ball making the men flinch, one so much that his tee and ball fell over, which Shogun repositions back into his mouth and takes a stance over him.-"I made the decisions for myself. I educated myself, learned how to survive, how to fight, turned myself into a complete human being, something not even these damn costumes want to fuck with!"-Tees off before going to the next man-"I have experienced much success but, no not everything was perfect. I had my share of rivals, others who wanted my crown and of course costumes. There was this alien on my world, had these amazing powers, he was so powerful it was like he was a god and some people looked to him as such. Couldn't stand that shit. People put their faith in a goddamn false god, you believe that? Then there's this lightning freak, angry at me because apparently I killed his daddy. I killed plenty daddy's, gotta be specific you know? If you end up dead by my call or hand, it's simply business or you went and pissed me off. My biggest headaches though... this annoying ass insect. Sure he was a teenager, but the mouth on that kid, he never shuts up, flinging out his jokes and comments. He had insect powers. He was strong and fast but I loved when I could squeeze the life out of him... then finally this vigilante who loved to play ninja. He gave me the most trouble.. almost singlehandedly destroyed everything! And wouldn't you know it... I finally find out who he is and he's some blind guy! How embarrassing is it to know that you been taking Ls from a blind man?! Me and him, oh yea we had our share of good tussles. Man can hit I tell you. Quick one too. I got my good licks on, not talking about fighting, no... burned down his business, had his home shot up... went after people he loved, hell he had a sidekick who thought he could take me on... I beat him so bad he was in a coma for months! Even when he woke up, he was out of action for at least a year to heal from all his bones I broke. Mr. Blind man wasn't happy about it either. I did all I could to fuck this man's life up and man, when he had enough he was like a damn demon. I thought I could break him and in a lot of ways, I did but I didn't account for how much I'd piss him off. Hard pill to swallow but he took me down, brought down my empire and I was left, stuck in jail until my world started coming to an end."-tees off on the fourth ball, but then begins pacing a bit, taking a long drag off his cigar before standing above the final man in the middle, taking a stance-"Suffice to say, sometimes shit just doesn't work out as planned. Since I came here, I been in need of rebuilding my empire and it's not been easy. It took such a long time for me to assemble what I have now. I had to be careful, had to be smart and take as little risk as possible. Here we had an opportunity. Well thought out moves. In the end, we basically had an open door. What happened?!" he tees off on the last ball, hitting it so hard that it flies off and embeds into the wall.

"I'll get someone on that right away," said the secretary as she stood up and left the room.

He takes another drag off his cigar before pointing at a row of chairs. All with their backs to him. Like before, the five men understood the gesture as they got up and sat in them. He paces behind them. Each man is trying to remain calm, but simply knowing he was there, they felt his eyes on them as if he's looking into their soul, it was so unnerving. "Any of you going to talk?" he demanded.

"We...we did everything you asked," spoke the blond with unkempt hair. "We did it all down to the t, but then one of the costumes just shows up. We weren't prep-" -Shogun holds up a hand, silencing him. "I saw that happening," he said. "But you were keeping her distracted right? The rest of you, I told to juice up, steal what was left in that damn truck. Anyone left to defend it was beaten so bad the wind could've knocked them over. What. happened?"

"We're just weren't use to the drug man," spoke the Latino man. "It's like, we were so powerful yet still weren't on that level. The bitch was stronger than she looked, even injured! We did the best we could..."

The few seconds of silence felt so long. The stench of cigar smoke was causing some nostrils to flair. Then came a loud slap on the shoulder as Shawn's large hand grabbed onto the Latino man. It was more like a comforting slap but still, the mere fact that it broke the silence nearly caused them to jump out of their seats. "I get it.. there was a set back or two..." he began. "Sometimes things go very wrong even if it seems like your planning was perfect. There are always X factors to consider. Perhaps I am being a little harsh with you"-he stops at the black man, hands on his shoulders, rubbing them with a hint of roughness to his touch as he's still pondering as he speaks-"and maybe it was my fault. I got too ambitious. I thought I was ready to begin again but perhaps, I was a little...overzealous." He pats the back of another man and continues his pacing. Wheels turning in his head. "You know," he continued. "Not too long ago, my secretary.. she's such a loyal woman you know? She fulfills my wishes in so many ways and even willing to tell me what I need to hear. She reminded me that I can't afford to lose resources right now. In retrospect, the night wasn't a complete failure. Used the video of the battle to sell online. People love that shit. They like seeing such raw, real things happening. Yea you can get it for free, but a lot will still pay for it because for some, the mere fact that you have to pay means it's more valuable.. that it's more than whatever free stuff you'll find on your tubes and stars. Moment that baby went online, people started buying. Can you believe it? Oh and that drug.. already got some customers. Had two guys out selling while the authorities and costumes were too busy. Made some decent change last night and that is good. I realize that.. I spent so much time in the shadows and trying not to be noticed.. maybe I need to... put my name out there somehow... so I started doing it with a more..subtle touch.. maybe a camera feed or two may have seen the name Shogun somewhere. Need the right people to know.. that the Shogun is real.. the Shogun is here... and that the Shogun is not weak. That is where we hit a wall."

There's another pause, this one seeming longer than the others. They didn't know what to expect, almost like obedient children none of them turned to look back, they sat in their chairs, backs to him. "I decided that," he said, putting out his cigar. "All of you will live....except one." They had all released a collective sigh.. but then he said "except one" and the panic set back in. "Now understand, I don't wish to do this," he began as he rolled up his sleeves. "But a lesson has to be learned. How would you learn? Besides how would it look if I just let my guys embarrass me? Now don't worry,I won't leave you all in suspense any longer. I already decide which of you will take one for the team."

Heavy footsteps are heard quickly approaching them. They barely have time to react, to even cry before the blond man is snatched from his chair by strong rough hands. It's so sudden that his chair is knocked over and he almost kicks over one of the other men. This man was the main one on point, who led the five men and was the first to juice up on the scene that night. He's spun around, eyes meeting that of the Shogun's and they were full of a murderous fury, yet a hint of sick glee at what is about to happen. He kicks and struggles but it was pointless. His head is encased in large hands as they start squeezing. He's in instant pain, mouth opening to scream yet nothing comes out. The other men sat still, frozen by fear yet they could hear the sickening, crawling sounds of cracking. By the time they could finally hear their comrade scream, it's instantaneous as the horrific scream ends as quickly as it started as blood splatters onto the wall in front of the remaining men, some of it ending up on them. One of them shakily turns his head, looking at his shoulder as he sees what he thinks is a piece of brain matter on his shoulder. He instantly loses his lunch on the spot.

"Well now you'll have to clean THAT up too," he scoffs, wiping his hands with a white towel as it quickly turned crimson, soaking up the blood left by the victim. The Shogun walks over to his cigar box, taking one out and lighting it before putting it to his lips. After another and long drag, he points at the remaining four. "This is the start of your redemption. First, clean this shit up. Second..."-He looks to the black man-"I got a plan for you."

Later, smack dab in the middle of the city, that same limo appears. A large, shirtless black man gets out of the limo, holding a dead body with its head mostly missing, piece of it still hanging out. He simply places it on the ground. A good look at his eyes shows that his pupils are dilated. His veins seem to pop out as well as his muscles and seem discolored like a dark green. Stepping out of the limo behind him was an Asian man in a dark gray pinstriped suit. Silver streaks shown in his hair and covering the bottom half of his face as a Japanese demonic mask bearing sharp teeth. In his hand, he wields a katana. Another man steps out, camera out in front and recording the scene as the feed would broadcast live to social media sites. The Japanese man looks at the camera as he began speaking. He is speaking fluently in his native language yet the captions would reveal his words:

"Poison," he began. "Poison is such a.. curious thing. It can break a man down, yet should he survive.. it makes him stronger and thus he can no longer be poisoned. Poison. Defeats poison. There is a poison in this city and I, The Shogun, aim to create an immunity. Do you seek to be strong? Do you feel you are too weak to right the wrongs? All you need do is take a bit of Poison and you will feel better. Look at this specimen!"-He steps aside so that the hulking black man is in full view, he is seething, seeming to be itching for a fight, then the camera shifts to the dead body-"He did that to this individual. This person? Was a metahuman! This man.. is no meta, but thanks to poison, the playing field was even! Weakness is a poison. Build your immunity. Oh, you want an example? Well show them my friend."

Once again the false "Shogun" steps aside as the muscular man grabs one of the waiters by the neck. The only reasons he was there and didn't have the good sense to run like others was due purely to the fear that froze him in place. That was going to cost him. His eyes widen with fear as his feet leaves the ground.

"No, nonono ple-" he tries to plea but is cut off by a bestial roar before being taken by the arm and slammed face first in the ground repeatedly. Every sickening thud captured on camera, his body has long gone limp and gave up the ghost as it created bloody paste on the pavement. By the time, the Poisoned man is done, the poor waiter's body looks like an empty, limp sack, blood soaking the pavement under his body. The man roars, verbally unleashing his anguish, though not yet sated.

"That'll be all my friend," the "Shogun" says, snapping his fingers and pointing at the limo. The Poisoned Man follows as commanded, stepping into the limo. The fake Shogun looks at the camera. "If you want to be strong, you know where to look. Any investors or partners interested in doing business... simply ask for the Shogun. We'll be in touch my friends." With that, he drives his sword through the carcass of the headless victim, on the blade the word Shogun is written in Japanese. The camera feed is cut off then as the fake Shogun enters the limo followed by the man with the camera. The limo speeds off, leaving behind two dead bodies and a bloody mess.

Should someone investigate, a DNA report on the headless body would reveal that the victim was, in fact, NOT a metahuman as the so-called Shogun claimed, thus meaning that perhaps the pot was being stirred.

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