The Tortured Brotherhood~Life is pain. Pain is life.

Users can recruit for factions here. After you get 5 or more members, remember to submit faction applications to Montyjack or Chyleste.
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The Tortured Brotherhood~Life is pain. Pain is life.

Post by Chyleste » Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:37 am

(Disclaimer : This is a villainous organization that does not represent BDSM despite using the elements. Poetic licence has been used to fit the evil side of comic book drama. )
The crowd of bedraggled wastrels gathers around the wooden stage. The voices of those in attendance create an indistinct rambling buzz in the dimly lit warehouse. Looking over the mob of various outcasts, there seems to be no order to the mass of people. Various types, races and manner of dress make up an assembly of random individuals.
That all changes as a large muscular figure steps from the shadows of the back room and ascends the short steps. Silence falls over the crowd as they snap into an ordered formation. The imposing man looks over the sea of bodies awaiting his words.
Striding to the front of the stage, the appearance of the man is revealed in the low lights. Heavy combat boots adorn the man's feet, black leather pants cover his thick legs. His powerfully built shirtless torso is covered with a multitude of horrible scars, so much it's a wonder he has survived. The most disturbing aspect of his presence is the metal mask covering his entire head. Fearsome eyes stare out at his followers from behind the personal prison that appears to be riveted to his skull.
A deep calm voice rumbles from the depths of the man on the stage. "My Brothers, the time has come. No longer will we stay hidden within so called society. No longer will we endure the abuse of those soft manipulators with their stranglehold on the city. No longer will we suffer from their oppressive laws. It is time for the strong to rise up! The oppressors will feel the pain that they subject others to, believing they are untouchable above all. Their lofty perches will topple! Their decadent empire will crumble under our boots! No more will the weak be glorified. No more will they poison the masses with their mind numbing substances and empty distractions. Our pain will be theirs and we will feast on their suffering! They want to control lives? Teach them the meaning of life. Life is pain. Pain is life. "
The crowd chants along with the ominous mantra working the emotions into a focused collective direction. Iron Mask steps down from the stage and joins his brothers foreshadowing dire times for Celestial City.

(( The Tortured Brotherhood seeks to overthrow the government so that the strong will rise and the weak will only be allowed to live to serve the strong.
They have existed in small groups hidden in the back rooms and basements of the cities waiting for the return of their leader. Now Iron Mask is bringing his army together.
They believe in drawing strength from the pain, both physical and mental. They have no tolerance for drugs or alcohol or anything else that can be a crutch.
Their organization is funded by the abduction, training and sales of slaves they optimistically find in the shady parts of the city.
Interested? Contact Chyleste, Lutie, Iron Mask (Odron), Angelika, or Jessika Pintens to become a part of the group or work out a rivalry. ))

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