The Curators

Users can recruit for factions here. After you get 5 or more members, remember to submit faction applications to Montyjack or Chyleste.
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The Curators

Post by Talista Glas » Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:10 pm

For a brief moment, a call goes out over TV and radio, interrupting as a single individual comes onto the screen, her face alone, pale skin with a crest atop her brow and eyes black as pitch speaks out in a calm and clear voice:

“Hello Celestial City, my name is Beatrice Karcera, and I am interrupting what I hope is an otherwise uneventful day in your city with an offer of sorts. This is no attempt at gathering might to destroy you nor is this a movement to seize control of the city. I come to you as a user of magic wishing to talk.

For long has magic divided even those who understand it and certainly those who do not. No more do I wish us to be hindered by such confusion. On the morrow, I will begin my work at creating a new and peaceful place where all of magical background and even those without but who hold curiosity, can gather and understand each other.

It is for this cause that I speak with you today. Gather in the cultural center, near the library and the museum, to hear more about our cause. We seek for the betterment of all societies, whether they be magically based or not. We seek to support magical entities already present within the city while also giving them a forum through which they can discuss their own imaginings on what this society should be.

We are known as the Curators, and we will hold our hallowed halls open to the public eye for the first time in ages in the coming days. We hope we can at the very least serve as a beacon of knowledge and magical understanding for all that would seek to learn and understand our power. And I look forward to meeting each and every newcomer to our fold in the coming days.

Until we meet, good day.”

OOC: Invitation to join The Curators, a magical group within Celestial City that is open to all who would seek knowledge and understanding of magic. Take all intellectuals regardless of magical intent as well as ambassadors from other groups that wish to have a presence.

Faction/Team/Organization name: The Curators

Faction/Team/Organization Leader: Talista Glas / Adjutant Karcera

Alignment: Neutral with Villainous leanings

Public Status: Open

Purpose: The purpose of this group is to safeguard magical knowledge for magical learning and development. This is for all intellectuals though, seeking to further their learning and/or conduct their experiments away from prying eyes. It is also meant to accept ambassadors from other groups who would wish to have a presence within The Curators.

Current Members:
Talista Glas
Maryjo Marioman
Lisa Tereya Feng-Svoboda
Jaimie Byrne (Ambassador)
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