Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

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Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

Post by Sakara » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:19 am

This thread contains IC rumors about THI.
Everyone can know about those rumors but you always have to consider that some of them are harder to get, or maybe out of reach for your character. Like something that might be all over the Goldstar Media News Network might sound easy to get, but if your character never cares about boring late night discussions about the last fiscal year, but more prefers to watch some action movies on another channel, she will never know about this.
As THI is also involved in some rather dubious business methods other things might be know through street knowledge.

The company profile would state Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries on their own website as the leader in the fields of electronics, robotics and what they would call 'expanding beyond the boarders of Celestial City', showing some animated flash videos about THI rovers taking back earth, moon or mars.
Not presenting any numbers or statistics at this point as THI would keep most of its financial power secret. As well as the ownership.

On the product sites you would find anything from house hold electronics (including the famous Monolith smartphone series) to large scaled industrial robots.
Even if THI is known for being a weapon manufacturer before the fall, there would be nothing found about those weapons on the website.
They might announce their contracts with military and law enforcement agencies at some other point but keeping their website pretty clean about such business.

The company history would be rather brief an vague, with many sources of information just wiped out during the fall there was no need to carry old sins into a new world.
Stating that THI would have been founded in the old japan around 50 years ago, being a fast growing mega corporation with its fingers in many different types of business like so man mega corporation of their time.
Clearly not mentioning how much they had lost during the fall or how they had managed to survive at all, but with some of their main production facilities being under the surface someone might get an idea or two.

Towards other business owners THI appears to be friendly, being in dire need of production facilities, workers and resources each and ever day makes THI look for partners and contractors.
That is if the partner is strong enough to not just get taken over and absorb into the ever growing business of THI, appearing rather ruthless when it comes to such decisions, believing in their own interpretation of 'fair competition'.

All in all there would be nothing too surprising to be found on the website and in some news outlets as THI does what is expected of the most of the time. Looking out for them self and their profits dropping now and then a real good product that does not break too fast so you need to replace it.

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Re: Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

Post by Montyjack » Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:12 pm

((I love this. A few ideas for you.

THI may use dummy corporations to carry out its more sensitive work.

THI may operate a quango policy for government contracts. So it has two companies one building equipment and one using the equipment to deliver a service. The service company buys the equipment from the supplier company at an inflated price. I.e. THI buys the equipment from itself. The service company sells it's services at cost price, so the public and the government feels they are getting a great deal. The reality is they are paying THI outrageous profits when the service company buys from the supplier company.))
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Re: Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:43 pm

(she actually gained most of Wild Geeses' shell companies in the buyout after Shiva wrecked the tower (And Alicia chose to make sure employees and family were cared for rather than rebuild a big tower). so that idea has a good base to it!)
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Re: Tsuchigumo Heavy Industries Financial News (IC)

Post by Sakara » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:14 am

After the fall of Shiva THI is buying a rather big private military contractor that got hit hard during the fight.
Loosing its headquarter and a large amount of assets, making the takeover rather easy.
With the rest of the PMC being brought into THI reforms it's security forces, making them a vital part of the Tsuchiguma Arcology.

Some days after the fall of Shiva THI starts to construct and build the Tsuchiguma Arcology.
Housing not only new production facilities but also a R&D department and several offices for human workers.
The production facilities are still fully robotic.

The PR department of THI would also announce that the superhero All-Star will be the face of the new advertising campaign around the new cellphone Monolith One and a tablet pc that might hit the market soon.
Rumors say that this contract is over one year and would maybe be extended on every product that will be released for the civilian market.

The contract with the law enforcement agencies about a new less then lethal weapon seem to be very slow.

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