Captain Strong: A Republic of Our Own

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Captain Strong: A Republic of Our Own

Post by Mr. Strong » Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:36 pm

Many residents of the city have questions regarding my stated policies and there has been more than a bit of confusion regarding them.

Firstly, My policy of Abstention: Essentially, I, like many of you, do not believe in monarchy of any form. This means that I have made a promise to the people of this city not to seize power for myself, but merely to be a steward during transition to a new and equitable form of government and away from the illegitimately installed Pseudo-state which was created by Shiva, and continues to operate with only a change of person, under Sir Jerry.

It is my preference, as it is many of yours, that before we have any sort of chief executive, we first have Bill of Rights and a Constitution under which we are to be governed. Government actions have no moral force, or legitimate claims, in systems where people's rights aren't protected. The authority to rule a people comes from the consent of that people, and not from any other source. I do not recognize the laws of a dictatorship, and I do not expect anyone else to either. Therefore, the current system must be replaced.

What I have proposed is, in the end, the Chief Executive position be abolished almost altogether, and replaced with an assembly which will be representatively large. That Assembly would have a First-Chair, a First Among Equals who would keep order in the assembly, but would have no more or less power than the others in voting. All Bills that pass the Assembly would then be ratified by you... by us... the people of the city before taking effect.

Why am I proposing such a system, I have been asked... Many of us have experienced governments where we've elected representatives, presidents, prime ministers... and seen them act in ways that benefited only themselves, and acted against the vocal interests of the people.... They've started wars, they've curtailed rights, they've gerrymandered districts, they've fomented divisions... anything to keep the power they were given. I suggest we end this cycle by placing supreme power in the hands of the people, where it belongs. After that, I trust the people of the new republic we form to make the right decisions over their own fate.

Until such time as a republic that protects all rights, and enshrines them in a Constitution with a Bill of Rights has been formed. I will occupy the position to prevent unjust laws which are unapproved by the people of the city from coming to pass. I will do so for only this purpose, and for approving a constitution. I will not wield the coercive powers of the current pseudo-state as a cudgel over the citizens.

Nextly, Regarding the Police Department and other Civic Institutions: It is an undeniable fact that this organization was installed by Shiva, who was a tyrant, who had no right to install anything over any of us. It is equally undeniable that the police are necessary, that they keep order in the streets, and that the majority do a fine job, and that they have fine leadership.

So, what I have proposed, is that, in a single ceremony, we dissolve this force, we burn their emblems, and remove the last vestige of Shiva's rule. In the same ceremony, we will confirm and declare a new police force, with the same membership and lead by Chief Ciro. An oath would be sworn to protect the new constitution... the constitution that you, the people of this city, will agree to. This will be, perhaps, only a symbolic gesture, but anyone who has studied history knows how important such symbolism can be.

As for the Bill of Rights and Constitution, I have many ideas, but none that I will force upon you as Mayor. The basic requirements of any democracy must be met, of course, including the right to absolute freedom of speech, of religion, and of equality before the law. People are to be secure in their homes and possessions from the government, exempt from warrantless searches or unjust imprisonment. The right to freedom from warrantless searches must also extend to genetic information. No government has a right to hold a database of the people's or a section of the people's genetic-codes in order to monitor metahumans, or any other minority group, disproportionately. The information on those criminals who happen to be metahumans would obviously be stored together with their criminal records.

It is my hope that we also guarantee rights which are basic and fundamental human rights, but which governments have not given in the past: The right to adequate housing, the right to basic healthcare, the right to clean water and to adequate nutrition... things which all people of good will can agree on when they look inside themselves.

Surely we can all agree that Equal Rights of All, regardless of race, sex, religion, genetic information, nation or world of origin, MUST be enshrined in a constitution for us to have any hope as humanity of moving forward in peace, and ending the seemingly endless cycles of conquest, revolution, reconquest and war that have plagued us since the beginning... Together, it's my hope that we can end that cycle together, here and now, and step forward into a glorious new era of human freedom. Please, stand with me, stand together, and always,

Be Victorious,

Captain Strong

((Please feel free to submit questions in an IC or ((OOC)) form below. I may add a FAQ as well.))

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Re: Captain Strong: A Republic of Our Own

Post by Mr. Strong » Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:38 am

((A pamphlet to be distributed widely by Strong's occasional attorney))
Frequently Asked Questions:

Isn't it true you want to dismantle the police and have anarchy?

-No. My primary concern has always been the protection of civilians. This has not changed. Were I willing to dismantle the police force and courts at the cost of widespread anarchy, I would have done so with my own two hands. Though there are deficiencies with the police force, namely it's mode of introduction, it is widely agreed that they are a fair and evenhanded institution. They can continue to be in the new republic. My call for civilian oversight and review of prior actions taken during the Shiva and Jerry periods should not be interpreted as a desire to dismantle the police force, or even to replace their leadership, or membership.

The actions of the police which were taken during the period of Shiva and Jerry's pseudo-states require review to ensure validity and that the people can maintain confidence in their police.

But you said there's no valid laws. How is that not anarchy?

-I have said the laws of Shiva and Jerry have no moral force, as they are the dictates of tyrants and conquerors. The Police force (and myself) are still responsible for maintaining public order, removing and imprisoning threats to the public until fair trials under a democratically elected system can take place.

I myself have placed several such anti-social elements in the custody of the police for safe-keeping. This is done because, again, my primary concern is the safety of the citizenry. I believe people should be free, and they cannot be truly free if they live in fear.

You said there'll be no law until we vote on an agreed Constitution, didn't you? That could take years!

-Firstly, it is my hope that an agreeable and democratically agreed upon Constitution with a Bill of Rights can be created and ratified in a reasonable amount of time. If I am placed in the leadership position, I will recognize the other representatives you elect as delegates to a Constitutional Convention and as being a Provisional or Interim Government. It will have authority to perform the basic functions of government which are required, and to enforce the same public-safety laws we have always had.

The collection of taxes will also be a necessity that the Interim Government can propose legislation on immediately. The proposed taxation system will need to be ratified by the people before being considered to be in force. Until such time, the current taxing system will continue, as a case of necessity.

What if there is an Emergency requiring Emergency Legislation?

This is a question that tyrants are happy that you will ask. It is a fear they hope to stoke within you, so that you will agree to the curtailment of your freedoms on the basis of "There's an Emergency". Give the wrong person such power and watch as they find more and more Emergencies to declare. "We need to search without warrants, there's an Emergency" "We need to curtail free speech, there's an Emergency" "We need to ban public protests...". The process is slow and insidious, and goes unnoticed until it is too late. The history of most Earths provides many ready examples.

The fact is, Open and Free Societies are the most secure societies. Nations that are unfree are never at peace, there is only systemic violence in order to oppress a populace which is waiting and eager to rise up in revolt.

Sir Jerry brought down Shiva. Where were you when that was happening?

Firstly, it would be nice to think that Jerry brought down Shiva with only altruistic ends in mind. I hope that this is so, but I am not willing to trust him with power simply on the basis of his 'conquest'. One should bear in mind that his first act once Shiva was removed was to declare himself the leader of the city, a position which he likely intended to hold in perpetuity if the Police Chief had not opposed him. He is holding these elections, in my view, to stave off Civil War and his own violent overthrow, and hoping the people will simply confirm the position he gave himself.

It is simple to play "Monday Morning Quarterback" regarding his tactics in bringing down Shiva. Rather than go into detail, I will simply point out that he retreated his forces when I arrived at the First Battle of Conway, rather than briefing me on his plan and asking for my help to finish her right there. My contempt for Shiva and her rule is and was well-known. Appraising me in advance would have allowed me to be there from the beginning, and would have greatly increased (if not assured) Shiva's swift and complete destruction, without damage to the Power Station, or the other casualties.

One wonders why he would not involve me in his plan, if it was not simply because he wanted to ensure that I would not be around to prevent him from entrenching himself in power, in the aftermath.

"To the victor, should go the spoils" is not a recipe for a government which will benefit the people.

Your opponents, especially Jezebel Weaver, have suggested having a government-backed metahuman organization in their system. What do you say to this?

Having a government lead largely by a single person in command of Metahumans loyal mainly to the status-quo system is an excellent way for a Tyrant to consolidate and maintain power. If this is done, the only force that could overthrow them would be another force of metahumans. Large Scale Metahuman Civil War would result in untold devastation, which is one of the reasons why I myself have not waged a campaign of force against Jerry's pseudo-state, or even against Shiva's. (I was willing, and frequently sought, to confront her directly)

Superhuman protectors and other Good-Samaritans should operate under the law, in a republic. They should be responsible to the people without being registered and kept as an army.

Hillary Heath has proposed low-taxes and minimal public-services to keep costs down and promote business. What is your economic platform?

If I were a wealthy industrialist, or in the pocket of one, I would certainly favor such a system as well.

As it is, history provides many examples of such systems and their generally miserable inhabitants, as such systems benefit only the economic elite. City-services being run for-profit will obviously mean only those who can afford them will get them. Our 'slums' will get slummier, desperation will increase, wages will go down, people will subsist on the bare minimum. In their desperation, people will resort to criminality, or to revolution.

The people, I believe, are aware that the idea of making the richest and greediest among us even wealthier will lead to them suddenly paying workers more out of generosity is so laughable as to be absurd. The majority of humanity being in a position of begging for the wealthy's table scraps from an ever-increasingly large feast is hardly a valid suggestion.

Real experts, rather than believers on fairy-tales, will propose real economic solutions. I believe that no man or woman has any greater claim on the public resources than any other. Therefore, I believe the people will decide how best to allocate taxes and resources, and they will do so through republican government.

Clearly there are many differences between yourself and your opponents. In brief, how can you claim the way you propose will be better?

My opponents are, respectively: An Aristocrat born into the Nobility, a Wealthy Industrialist, and a Career Politician. These are the types of people who have ruled over humanity for ages. Ask yourselves, honestly, have these systems benefited YOU, or THEM?

Any government will inevitably operate to benefit those who control it: Industrialist, Royal/Noble, Politician. This is so obvious that it's something most people understand intuitively. Only a government operated directly by the people, in a proportionate way to include them all in the power-structure, will exist to benefit the people as a whole, instead of just the people who have power and those who help them keep it.

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Re: Captain Strong: A Republic of Our Own

Post by Mr. Strong » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:20 am

Basic Reasons to vote for Captain Strong:

- I agree with his platform. I am in favor of as free a society as possible, and want as much political power to be in the direct hands of the people as possible.
- I am worried about Civil Rights and a government that would one day take them from me.
- He was the first one to talk about a Bill of Rights and the only one who seems to be taking it seriously.
- My prior society disenfranchised me. This sounds like a better alternative.
- I am disillusioned with other systems I have lived under.
- I live in the slums or work in the strip club. He's actually concerned about making and keeping that area safe.
- I have concerns about poverty and he's the only one talking about it.
- The others say it's dangerous and reckless to put decision making in my hands. What a bunch of assholes! They think they're better than me!

I am a police officer. Why should I vote for Captain Strong?

- I slightly resent having been given the job by Shiva. Having a democratic society ratify my position would give me some personal pride.
- I worry about the other candidates Power Hunger. Strong has promised to leave staffing decisions in the hands of Chief Ciro (Barring an unforseen scandal)
- I've experienced citizens not respecting my position because the department was installed by Shiva. Electing a republic would go a long way towards allaying citizen concerns.

I'm a villain or criminal Why would I EVER vote for this asshole, in a million years?

- I think that this will at least keep him busy. Too busy to stop me!
- The other candidates are power hungry, which makes them potential rivals if I want to take control. Strong would always be an obstacle, but these would be an additional obstacle.
- An authoritarian regime would likely be harder on dissidents, such as myself. Installing a dictator (that isn't me) would be foolish.
- I may, deep down, have similar concerns about the prior terrible systems I've lived under, that some "normals" do.
- I think this system will lead to chaos, which will be fun for me.

I'm a non-criminal metahuman, or a superhero. Why would I vote for Strong?

- He has some understanding of the concerns of metas.
- He's opposed government registration and will ensure I keep my secret identity.
- The others are probably gonna be dictators. I believe Strong when he says he has that concern, and whatever else you wanna say about him, he does hate dictators.
- He was actually pretty nice to me that time.... Gave me an idea on how to use my powers.
- Oh man, did you see the time a building fell on him and he got up! That was awesome! I'd vote for that all day!
- I have similar concerns or ideas as the normal people in Section 1.

The Other Candidates:

Why Vote Strong instead of Jerry.

- Why vote for Jerry?
- He is clearly power hungry.
- He self-declared himself "leader" before holding this vote. He's probably going to give himself more power first chance he gets.
- I think Jerry is a smarmy prick with a punchable face.
- He doesn't think there should be any limit on how long she can be in the leadership position. Looks like trouble to me.

Why Vote Strong instead of Hillary Heath?

- Her economic platform is a joke.
- I don't think the police and other public services should be run to turn a profit. I don't wanna have to pay the police to get them to help me if I need it.
- I remember what Kansas was like right before The End when they had a governmor with similar ideas. They went broke.
- I can't think of any reason to vote for her other than I get an indescribable good feeling hearing her voice. I think I should use logic instead.
- I'm sexist, so it's either Jerry or Strong, and I don't like Jerry.
- She doesn't think there should be any limit on how long she can be in the leadership position. Looks like trouble to me.

Why Vote Strong instead of Jezebel?

- She is power hungry. She said out-loud that she wants to be a monarch.
- She is almost certainly going to use the power of government to benefit herself and her business. Maybe she's a rival to me, and my business, as well.
- Her only new idea is bringing us "back to our old worlds". I watched my old Earth die, so... No thanks.
- Her only new idea is trying to bring us "back home to our worlds". She has absolutely NO idea how she'd do it other than throw all our tax money at it. Good idea. Maybe first let's figure out if it's even theoretically possible.
- I don't think she's even gonna try to bring us back to our old worlds. A hopeless project like that is the perfect way to embezzle government funds.
- She looked like a nut standing on stage with pistols on her hips. What'd she think that was gonna do if there was an attack? There were already tons of cops and a Superhero right there.
- I'm sexist and so it's either Jerry or Strong, and I don't like Jerry.
- She doesn't think there should be any limit on how long she can be in the leadership position. Looks like trouble to me.

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