Miss Ermines second class Part 1

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Miss Ermines second class Part 1

Post by Hannah DuMont » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:04 pm

[07:02] The bell rings signifying the start of class

[07:03] Korume blushes, "Maybe a little bit when I was doing research on hostage situations... " she looks away a little embarrassed, "And thank you Miss Ermine... for everything."

[07:05] Eira Ermine smiles watching the students file in "Good morning everyone. Glad to see you all make it on time. Now before we begin and go over the homework. Were there any questions about yesterday or the assignment?"

[07:05] Evie shakes her head and gets out her notebook and pencil from her rucksack.

[07:07] Korume would shake her head softly as she pulled out her notebook as well as the homework assignment from yesterday.

[07:15] Allock (allock123) Pulls out two sheets of paper and writes notes at the top of one and reasons/excuses at the other " no no questions

[07:16] The Trader stands silent, observing the young and the old studying them.

[07:19] Eira Ermine smirks seeing Mark hasn't done the homework while the others have "Good, then lets start with you Mark. You can come up and tell us the scenario you picked and explain what the hero did wrong and right. I decided to change it up. After all public speaking is also a part of being a hero." She smiles stepping aside

[07:20] ⒿʌMDiⓚ (jamreloaded.flux): rasise hand, can I have a copy of the assignment?

[07:21] Evie looks over to Mark, watching.

[07:27] Korume would look over at Jamdi as she had never seen him before caught quite off guard, before looking up to mark wondering what situation he picked.

[07:31] Mark Blake Looks up and tilts his head and nods rising to his feet and moves slowly to the head of the class and looks out at all the other faces his shirt bright pink and glittery he looks down and frowns " I.. i Spent a lot of time in the school library .. but i ain't done with the assignment yet.., it's difficult to sift through dem regards of heroes, some of dem ain't exactly crystal clear" he shoves his hands into his pockets and looks down and away " i didn't finish it , sorry"

[07:34] The Trader smiles listening to the student

[07:52] Eira Ermine smiles to the new entrance "Ah nice of you to join us." She takes the pass and reads it over and nods "Ok, thank you. Take your seat." Directing her attention to Mark she smiles "Perhaps next time you will be better prepared. I do wonder what you spent all your library time researching since you only decided to start the assignment when I asked for it just now. Take your seat Mr Blake." She walks over to the board and erases the homework. "I'll collect the homework at the end of class. Mr Blake you may not work on it today. Your new assignment will be a presentation tomorrow instead. I expect a good one." Writing out the days lesson on the board. "Keeping with the conversation from yesterday, we established that doing proper research and recon is vital. So we have all the facts and here is what we have now found out through our observation. "The hostage was killed as a message to the other hostages. The mad gunman is actually a meta. The hostage count was right, and the the exits are blocked. Now given this new information we will break it down more. Lets say we get in through the roof. Always a good choice and more often than not, not that well guarded. After cheeking for traps we make our way to the hostages. We have a chance to take out the meta now, or stealth fully take one hostage at a time. What do you do, and why?"

[08:01] Evie listens, but not very well. Her attention is on Korume, noting with some relief that the girl was allowed to wear her shirt again, and apparently pants as well while waiting for a new skirt in her size to be available again. She shakes her head, "I'm sorry, Miss Irmine. Were you asking me?"

[08:07] Korume chuckles just a bit wondering if anyone else actually did the assignment and if Mark did this kind of thing on purpose. Though at least he was honest about it and sounded like he had made an attempt. She would consider Eira's stuation for a moment, "Well that is hard to say for sure with the information given, but with the exits blocked it might be hard to sneak out the hostages one at a time... the other problem I have with that is we don't know when the gunman might try to send another message especially if he notices hostages disappearing. Since we are assuming the hostage count is right.. I might try to unblock an exit for the hostages and then go for a kill shot on the gunman. Even if I don't take him out he should hopefully be hurt and I should be able to at least distract the meta while the hostages make a run for it."

[08:09] The Trader remains silent because she promised she wouldn't disturb class, but begins to consider things she had previously done, as a Hero, Villain and Civilian. She smiles warmly

[08:10] ⒿʌMDiⓚ (jamreloaded.flux): id want to remove the hostages. my instincts tell me to KILL the the meta, but perception is a vital part of carrying out the mission of a "hero" To remove the hostages id have to make it a singular move. Create a distraction big enough to divert attention away from the hostages

[08:12] Mark Blake Turns to go back to his desk muttering to him self " I spent it researching you and dis school and dis assignment.. not my fault the words are all swimy" he moves to go back to his desk and notices the woman siting there he frowns and stalks to his desk grabbing his pack and notes he strides across the desk and and slides into the empty seat besides evie looking up he says " pretty much what korume said , cept id clear an exit then lure the meta away from the hostages if i could and try to subdue him with out killing him

[08:24] Alecta Papadopoulos sat at a desk and pulled "As a student whow as not here, but reading the notes- Removing the hostages one by one with sneaking would eventually get noticed which could drive the assailant to trip over the edge and kill more. The proper response would be to use resources to isolate him and to take the threat away. There isi no need for more killing. " Speaking with her greek accent and probably messing some words up. If she did as she liked, it would not be that method but it was to make it look good for the class . Marks ability to see the unseen would find her a mess if he gazed to her. Her own form of it saw the demon for what it was, metaphorically. It didnt see through the disguise but it did know. The malavolent soul laking a life force , but the soul might be sensed.

[08:23] Eira Ermine nods "Yes with the exits blocked your best bet is to first clear another entrance. Then it becomes a gamble. If you try to get the hostages out first while the meta is distracted he could find out and make your day really bad. However attacking the meta can lead to a hostage getting caught in the crossfire. He has already proven that he will kill without question. So it's a safe bet that the slightest opening he gets a hostage will die. These are the situations you will find yourselves in. This is why it is safer to have someone to watch your back. A partner, sidekick, or even a team." Seeing Evie has no bottoms she walks to her bag and pulls out a pair of sweats "Here hun, as I told Korume, a naked student is a distraction. So at least in my class I will try and keep these clothes around for these so called punishments. Are there any questions about the scenario?"

[08:30] Evie accepts the sweat pants, blushing. "Thanks... Miss Irmine. No questions."

[08:34] Korume would shrug, "Well these scenarios are certainly interesting.. but I don't think it necessarily covers much for in the moment... it is easy to talk about stuff but actually being able to do it is a whole different matter."

[08:35] Mark Blake Nods along to the teachers words thoughtfully taking notes with some difficulty, he raises an eyebrow at the teachers offer of clothing .. something was off here.. he made more notes on his second sheet he mutters to him self " Some cats like to play with things efore they kill dem" he glances at the other students and the weirdo in the back then back to the teacher " what do you do if da hostages dem self are actually hostile..?"

[08:38] The Trader Raises her hand to ask for permission to speak after hearing Korume's response. As an observer she know's she shouldn't but feels she might have something too offer.

[08:39] Alecta Papadopoulos remains quiet, not sure if that answer was right..her goal was not to alienate the staff

[08:40] Eira Ermine nods to The Trader "You had something to add hun? She looks to Mark "I will answer you question in a moment, it's a good one and one I hoped would be asked"

[08:42] Evie looks back in the class, seeing The Trader, her eyes showing surprise. She had not even seen her back in that corner when she came in.

[08:45] Korume hopes her comment was received in the manner it was meant as she wasn't trying to be hostile or contradictory just to make a simple point. As to her talk and action were vastly different things.

[08:48] The Trader nods "If i may, Saving the lives is always the goal, and without knowing the motivations of the villain, one cannot jump to conclusions. Sometimes Speaking too the bad guy is enough to help, and sometimes it would give you time to find out what they actually want.. It's alway good to wait if needed to understand the foe you face." She smiles "Understanding is something that can never be used enough."

[08:49] Alecta Papadopoulos: I do not know how I can help save as a hostage. My ability is throwing fireballs, I am here to master control of it, to keep from accidentally hurting civilians. Its better than something like talking to say.. whales..but I am not the combatant.

[08:54] Eira Ermine nods "Thats another thing that you gamble on sadly. While many situations can be handled by talking, there is still that chance they will shoot first. This is why recon is so important. In the time studying you can deterimine if the person is approachable at all. And yes Korume you are correct. Learning it in the classroom, and applying it for real is a entirely different scenario. As such we will be cutting class short for now. No homework today. Mark has a presentation to prepare. Instead you will all head down to the gym, I will be along shortly."

[08:56] Evie sighs, getting up slowly and stretching. She goes to change in to her sweats before heading to the gym.

[08:57] Korume would sigh softly as she got up knowing she couldn't wear the clothes outside the room... so she was sort of waiting for everyone else to clear out first.

[08:58] Eira Ermine: I'll take the heat for the clothes. Just follow Mr Blake to the gym and stick together

[08:59] Korume felt her eyes water as she whispered, "Th-thank you.."

[08:59] Mark Blake frowns and gets up pondering how hes going to do this test.. cause thats what i was a es, he eyes the teacher as he leaves and says " don't slip.." then waves for the others to follow him

[09:00] Eira Ermine smiles and disappears from sight

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Re: Miss Ermines second class Part 1

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Miss Ermines Second Class Part 2

[09:25] Arctica appears in the center of the ring "Glad you could make it class

[09:25] Evie makes a careful note of all the equipment around the gym and the gym walls.

[09:26] Evie: "Where is Korume?"

[09:26] Alecta Papadopoulos jumps at the sudden arrival as if by spooking and throws a fireballed at the teacher..even if it hit just enough to scorch " you scared me. My apologies"

[09:32] Korume would come down in her workout clothes, "sorry... just wanted to get changed."

[09:33] Arctica unsheathes her blade sending the firball to the wall as she re sheathes all in a blink "A bit itchy on the trigger there dear. Thank you all for coming. I hope I didn't keep you waiting to long. It's been a while since I have worn this costume. So the scenerio will be like this. I will be setting up hostages in the corner there. And you must save them from me. Sounds simple enough right? You may use any tactic you wish. The winner gets a week of personal lessons from me."

[09:34] Evie flinches at the sudden fireball, looking at Miss Irmine behind the mask suspiciously for a moment, but then the suspicion fades. It is after all, just Miss Irmine. "Okay."

[09:36] Korume would go over to Evie whispering softly, "Are you at all interested in the private lessons?" she would pause, "And what are your powers?" She would also look to Mark waving him over.

[09:39] Mark Blake Jumps as the figure in white enters the area suddenly as if from no where, he tsks disliking being cut off guard and walks over to the evie, korume group he shoots an appraising look at the teacher in this new outfit " yeah? what?"

[09:40] The Trader smiles "If you need the extra hands i volunteer as a Hostage"

[09:40] Alecta Papadopoulos: I was spooked. This is why I study here- to control this to not hurt people. Otherwise I live my life in solitude, called a freak by those who have no empathy I did not choose this. ~she hung her head, wondering if it was seen how she wanted it~

[09:47] Arctica smiles seeing the students planning. Looking to the Trader she nods "Yes that would be helpful, thank you." Turning to Alecta she walk closer "Do you know why I took the name Arctica? When I was still a new hero I couldn't control my abilities, they were always active so no one could get near me without freezing to death. I took Arctica as my name because the temperatures around me could drop to Absolute Zero and nothing could survive my environment. It takes time and practice, but you are no freak."

[09:47] Evie says softly to Korume, "A week with Miss Irmine would be cool. I don't know when I would have the time though with work and here and all. My powers probably wouldn't help me here. I can talk to fish and I can detect lies from villains. But only if they are true villains. They have to be lying and they have to be evil or at least have evil intent." Evie seemed very determined about wanting to make sure that last part clear. She turns her attention back to Miss Irmine when she speaks.

[09:48] Korume would whisper softly looking to Mark, "Do you really want the personal lessons?" she pauses, "Miss Ermine used to use a sword similar to mine... so I really think I could benefit a lot from the lessons." Her eyes looked begging, "Anything I could bribe you with to help me win?" she pauses, "As depending on what both of your powers are... and well really no matter what both of your powers are... I think we can pull this off."

[09:52] Mark Blake Frowns and crosses his arms " dat how you want to earn dem lessons? cheating?.. why don't you just do ya best? " Shrugs his arms still crossed " as to weather i want them or not i ain't sure.. it depends on a lot of stuff" he glances at the teacher listing with half his attention and contemplates something and nods firmly..time to test this teach again.

[09:54] Alecta Papadopoulos: I understand. But it is not how I feel, rather how others react. I'm.. different in many ways. I stand out without trying, but I am no hero. You froze people just by being near them? You must have gotten a lot of noise for this

[09:54] The Trader approaches the corner of the room and sits down behind Artica suddenly very calm and submissive.

[09:58] Arctica smirks watching the group whispering. Deciding now is best time to unveil her last rule as she pulls up her mask "Oh yes, and one more thing "The losers will have a week of personal lessons with Harlow" she smiles behind her mask "So the scenario is like this. Hostage situation, all the different heroes respond, work it out amongst yourselves

[10:00] Evie's eyes open wide at Miss Irmine's last remark. "But if we all work together and succeed, we're all winners, right?"

[10:04] Korume processes that Evie probably don't want the lessons that bad before nodding, "Look all I want you two to do is get out the hostages on my turn.. Its not cheating... she said any tactic we wish... how is getting your friend's help a poor tactic choice?" she pauses, "If this were a real situation I would try to get someone to help get out the hostages while I distracted her." she pauses looking to Mark, "Please?" she grimaces at the punishment, "Actually... I think she is intending for us to work together with her scenario... so I think if we win... we all win..." she would try to tap Alecta on the shoulder and wave her over to pull her into the conversation.

[10:09] Mark Blake upon hearing the losing condition he sighs and nods to him self.. "look ... we don't know she want's us to work together , as to da friends bit.. funny how were friends when ya need something.. look i don't dislike ya but if you wana be my friend act like it " he turns and raises his hand eying the teacher " i'd like ta go first if possible"

[10:14] Alecta Papadopoulos notes that none of them even looked her way to plan anything. The expression remained normal, but then she didnt seem to change much. The tap was light but she came over. Not that a fireball was going to solve anything

[10:17] The Trader sits passively smirking.

[10:20] Arctica smirks seeing Mark volunteer. She nods and unleashes her spiritual energy allowing it to be felt by even the non spiritually aware as it takes a appearance around her to further show how far they have left to go. After her little show she smiles ":Well then Mark, come to Mamma sweetie" she taunts and stands in a relaxed stance seeming like she is off guard and full of holes to the untrained eye

[10:21] Evie feels a lot of Mark's statements are directed at her. She almost feels happy when the fucktard steps forward wanting to go first, anticipating what will happen. "Wait! The first thing we should do is assess the situation! Miss Irmine, what would I be able to learn from listening to the police radios and checking the databases to see all I could learn about the hostage taker and whether or not they have any powers? I would have a police radio and a computer."

[10:30] Korume would shrug softly and whisper, "Let Mark go first then if he doesn't want to be part of the group." she looks to Alecta, "Look.. we are talking about solving this problem as a group as even Miss Ermine said that in class... so all I want you two to do is get the hostages to safety... I'll distract the supervillain." She would then speak up, "So you never answered Evie's first question... since we all responded this means we can work together right?"

[10:30] Mark Blake Swallows heavily and takes a step back , flushing a bit at the come to ma'am comment , he shifts and steels him self impressed by the spiritual pressure coming off her , griping his bandanna and throwing it to the side he gazes at her with his third eye " how did you know i had a thing for Older Ladys" he says cheekily. Mark takes in evies comments and nods keeping his ears peeled for information as he pushes through the his fear and charges forward at the instructor " in for a penny in for a pound!!" he screams as he charges

[10:32] The Trader sits unaffected by the aura, drawing tiny pieces of it in with her presence but not actively trying anything.

[10:33] Alecta Papadopoulos can see the aura, and has a sense of the power even before. It washed over her soul body, perhaps like a blizzard washed over a lantern. Her face reads 'no sell' perhaps, or she is just apathetic. She does nod" I will try to get to them"

[10:38] Arctica smiles hearing Evie's question "Very good, researching the situation. For this scenerio we will say that the hostage taker is a known meta. So their history would be accessible. Good job Evie." She'd smirk as Mark charges, instead of dodging she would attempt to redirect the blow instead and launch a light kick to his ribs, using enough force to down him easily if she connects "You may work together if you wish. But the rules stand. Only one can win and the rest are sent to Harlow"

[10:39] Evie: "Oh, great! Now we have to rescue a wounded hero -and- save the hostages. Maybe if he gets knocked in the head it will do him some good." She doesn't hold back, calling aloud at him this time, "Fucktard!" She looks to Korume. "What if you scaled the building, being careful of traps, to scope out the situation? Look for anyone who might be on the hostage-taker's side, including someone hidden among the hostages, and all the entrances and exits?"

[10:46] Korume shudders a bit as she says only one can win... as that really isn't fair, "How many hostages? As I know we only have our friend back there to play with since this is just a test?" She pauses and sighs softly before whispering back to her group, "Look... I don't mean this as an insult at all... but I don't think you two have a chance of winning at this point... and.. I could really benefit from the lessons.."

[10:51] Mark Blake Blinks in surprise as his charge is redirected his eyes widen and he gaps coughing loudly as her knee slams into his side, he lands hard and lays there gasping for air his eyes watering , he makes out evies words and closes his eyes , he registers arcticas comment and sighs mentally, there gos his plan he moves suddenly sweeping his leg at hers his chest stll shaky as he pushes him self to his feet" nice sword y got dere.. for show is it?

[10:54] The Trader stifles a giggle amused by the student's reactions and lack of focus. One intent on the prize, one focused on her own needs and one intent on judging others without knowing themselves.

[11:00] Alecta Papadopoulos frowns" I accept loss. You must admit defeat"

[11:03] Arctica smirks leaping back as Mark gets back to his feet. The grin would be sadistic if not for the mask covering her face. After hearing his little comment about her sword she would disappear and reapper behind the two girls. A soft click would be heard and unless Mark was fast enough to dodge, his ponytail would drop to the floor. She'd smile at the two students through her mask "The meta's powers will be short range teleportation we will say. And there are 4 hostages. So would one of you like to go next?"

[11:07] Evie "Oh, good question. Miss Irmine, How many hostages are there?" Evie looks to Korume. "Look, if all else fails, we'll go with your plan. You go in and distract her or whatever, and the Freak and I, will go in and get the hostages." She looks at the freak in the green skirt and says, "We'll try and get to the hostages first, but if you get the chance, go in and rescue Mark. If the hostage-taker starts wailin' on you, just stand there and grin like a fool, like you do. I'll finish gettin' the hostages out." Evie looks beside herself when the freak suddenly just admits defeat and walks out. Evie watches her, waving her hands and immobilized with frusteration.

[11:19] Korume would nod to Evie's plan, "I'll see what I can do about splitting the personal lesson days if you want.." she would then shudder as Artica appeared behind them realizing this wasn't going to be easy, "Alright... I will go next." She nods drawing her sword, "I like you Miss Ermine... but from here on out this is total scenario." She would give a little nod to Evie telling her to go. "Artica... do you really want to become the villain again? Please... stop this madness. Let these people go." She was using the history she researched to pull to her advantage, "There is no need for any of this... come back to us... be Miss Ermine.. my instructor.." Korume looked almost like she believed what she was saying her eyes slightly tear filled not moving unless Artica took her eyes off her.

[11:22] Mark Blake Frowns as the woman disappears t he turns as he hears her behind him and as he turns he feels something drop on his shoulder , he reaches up and grabs the object and sighs " aw man ! my pony tail..." he looks down sadly " she loved that pony tail" he shrugs and stays where he is for the moment staring at the hostage as something seemed to shimmer about her , shaking his head he turns and looks back at the others

[11:26] The Trader watches in amusement taking note of the level of power difference between the students and their teacher. Potential is all well and good, but it needs guidance her mind wonder's her form shifting into shadow for a moment and then changes back.

[11:35] Arctica smiles looking the two over as Alecta leaves "Well there went you plan. Your muscle seems to be in pain over there, and Ms Ishi is way to early to stand a chance against me in a battle of blades. I am sure Ryujin agrees after my little display of released energy right now. So what do you do now? Your plan has fallen apart and the hostage taker is growing bored" SHe smirks under the mask at Korume's challenge. Deciding to play along a little "Well I usually don't beat on children." SHe pulls a throwing star from her belt and would whip it at the hostage if not stopped. The star wouldnt cut as it is just a simple training one

[11:39] Evie sees the Arctica's motion even as Korume starts trying to have get Artica's attention one way or another. Leaving it to Korume's much better reflexes than her own, Evie turns around and starts runnin' across the gym, toward the hostage, but in a round about circle so that she isn't running straight toward her. As she run, she is getting herself ready to duck and roll at any moment as she expects Miss Irmine to suddenly appear before her at any moment. "Get the hostage, Mark, get the hostage!" she yells, forgetting to say Fucktard instead of Mark.

[11:41] Korume looks mildly disappointed as Artica ignored her scenario pleading of her to let the hostages go.. and just decides it isn't what evil Artica would do. She foes everything she can to keep Artica's attention on her. She had enough reaction speed to cut a bullet in half with her blade sheathed so moving herself in front of the star wasn't hard for her, "Oh? You think I'm so helpless? I may not be able to sync with my sword but I can distract you for a time. I challenge you on your honor as a swordsman not to interfere with the hostages until I am defeated... if you do you admit you weren't good enough with all your added experience to beat me that quick." She was trying to goad Artica into only focusing on her... even if it was going to hurt.

[11:45] Mark Blake Tilts his head as she yells at him " i thought i was out.. but you know.. when Ma'mas away is the best time to break da rules" He turns and dashes towards the hostages attempting to put him self between them and the 'villain' he kneels down and mines cutting ropes " head to the exit as fast as you can" he glances over his shoulder " evie get dem outa here"

[11:51] The Trader sits passively until after 'released' "Thank you dear" she stand and slowly walks towards the stairs only at a slow pace, like an injured civilian

[11:56] Arctica would smirk and disappear in her flash step. Appearing infront of Kurume bringing her sword out in a single slash from a battoujutsu stance. Only the image would fade just as the slash came and unless Korume had the speed to keep up she would find herself being slashed from behind instead though amazingly not cut. If succesful she'd then appear behind the hostages left as Korume falls "You fail"

[12:04] Evie sees Miss Irmine appear behind the Trader/hostages. All at once she tries to scream, "Run! She's behind you!," "Mark, stop her!" and "Aaaahhhh!" When it actually all comes out of her it just sounds like "Fuuuuck!" She ducks and rolls as she was preparing to, but instead of dodging what she expected to be an attack on herself or a move to stop her from freeing the hostages, Evie dives further, trying to grab for Miss Irvine's feet. If she managed this, she would hold as many feet as she could get ahold of, closing her eyes as she squeezed them to her breasts, waiting to be struck at any moment to be smacked by a sword.

[12:07] Korume would be moving to block the upper hit and therefore would have no way of blocking the rear slash across her that didn't cut and she would start to fall but she wouldn't hit the ground steadying herself before looking over with a smirk, "I only fail... if you admit you couldn't beat my challenge. You are going to have to do a lot more than a single slash to beat me..." She was praying to Evie to hurry with her eyes, "Otherwise the hostages are safe... as you have to defeat me to get at them... unless you have no problem giving up your pride and honor as a swordsman." She was pressing hard and knew she would pay for it, "You can really cut me go ahead, but you can't call it defeating me unless you actually disable me." She would yell at Evie, "Forget Artica... hostages." And with this Korume would charge Artca as fast as she could her blade in a defensive position.

[12:11] Mark Blake Frowns and looks up at the teacher appears before him, muttering to him self " Ma'ma's home.." with a a grunt he attempts to grab the traders hand as korume and evie distracts her " come on you hostages gota get out of here "

[12:12] The Trader is pulled in Mark's direction out of the way of the blade, not rushing and entirely passive for the situation feigning injury.

[12:17] Arctica sighs and quickly charging some energy to her blade she releases it in a cutting attack that travels across the room and slices through one of the weight benches. The other hand she throws some of the practice ninja stars also charged with energy that embed themselves in the wall. "The training is over, you all fail. I could of killed a hostage at any time. If I was Arctica. I told you a hostage taker and they had short range teleportation. You went about the entire excercise as if the hostage holder was Arctica. You abandoned your teammate, leaving them to fight a opponent you knew and she knew was out of her league. Then you abandonded another who clearly cant fight currently. You may have saved 1 hostage but what did you lose. Was the cost worth it? 1 hostage for 7 lives? If you were so focussed on the hostages safety, why didn't you team up against me?"

[12:22] Korume would give a quick thankful look to Mark as she really badly wanted to win this and she was willing to take a beating to do so. She was expecting Artica to attempt to strike Evie but sighed at her explaination, "I was going to try to have us team up against you... however my 'team' wasn't so keen on it. I suppose I could have done nothing and not saved any lives... you haven't beat me yet. I could in theory have saved one hostage... saved Evie and Mark... and then that would be an equal trade.. with one innocent who would have died going free."

[12:24] Evie whimpers a little, opening her eyes and looking up, releasing any feet she may or may not have been able to grab a hold of. She looked at Miss Irvine with a measure of animosity and suspicion that she hadn't given Miss Irmine since the the first day. She scooted herself backward, sitting up, and rubbing at the back of her head. She opened her mouth to object and then defend Korune when she spoke up, but then closed it again, shaking her head. She knew it would do no good.

[12:28] Mark Blake Shrugs and plops him self down on the ground breathing heavy faking an unaffected attitude" she ain't wrong.. we screwed da pooch.. and frankly no one likes dat," he frowns a bit annoyed that he wanted to impress this teacher at all "so next time we try harder ,Right?" he glances over at cleanly cut exercise equipment and whistles " guess it ain't just for show, right?

[12:32] The Trader turns around and sighs at the students "Mhmm.. Your too focused on the prize. Not the Objective. Seeing a display of power should give you a way of judging the target. In general. Power wants to be used and directed." she smiles "But i'm just an observer... I'm sorry for stating things like that..."

[12:38] Arctica sighs shaking her head "The Trader is right. Ms Ishi, you assumed that appealing to honor would stop me. I was like you once, but sadly this city doesnt care about honor. The objective was to save the hostages. My objective was to kill them. Had my objective been to down you, then yes I would of not won. No life is tradable. All innocent lives are precious as well as your own. Could you of lived with your guilt if even 1 or 2 hostages dies due to your actions?"

[12:41] Evie shakes her head in negation and says, "No. If your objective were to kill them, they wouldn't have been hostages. They would have been already dead. You only killed them as an alternative to not getting what you really wanted. Which in this case, was to get out of making us serve extra time with Miss Harlow."

[12:42] Korume shudders looking about to say something more before sheathing her blade seeming especially at the honor comment, "A swordsman with no honor... what a sad thing..." she sort of slumps down and on the guilt thing she actually looks over at Evie realizing Evie was an innocent she put in harm's way.... Korume would fall on her ass looking like she was going to cry, "I.. didn't.. mean... to..." she would look like she hated herself... not even wanting to think of Miss Harlow yet.

[12:47] Mark Blake Looks down at the floor and sighs " it never feels good to lose any life" he looks up at at evies words watching the teacher again glancing side long at the trainer and her slightly offness and realizes his third eye is still exposed , he holds up a hand covering it and sighs. " She ain't wrong.. we were and we should own dat i guess out of all of us i think evie was the only one who took dis seriously , i went at it trying ta lose and da sword girl went at it to earn a prize..but hey.. least we finally learned a lesson in class, right?" and as he says that mark laughs a bit

[12:51] The Trader nods "Lessons are good to learn, but one must survive to take them upon themselves fully. Everything is good to learn, just don't expect thing's to be easy" she chuckles "Teacher's should be there for the students, and teach them all they need to know.. not just shelter them from the truth."

[12:56] Arctica kneels down and looks at Evie "Now after everything you have learned about me do you honestly think I'd sentence anyone to a week with Harlow? I plan to train all of you. When I am done you will be the best here. But it wont be easy. I am warning you. So if you feel you can't handle it then you have this one chance to leave my class now. No hard feelings

[12:57] Evie: "So you're saying we don't have to do the week with Miss Harlow or we do?"

[13:01] Korume didn't care about seeing Miss Harlow at this point looking over to Evie, "I-I'm s-sorry..." she had tears welling up in her eyes.

[13:02] Evie nlinks and looks at Korume. "What? For what? None of us were in any real danger. This was just an exercise. If it were real I woulda gone straight for the fire alarm."

[13:05] Mark Blake Stands up and pats him self off looking around for his bandanna one hand still over that eye , he glances at the others around the teachers and shrugs " i'll keep coming to class, ain't got no choice.., why are you so determined to teach any ways.?"

[13:10] The Trader sighs "The youth will run into danger regardless... They should be guided because otherwise they might harm themselves." smiles "They are the future, they shouldn't be harmed."

[13:12] Arctica smiles looking at Evie. "She is devestated that she would lose herself so easily. Promising to protect you slipped her mind overtaken by the greed of the prize. Even if it was just a exercise. Class is dismissed for today. No homework. Be ready for the real fun tomorrow" She stands and stretches

[13:14] Evie stands, looking sort of like she is considering it all, sort of like she isn't.

[13:15] Evie reaches down in an offer to help Korume up.

[13:16] Korume was trembling at this point and even more so as Artica was totally right... she had made a pact with Evie that they were going to look out for each other... and she willing to sacrifice her friend for a week of lessons... even if it was an exercise she felt it spoke to who she was. She would take the hand still trembling slightly as she tried to force herself to feel better about this.

[13:19] Mark Blake gives a quite ahah and scoops up his bandanna retying it over his third eye , glancing at the two girls he shoves his hands into his pockets and turns away he pauses and calls over his shoulder " i still gotta make up dat report?" he doesn't turn all the way back around just a glance

[13:20] The Trader smiles and prepares a small spell, gathering a small amount of power too herself and trailing shadows out from her feet, grasping along the floor but ignoring everyone and just heading too the damaged equipment

[13:21] Evie: "So just to make sure... none of us are really sentanced to a week of private lessons with Miss Harlowe, right?"

[13:22] Arctica smirks "I'll leave that one up to your fellow teammates here. But there is no punishment of Harlows. There is also no prize. I will be training you all and maybe even make a team, who knows. This is afterall what this school was made for. I'm here to make sure you are up to the task"

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