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Lessons in the Occult, Death and Decay.

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:16 pm
by RickmanUK
[2017/11/23 11:26] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos stepped into the classroom. She neither hoped not didnt hope that her new outfit worked with school rules. " Good afternoon miss"
[2017/11/23 11:29] The Trader smiles as she looks up at Alecta "Good morning Dear, I will be holding the class for today, hopefully you will have a use for what i teach today" She looks at the clock "Hmm.. Class isn't for a little bit, If you wish to stay now, that is fine, but i shall be waiting for everyone before i start"
[2017/11/23 11:32] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nods" I am used to waiting. "
[2017/11/23 11:34] The Trader nods at Alecta "Very well." she turns back and looks at the board
[2017/11/23 11:42] ClaireClaire quietly enters and heads up to sit at the front, the clothes she has on under the uniform appear dirty but at least they are under some transparent rubber stuff, she takes a seat with a slight squish
[2017/11/23 11:44] The Trader turns around and smiles "Hello Dear, do take a seat, don't worry.. I don't bite..."
[2017/11/23 11:45] Claire:Claire: uh, you know you shouldnt tell that to people right? that just makes them think you will...
[2017/11/23 11:46] The Trader: Hmm... Most people just look in my Eyes and walk away anyway... they think i'm going to do something to them...
[2017/11/23 11:47] Alecta Papadopoulos: Like bite them?
[2017/11/23 11:47] Claire:Claire: whats with the blindfold anyway?
[2017/11/23 11:48] The Trader: It's a Ritual Mask, Not a blindfold.. It's for helping to channel Magical energies. I'll explain more in class
[2017/11/23 11:49] Claire:Claire: what is this class about anyway? schedule was kinda vague
[2017/11/23 11:50] The Trader smiles "This is for general Occult studies, centered on defending against and recognizing the signs of Creatures that are of that nature"
[2017/11/23 11:52] Alecta Papadopoulos: I need to be aware. My ability is birth from magic
[2017/11/23 11:53] Claire:Claire: isnt magic just all made up?
[2017/11/23 11:54] The Trader nods at Alecta "And you're ability is to throw fire, you said previously? Will have to test to be certain, but i can guess your Aura will be tainted towards that." she raises an eyebrow before glancing at Claire "Magic is very Real.. Stage Magic is all slight of hand, but Actual magic is real"
[2017/11/23 11:55] The Trader: If it wasn't real.. how cold Demon's exist.
[2017/11/23 11:55] Claire:Claire: uh, they dont? arent they just metas?
[2017/11/23 11:56] The Trader chuckles "Your Talking to one..."
[2017/11/23 11:56] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos shook her head" The teacher is one"
[2017/11/23 11:58] Claire:Claire: and what the difference from a meta anyway?
[2017/11/23 12:02] The Trader: A Demon, or Deamon is a creature that is bound by rules and their own Nature. A Demon, must act in a certain manner. A Meta Human is.. really just a Human.
[2017/11/23 12:03] Claire:Claire: and humans arent bound by nature and stuff?
[2017/11/23 12:04] Alecta Papadopoulos: and those that have been forced to by magic?
[2017/11/23 12:06] The Trader chuckles "They are more bound by a different nature. If they wish too they can act against it. Demon's Literally cannot, not if they are bound by theri Name..." turning to Alecta "Human's are beings of Defiance, they defy nature in many ways. They are only 'Forced' to do anything if they wish themselves to be. If they look.. they can always find a way to break themselves out of their nature"
[2017/11/23 12:07] The Trader: Hmm... Only the two of you...
[2017/11/23 12:09] The Trader Sighs and rings the bell
[2017/11/23 12:09] Claire:Claire: i wonder where the others are
[2017/11/23 12:10] Alecta Papadopoulos: likely with family. I have none.
[2017/11/23 12:10] The Trader shrugs "Dear Evie wanted to attend, but i fear i might be going over the basics with her again . For now let's begin"
[2017/11/23 12:10] Claire:Claire: family? something special today? but uh, cant say i got any either...
[2017/11/23 12:12] The Trader: Well let's begin with the Basic's of magic.. and the difference between it and Magic.
[2017/11/23 12:14] The Trader: Before i go into that though, What do you both know of Magic? I need to know where I'm starting from. Alecta? you first.
[2017/11/23 12:18] Alecta Papadopoulos: I only know I inherited an abilityn from when..the event happened
[2017/11/23 12:20] The Trader raises an eyebrow "The Event?, Which.. in this City there have been many that could allow for the learning and inheriting of powers and abilities A Recent one or an older one?"
[2017/11/23 12:21] Claire:Claire: the whole thing with the blue guys?
[2017/11/23 12:21] The Trader shakes her head "Hmm, it hardly matters, Ow.. the Singurlarity?"
[2017/11/23 12:23] Claire:Claire: nah, the other guys, the artisans i think
[2017/11/23 12:24] The Trader nods "Another group for me to research..." she shakes her head "So, right from the basics. Very well"
[2017/11/23 12:26] Alecta Papadopoulos: the event which led me to what I am. When I was raised from the dead
[2017/11/23 12:27] Claire:Claire: so uh, youre like a zombie or something?
[2017/11/23 12:27] The Trader nods "You died and returned.. Hmm.. you might be a good thing to use as an example then."
[2017/11/23 12:28] The Trader: It depends on the reason's and motivations. If she is Willingly returned.. then I would say perhaps a Revenant. Tell us more if you wish, if not.. i will not press you for information.
[2017/11/23 12:28] Alecta Papadopoulos: Yes. a sentient.. zombie to lack of better word
[2017/11/23 12:31] Alecta Papadopoulos: I do not know the magic used. Only that I was dead.. and then some time later, not. I awoke in burial clothes to guard a tomb
[2017/11/23 12:34] The Trader nods at Alecta "Either a Revenant, or a Wraith." she smiles "I'm sorry if i am going to do this, but you shall be a fine example to use" she clicks her fingers and summons a set of books "As a form of undead they are hard to deal with, but they have several Bans.. and Banes."
[2017/11/23 12:36] Alecta Papadopoulos: my bodyw ill slowsly repair to maintain itself. No hard will be done
[2017/11/23 12:36] Claire:Claire: uh, you sure about that? and that stuff... what will it do?
[2017/11/23 12:38] The Trader nods again and looks down at the desk, looking at the registrar "Claire was it? I'm not going to be doing any harm to her, you will be. And no i don't think you will be harming her, I want you to experiance this for yourself.. it is a great way of learning."
[2017/11/23 12:39] Claire:Claire: uh... what? so you want me to hurt her or something? are you crazy?
[2017/11/23 12:42] Alecta Papadopoulos: should I remove my uniform so you do not damage it?
[2017/11/23 12:43] The Trader: I do not want you too hurt her, I want you to help both her and me, find out what she is. As an undead.. if not a base Zombie, or Xombie, they always restore themselves to a form that is capable of mimicing life.. if they wish to be. Consider the knowledge you might gain from this, It's not going to be trying to destroy her, just find out what works and what doesn't.
[2017/11/23 12:44] Claire:Claire: so what exactly do you want me to do then? read some mumbo jumbo or?
[2017/11/23 12:45] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nods giving silent consent
[2017/11/23 12:46] The Trader smiles "Consider this scenario.. you are called to a graveyard and many corpses have risen from their graves, but they are not hostile. most 'Heroes' would leap in and attack them not thinking to find out if that will work. They may just need someone to pass on their wishes to the family they left behind."
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[2017/11/23 12:48] The Trader: Most 'Risen' Undead have some purpose to fulfill, Zombies have none but to follow the commands of the one that raised them.
[2017/11/23 12:49] Alecta Papadopoulos: as far as I am aware I was raised for a purpose. Then i found myself here
[2017/11/23 12:52] The Trader: Consider yourself in that situation, wouldn't it be best to know that your not trapping the mind of a formerly living person inside a rotting corpse so that they can never find peace? Would you want that?
[2017/11/23 12:53] Claire:Claire: weeell, id freeze the ground, make the whole place all slippery so they cant walk or stand up *shrugs* guess id call someone after that...
[2017/11/23 12:56] The Trader nods " and then the Heroes do what they do best, Attack and destroy., breaking the corpses into pieces, not even bothering to research" She smiles "Well done, you dooms several people too a fate worse then oblivion."
[2017/11/23 12:57] Claire:Claire: well, unless i call someone like you eh?
[2017/11/23 12:58] The Trader she clasps a book as it goes by and then she dismisses the rest of them "Perhaps, but perhaps you could learn to identify the types of undead and find out what would be best"
[2017/11/23 12:58] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): bk sorry)
[2017/11/23 12:59] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos listens.
[2017/11/23 13:01] Claire:Claire: right *nods*
[2017/11/23 13:02] The Trader places the book down on the desk beside her and flips it open "The Undead come in two major categories, The Willful, and the will-less. Most of what people think of as Undead zombie's skeletons and the like, are Will-less, they exist because they do, or because some magic has been worked that guides them."
[2017/11/23 13:07] The Trader: The best way to identify the Will-less is how they act. If they just stand up and attack or act against things with something or someone seeming to guide them, then it's best too look for the force behind them rather than the actual bodies themselves. Trap them and keep them away from civilians, but attacking them is just like hitting a Wall."
[2017/11/23 13:07] Alecta Papadopoulos: would I be willful as I have sentience. or sillless as I did not choose this?
[2017/11/23 13:09] The Trader glances at Alecta "I would say Willful, since you aren't constantly acting against what you think is best. Doing what someone else tells you to. The force that raised you might have had a Goal in mind, but it wants you to act yourself, not force you to act"
[2017/11/23 13:11] Alecta Papadopoulos: or perhaps adapt to scenarios, and my intended goal is no longer relevant, trapping me like this for eternity
[2017/11/23 13:13] Claire:Claire: so uh a headshot wont do in your case? i mean if it does it wouldnt be eternity if you dont want it to
[2017/11/23 13:13] The Trader: That is possible, but.. i would have thought they would have made it so once your goal is completed, one way or another, you would have returned to the Grave.
[2017/11/23 13:15] Alecta Papadopoulos: No, that doesnt not stop my existence. My goal is no longer achievable, and I have no grave. Perhaps I should rent one
[2017/11/23 13:17] Claire:Claire: you really want to sleep in a coffin? maybe youre a vampire or something then?
[2017/11/23 13:17] The Trader chuckles "Perhaps. Maybe your goal has changed, or your Goal has changed.. or the most likely one i think, you have outgrown the control. The reason that most do not raise the Willful undead is because they are just that. Willful, they can break out and free themselves from the shackles of spells cast against them"
[2017/11/23 13:20] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos chook her head" a coffin would simply be to keep dirt off of me"
[2017/11/23 13:21] Claire:Claire: wouldnt you be like decomposing in there?
[2017/11/23 13:21] Claire:Claire: uh if you stayed too long that is
[2017/11/23 13:23] The Trader: Ahh, The magic that raises the dead, tends to be self sustaining. It would do no good for a corpse to fall apart upon them unless needed. Necromancer's don't tend to care. They can keep the bodies moving regardless.
[2017/11/23 13:26] Alecta Papadopoulos: I was claimed to be an eternal guard. That may be true
[2017/11/23 13:29] The Trader nods at Alecta "That would make you Willful, and given such a general guideline on what to do. Such simple guiding magic is enough to keep you focused. I would say a Wraith in honesty. Which makes you rather amusing to deal with in some cases."
[2017/11/23 13:30] Claire:Claire: shes amusing to deal with? why? i really dont get any of this
[2017/11/23 13:32] Alecta Papadopoulos: how would we defend against another such as me? even if all I can do is throw fireballs
[2017/11/23 13:36] The Trader: Let me explain, Vampires the most common of Undead have several things that can harm them dependent on the Bloodline, Sunlight, Garlic, Silver, Gold, Heartwood from the Ash tree. Those are common against Vampires.. sometimes more specific things are needed. Revenant's are simple to defend against, Since they can be blocked by a ring of Salt. a Wraith though.. Keeping them away is generally simple. Stopping them.. well. Nearly impossible.
[2017/11/23 13:38] Claire:Claire: how would one keep a wraith away i guess the question is eh?
[2017/11/23 13:40] The Trader: Wraiths are capable of manipulating the magic that was bound into them when they were created. Little of the original person remains. But if one can find something that is from that former life, it can be both a boon and a bane. You could use it to bring the mind of the old person back or atleast the memories of them back. You could also use it to harm the Wraith.. maybe even kill them IF you destroyed it, the problem with that is.. if you destroy it and not the Wraith, they will come back.
[2017/11/23 13:42] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nodded and as she went to writ this down a small fireball fluing from her hand, burning the paper. She rapidly started trying to smother it with her hands
[2017/11/23 13:43] ClaireClaire looks over and throws a ball of water over, spreading it out to put the fire out, hopefully
[2017/11/23 13:44] Claire:Claire: guess finding something from the former life of anyone here is gonna be next to impossible as pretty much everyone comes from different earths that are gone
[2017/11/23 13:44] The Trader smiles and watches as Claire helps "I can see why you seek control, Meditation and keeping your mind still, may help"
[2017/11/23 13:50] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nods. there was no frown but she used a small towl from her bag to dry the spot, scho marked from cleaning burn stains
[2017/11/23 13:52] Claire:Claire: well practice works for sure, just gotta find a place that wont burn
[2017/11/23 13:52] The Trader: Flame as one of the Elements is not one that takes control well, it wants to act out, it seeks fuel to burn.
[2017/11/23 13:55] The Trader: It will find a path to act and it will burn out of control if you don't keep it tame. Consider it like a Animal, if cared for and tended to well, feed and nurtured it will burn only what it needs too. If not it will burn and rage out seeking to grab more and more. Eventually it would burn out your body and leave you a husk.. if human ofcourse
[2017/11/23 13:56] Claire:Claire: cant imagine getting cooked alive being nice at all... well unless youre that crazy one down in the sewers
[2017/11/23 13:57] Alecta Papadopoulos: I wouldnt recall. I never got burned badly before I died
[2017/11/23 13:58] Claire:Claire: what about after?
[2017/11/23 13:58] The Trader: Mhmm back to the basics of the lesson i had planned.. Magic always has a Price. It could be a literal burning of a figurative one, Fire only acts out if seeking control without use or without enough use and acceptance.
[2017/11/23 13:59] Claire:Claire: good thing i got water then *nods* then again, pretty sure it isnt magic
[2017/11/23 14:01] Alecta Papadopoulos: so there would be a price to my control?
[2017/11/23 14:02] Claire:Claire: maybe you get cooked?
[2017/11/23 14:03] The Trader: Use. You need to use it more, if it is coming out that easily it's because they want to be used. How often do you use your powers to exhaustion?
[2017/11/23 14:06] Alecta Papadopoulos: I have never used them to exhaustion. I only seek control to not throw them off by accident
[2017/11/23 14:09] The Trader: You should use them to near exhaustion afew times, even just keeping them focused on one thing for aslong as you can may help, the Fire is burning but it is almost raging, it's flickering and looking for more fuel. If you burn it down and focus it for awhile it should let the raging fire down.
[2017/11/23 14:10] The Trader: This is probably something basic that they should have taught you already. And if they haven't.. i'm concerned. Perhaps they didn't think about it...
[2017/11/23 14:12] Alecta Papadopoulos: None of the teachers have addressed my power use thus far
[2017/11/23 14:14] Claire:Claire: dont think any have done that with me either
[2017/11/23 14:15] The Trader shakes her head "Hmm... Perhaps i should help everyone with that sometimes."
[2017/11/23 14:17] Claire:Claire: im sure were gonna need it at some point
[2017/11/23 14:17] Claire:Claire: well a lot of us anyway
[2017/11/23 14:18] Alecta Papadopoulos: me nods" S you are saying I should release my power ?"
[2017/11/23 14:19] The Trader: Power use is something that is needed to be done so one can know it's limits and know what you need to do to control it. In the case of magic... It operates alot on Symbolism, Fire Burns, Water is deep, Wind is flighty, Earh endures,
[2017/11/23 14:20] The Trader: It is how i had to get my Power under control.. on my old original world before i became what i am.
[2017/11/23 14:20] Claire:Claire: at least i think i got the control part down, had these powers a looong time after all
[2017/11/23 14:22] The Trader nods at Claire "You show Fine control, it would be good to have you nearby while Alecta does a Burn off"
[2017/11/23 14:22] Alecta Papadopoulos: I am.. relatively new to them
[2017/11/23 14:23] The Trader smiles "A new flame is the most dangerous. It seeks to go out of control for it doesn't know it's limits"
[2017/11/23 14:23] Claire:Claire: we got a place for that by the way? without anything really flammable nearby?
[2017/11/23 14:24] The Trader frowns "I don't know.. I will make inquires since it is needed. I don't think the Gym is really suited for what i have in mind"
[2017/11/23 14:25] Claire:Claire: guess we could go into the sewers, not much that burns down there, just stone and water
[2017/11/23 14:27] The Trader: At a Pinch that might be the usable, but we might need to keep people out of them.. and Insure it doesn't go too out of control down there.. The headlines would attract to much attention.
[2017/11/23 14:27] Claire:Claire: somewhere outside the city then? like in the middle of nowhere in a field out at the farms?
[2017/11/23 14:28] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nodded and let them talk
[2017/11/23 14:30] The Trader nods "Perhaps. we wouldn't want to cause damage.. Perhaps if the budget it there.. a room for powers and control should be made.. Unless the Gym is set up for that.. I'm not sure still"
[2017/11/23 14:31] Claire:Claire: right, just gotta be careful myself so i dont break the pipes
[2017/11/23 14:32] The Trader raises an eyebrow "The Pipes.. The water pipes.. I hope that's what you mean..."
[2017/11/23 14:33] Claire:Claire: yep, i can only uh make so much water before i run out after all, but theres water all over the place too
[2017/11/23 14:34] The Trader nods "Good..."
[2017/11/23 14:35] Alecta Papadopoulos: I can search for a place to practice
[2017/11/23 14:36] The Trader: Hmm.. time is running to a close for this. Homework for Both of you would be to research a Type of undead of your Choice.. Preferably not the Vampire or Nosferatu...
[2017/11/23 14:37] The Trader: They are just a mess to research. If you do pick them, then a specific Bloodline would be best called for.
[2017/11/23 14:38] Claire:Claire: hmm, can i go with lich or something? those are real or just in books and stuff?
[2017/11/23 14:40] The Trader: They are real, and yes do what you can to research them. I happen to remember meeting one, he was a nice person for awhile. Then his humanity started to fade.
[2017/11/23 14:40] Alecta Papadopoulos: so I could research shadows? I always felt they were alive
[2017/11/23 14:42] The Trader smiles at Alecta "Alive is a way of putting it. There are several types of Undead creature that could be called Shadows. Research them if you will, they interest you, and that interest is enough to make you want to look into them"
[2017/11/23 14:44] The Trader: Before i end the class, since it was abit more informal. any questions?
[2017/11/23 14:46] Claire:Claire: hmm... well nothing i can think of now, well other than what you wanted me to do at the start
[2017/11/23 14:46] Claire:Claire: kinds got sidetracked didnt it?
[2017/11/23 14:48] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos shook her head" i feel I interupted enough
[2017/11/23 14:49] The Trader laughs "Yes we did.. I was going to give a lesson about the sheer basics on Magic. The Elements, the practice of combining them and the Symbolism that most magic runs on.. It is why I am wearing this Mask and the gloves today and not something less.. restrictive."
[2017/11/23 14:52] Claire:Claire: ah, right
[2017/11/23 14:55] The Trader: Still i feel we covered abit that might be helpful, and it should initiate you both in the Splendor of the Arcane... Atleast help you understand the dangers.
[2017/11/23 14:57] Claire:Claire: well, a bit i guess...
[2017/11/23 14:57] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos nodded as she stood" thank you for dealing with my issue, Claire, and putting up with me, both fo you
[2017/11/23 14:59] Claire:Claire: sure *stands up, something wet seems to go down her legs under the transparent suit* thats it for today right?
[2017/11/23 15:00] The Trader Nods and smiles "I am noting if not forgiving and it is always something i said.. i will not harm either of you.. if i am not in danger of death myself anyway"
[2017/11/23 15:00] The Trader: Yes, Class Dismissed.
[2017/11/23 15:04] Claire:Claire: well, see you around then
[2017/11/23 15:05] Alecta PapadopoulosAlecta Papadopoulos headed out of the room with a cold wave