Enrolling Jason

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Enrolling Jason

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:52 pm

[13:59:48] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) steps around to the fron closing the alert on her watch
[14:00:45] Jason made his way to the school as he looked about. Hed rub his head after waking up from a long night of being...him. He had to learn to control this..he hoped this was the place4 to do it...a school for the metahumans. he had done the first part of the work putting in an application..now he had to meet with one from the staff. As soon as he spotted his first person hed speak out to her. "H-hay..i was suposed to meet with someone about enrollment?"
[14:03:39] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " thats me. sorry for the informal.. gotta get used ta this chill int he air
[14:05:35] Jason nods then gave a smile. "Yeah...thats fine....how....does this work? exactly? this isnt a normal school..i know that.." Hed scratch his head. IF anna has a decent memory shed probably recognize the outfit he was wearing.
[14:09:02] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) did but she wasnt supposed to judge. damn rules. " we it has its oddities but those are supposed ta help you adapt to whatever life throws at ya
[14:11:13] Jason nods then smiles. "Well thats what i am hopeing for...my condition...well it is something that i need help with...i cant do it on my own...ive tried everything but...no matter what..well it gets the better of me...i figured since this school takes in metas....yall can help me get some sort of control in my life."
[14:13:01] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods : come on inside, Jason right? Ah'm Miss Harper
[14:13:15] Jason nods then smiles. "a pleasure"
[14:14:15] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) leads him to an office" pleasheas all mine. What specifically brings ya here?"
[14:15:30] Jason taking his seat would sigh as he responds. "Honestly...ive lost all control of my life....im..cursed so to speak....i found out this place takes in those with..special powers...teach them control and how to use them...so i thought..perhaps you guys can do the same."
[14:21:11] Anna-Kate Harper nods" certainly" getting some forms out of a drawer" and what are your powers exactly? so we can pair you up with those who teach
[14:25:07] Jason shrugs as he shook his head. "I have no idea...or better yet i am not sure....i am two differant people....i change under circumstances that are not entirely under my control. Either if i get really bad...really sad...or just for no reason at all...i thought it only happened at night.....but what i do know is what i was able to film. I change into this...skeletal being of som sort...seems to have some power with fire....he must be a heavy hitter because when i wake up..sometimes i wake up in a collapsed building surrounded by bodies.....i also have this book...this...this is the thing that did this to me." Hed pull a pitch black book from his jacket. it would appear to have satanic symbols all over it as well. If she opened it she would see images of the skeletal figure in armor riding a skeletal horse with a chianed whip of sorts.
[14:30:37] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) looks at the book" Youve come intop the club now and then. Given as death has claimed to be walking in this city this doesnt seem too weird..but ah might pray for ya. If yer ok with it. Learning control is going to be your big task- do you see using that control to be a hero, or civilian?"
[14:34:38] Jason shook his head then sighed as she mentioned seeing him go into the club. He could only guess which one. "Oh? im sorry you had to meet him then..i only get glimpses of whats going on when hes in control..hes not particularly nice...i mean...ive seen him kill some pretty dangerous people...but ive also seen him kill people who i dont belive may have deserved it.." Hed rub his head. "SO to be honest i want to be able to take control just to be me...i dont think i can ever be a hero...not like this...and i dont want to hurt people either.."
[14:37:03] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" you walked out of the club without hurting people. ..for now lets get you enrolled" Filling a little out and sliding it over " there is a uniform code but we provide it
[14:38:29] Jason looking at the paper would tilt his head and wince abit. "Uniform hu?" hed smirk then shook his head. "Thats gonna make him all pissy...so hell yeah." Hed smirk as he looked the file over. "anything i need to sign?"
[14:41:15] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) snickers" just some forms here. Ah think you will fight right in. The girls hafta be measures but guyes siszes are usually eaier. Ya know em?"
[14:42:38] Jason smirked as he nods. "Sure thing...i usually wear mediums...and a size 32-34 pants...size 13 shoes...and i know how to tie a tie...if thats part of the uniform." He was feeling a flicker of hopeas he looekd the formes over
[14:52:12] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiles" good then this will go smoothly. there are rules about tardiness. You would stay on campus unless you have a reason to go of. And most of the students are girls. respect them. The teachers can be creative at times as well"
[14:55:39] Jason nods then tilts his head. "I understand...my mama taught me to behave myself...but...there is the matter of....him....if i change...when i change..i have no control...i doubt hed have a reason to cause trouble here but...i know there is no way in hell hed stick around in the dorm...."
[15:03:53] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" and thats a circumstance ah would suggest talking to Miss Harlow about. " letting him take the forms" . Picking a teblet up and swiping-"looks like mart and rein are the only males. Might have ta bunk with a girl"
[15:06:22] Jason nods as he continued to fill otu the forums. As he heard mentioning bunking with a girl hed look up. "Wait..there are only two other dudes here?." hed look about. "I have to ask because ive noticed this.....does the population of women heavly outweigh the populations of men?" Hed tilt his head. "Also is that really allowed i mean...im well behaved but i dont know if that girl would be cool with a guy just sleeping in the same room.."
[15:08:09] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): well ah could put ya ina fresh dorm room and wait for a guy. But it seems here out of those on touch with metas..the guys run.. docile. Except for mark. He is a pita
[15:11:58] Jason nods as he listened. He wondered what the hell she meant by guys running docile. and he had no idea what a pita was. still he would fill out the forums as he contaminated. As he did a small spirt of flame would run out of his right eye and fizzle out as Jason wiped it away as he shook his head. The voice in his head speaking to him as he wrote.
[15:13:50] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): you ok? we have another student who had issues with fire
[15:16:28] Jason paused as he rose his head to look to Anna seemingly snapping out of some sort of trance. "Uh..yeah..im ok..sorry....its just him...speaking...to me..he does that once in a while...says hes just looking out..he tries to put in his two cents...he said something about this place being abit off....like somethign isnt right..but then again he does that to get me riled up and that just makes it easier for him to take over...so i tend to ignore stuff like that...it shouldnt be a problem i promise."
[15:21:14] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods " ah've had similar. That voice in the back of my head..probably not exactly the same, but similar. Ah would recommend Miss Traders class on the occult. . I've got ya in a clear dorm, wont have a roommate for now, so I've no idea who will come
[15:23:51] Jason smiled then nods. "Thanks...its probably for the best...woulndt want anyone to be around if i become in in there...atleast not untill i learn how to control it." hed smirk. "Is there anything else i need to do? do i get a ma to the dorm or?..." Hed smirk.
[15:28:34] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods and rises, picking up a box and sorting his sizes. Offering to him" right this way"
[15:30:16] Jason nods as he followed behind her holding the clothes in hand. hed look about as he walked. "Everything seems new...this building recent?"
[15:33:22] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) nods" one of the recent construction..with meteors and attacks.. most of the city is. Even that giant whie dildo pae uses
[15:35:31] Jason nods as he responds. "Right.." As he steppedn into the dorm hed place the clothes on the bed as he stretched. "Abit cozy in here...but its better than where i was currently staying.....thanks...for getting me enrolled...ill be on my best behavior...and ill try my best to make sure the other guy doesnt cause too much trouble if i can help it." Hed smile
[15:38:35] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) smiled back" welcome to Celestial University for Metahumans Jason. I hope it helps you learn that control. " she waved as she headed for the door
[15:39:37] Jason paused as he thought to himself. "Wait....C.....U...M..? "Hed shake hsi head and chuckle. "Cum student...thats... an unfortunant name" Hed chuckle
[15:42:25] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) snickered" the idea before was Pintens University somehting..that spelled PUSSY. so.. either way" she winked as she left

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