Emerald Light

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Emerald Light

Post by Phantom5582 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:41 pm

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): ღ Rachel Nightstar ღ (ray.mckeenan)

HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Emerald Light of the Emerald Lantern Corps, Emerald Light for short


CIVILIAN/ALTER EGO NAME: Abo'Ta'Raa'Hass'n'Fahd'Azi, Azi for short.

AGE: Looks to be Early 20s, Real age is closer to 200 due to slow aging.


At the human equivalent of 16(50-ish), Azi was picked to become the new Emerald Lantern Guardian of Sector 669. She had spend a few decades training with the Emerald lanterns. She did well and spent a long time protecting her Sector, but something was happening in her dimension's earth. Unknown to her, the multiverse was colliding. A call was sent to return back to the Emerald Lantern Home Planet and Head Quarters. She needed to take a short cut and she made use of a black hole. How ever she made an error and instead of getting back the the home world, she found herself at this dimension's earth and thrown forward in time a few years. (Timeline wise she is just arriving in the city.)

Most of her powers are granted by an Emerald Ring of Power. Without the ring, she can't use the powers of the ring.

Emerald Lantern Ring of Power:
All of the ring's powers are based in this link(Canon Ring's powers), but she doesn't have all of them because of mental limits or other limits outside of her control. These limits either have an IC reason or OOC reason that will make RP much better IMO.

I'll re-list the power's name one by one and note if she has it or not along with other notes. The power's description are listed in full in the provided link. Like the Canon version, the ring's powers are powered by her will and imagination.

***Ring Powers*** (see bottom of post for list of non-ring powers)
1. Energy Projection: This is her main mode of attack. It takes the form of weapons made of solid emerald light.
2. Force Field: This is her main mode of protection from attacks and most cosmic energies.
3. Energy Constructs: Like the Canon version of the power set, they tend to be bright green and based off of her willpower/imagination.
4. Energy Absorption: While she can do this to full effect, she tends to store Electricity for sexual reasons.
5. Universal Translator: With the ring she can talk to anyone else in the city unless they speak a hidden or lost language. Without the ring she only knows English.
6. Flight: She can fly at high speeds

***Limited Ring Powers***
1. Phasing: This can be done, but it's limited. She can get though most cloths and clothes, but heavy armor, as well as most other solid objects, block her.
2. Limited Cellular Regeneration: Yes. While she doesn't have enough knowledge to heal humans or other metas, she can heal herself of wounds at double to triple speed... but that is not all that useful in fights.
3. Superhuman Strength: Yes-ish. The ring doesn't grant strength outright, but the ring's constructs can be used to lift instead. With constructs made with the ring, she can 'lift' extreme weights of over 100 tons.
4. Electromagnetic Scanning: Yes, though it is limited to within the city. Also she can't scan everything at once all the time.

***Ring Attributes***
1. Security Protocol: Yes. This is more a feature of the ring then a power, but if stolen from her, the ring will not work.
2. Ring is always programmed with a Preset Condition: Yes, but again, a ring feature then a power i.e. "if I pass out, keep the Life support field on" Or "After three seconds, activate the bubble shield around whoever is holding you and fly though it one foot" <-(preset will be kept updated on the forums)
3. Galactic Encyclopedia: Yes-ish. The ring only has a local copy with large chunks missing that was from a different universe that stopped getting updated when the multiverses collided.
4. Material Alteration: Yes as this is really her costume and she generally wears it all the time.

***Ring Weaknesses***
1. Mental Instability Protocol: Drug use, neural interference, vertigo or other forms of mental incapacitation can render Azi unable to use her ring.
2. Yellow Impurity: The ring is unable to directly affect items that are mostly yellow.
3. Recharge Protocol: The ring needs to be charged with the Emerald Battery. Otherwise the ring loses power after a while and becomes useless. The more the ring is used, the faster the ring loses power.
4. Crimson Power Rings: Crimson Power Rings can dissolve the energy from a Emerald Power Ring.

***Personal Abilities***
1. Enhanced Stamina: Azi has great reserves of physical stamina and doesn't tire easily. She can stay up for two an a half days before needing to sleep for twelve hours. This is mainly due to how long a day was on her native planet.
2. "Superhuman" Durability: Azi is far more durable then the common person, but she isn't invulnerable. Getting hit with a car going 50 MPH(Or 4,150 pounds of force), while without her power ring, will stun her and hurt her, but won't kill her outright.
3. Martial Arts training: Azi was trained in a few styles of martial arts in her training with the Emerald Lantern Corps. This includes some Hand-to-Hand weapons.
1. Strength: Without using her ring, Azi is about as strong as a well trained Strongman, able to flip about 1.5 tons maximum and with effort.
2. Decelerated Aging: Even though she looks to be roughly in the early 20s, Azi is really much older then that.
3. Weapons training: Azi has training with ranged hand weapons such as rifles and hand guns, however this is more reflected with her ability to aim and hit with the weapons that she makes with her ring. Real weapons with physical ammo give her trouble as she doesn't get that they run out of ammo due to their limits.
4. Sexual Powers: Azi also can do a few things that are only useful during sex and not during a fight. One, her body can stretch to accommodate most 'appendages' of most sizes and still remain tight. Two, she is a herm with limited size control of her shaft.

***Personal Weaknesses***
1. Normal 'Human' Weaknesses: Other then being tougher then a person, she has all of the weaknesses of a common person.
2. Food requirements: Even though a day on her native planet was three times longer then earth, Azi still eats the same amount of food as a human over the course of those three days.

***Canon Ring powers that Azi is UNABLE to do***
1. Time Travel: No, No, No, Never. Time travel is hard enough to write for, never mind trying to RP it without Godmoding.
2. Wormholes & Spacial Warps: Not able to do.
3. Environmental Playback: Not able to do.
4. Invisibility & Light Refraction: Not able to do.
5. Energy Twin: Not able to do.
6. Ring Duplication: Not able to do.
7. Emergency Beacon: Not able to do.
8. Homing Beacon: Not able to do.
9. Mind Alteration: Not able to do.
10. Pocket Dimension: Not able to do.
11. Thought Relay: Not able to do.

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Re: Emerald Light

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Welcome to the city!!!
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