Yet another random arrival!

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Yet another random arrival!

Post by LillianVickson » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:22 pm

Celestial City Roleplay Application

SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Person of Interest (Chuck.Beam)


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Hero (mostly)

CIVILIAN/ALTER EGO NAME: Consuela Immaculata Concepcion DeLaRosa ("Call me 'Connie'.")

AGE (all characters must be at least 18): 19

CHARACTER'S BACK-STORY : Consuela had a fiery mishap after Sunday Mass one morning. She still bears the scars. Soon after that, she displayed the ability to generate and control fire. For several years, she was mentored by a gifted priest who's calling it is to spiritually guide metahumans. She was preparing to take her vows to serve the church when somehow the world ended overnight.

1. Pyrokinesis: Consuela can create fire. This fire can be projected from her body or spark elsewhere at her will. The range is generally her line of sight. The upper limit is about 30 tons worth.
She can also manipulate existing fires, but is less skilled with them. “That fire is wild” so only 20 tons worth of effect.
2. Purging: When a person is burned by her flames, they sometimes undergo a psycho-spiritual experience. When this occurs is not determined by Connie consciously. She believes it is the Holy Spirit causing it.
The fire will dredge up negative emotions or memories and ‘burn’ or ‘purge’ them. The process is usually painful. The more negativity exists, the more painful it is. This purging does not cause physical harm. It does leave the person with a more positive outlook on life as well as increased kindness.
3. Immunity to heat and fire: The church incident is the only time she has ever been burned. It seems no longer possible to burn her body or clothes, though she has not been exposed to fires hotter than 600C as yet.
4. Fiery Shield: Connie can burn incoming matter before it reaches her. Any flammable object or missile would be burned before reaching her. Small things are incinerated.
5. Combat Dress: When in danger (or often when attacking), Connie's clothes are transformed into a long white dress with a logo on the chest. She does not control this transformation. She has made a matching dress for public appearances because she can not make the actual dress appear at will. For these publicity shots, she adds a diadem to the outfit.
6. No Peeking: Connie cannot be viewed via clairvoyant means. She is effectively invisible to 'magic mirrors' and similar spells. This is inherent and Connie has no control over it. (She is also unaware of it). She appears on cameras normally unless she is not clothed. If she is even partially nude, this ability blurs the image of her on camera.
7. Fiery Halo: Connie has a fiery disc that burns harmlessly behind her head. She cannot turn it off.

WEAKNESSES (Other than all normal human weaknesses):
Vulnerable to magical attacks (except fire spells).

Day Job (Optional): Consuela works for the Church, mostly defending and supporting the homeless. (Since we have no church in CC, she will have to find work later)
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