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Tonight marked the 2nd Annual Celestial City Snow Ball, which once again managed to go off without a hitch. Many big names in the city turned out for the event, though there were a few notable absences as well

[17:28] Lady Nightmare smiles a bit as she sees the first few people filing in, giving a small wave to each from her place near the stage
[17:29] Nirrae: slow dance eh?
[17:30] XSU Trouble: do you wanna teach me how to waltz?
[17:30] Nirrae: well i have no idea how those work
[17:31] Nirrae: soooo...
[17:31] Nirrae: wing it?
[17:31] XSU Trouble: cuz 2-3 years of lessons colluden't teach me how to friggen waltz
[17:31] Felicia Peterson strolls in, virtually gliding over the dance floor as she gives a finger wiggle back to Lady Nightmare. She moved toward the back area, making sure she can keep an eye on everyone as they walk into the room. Her symbiote ever vigilant, it whispered a few things into her ear as people walked in.
[17:32] Nirrae looks over to the one entering "hi there!"
[17:32] XSU Trouble waves gently
[17:33] Lady Nightmare chuckles softly as she sees Felicia being all on edge, crooking a finger to signal her over closer while continuing to wave to new arrivals
[17:34] Felicia Peterson smirks slightly at the signal from Lady N, and would stroll over to her, swinging her hips every so slightly as she did. She'd smile to Lady N, "Our Lady." She'd giggle as she covered her mouth, "Wow, guess We never realized the duality of that statement before."
[17:38] Nameless flew right into the door with a THUD! "Ow! Stoopid door! Grrrr...." She pushed on the door with everything she had, cursing the day this door was born with every fiber of her being, "Open open open open!" She blinked and then noticed the word 'PULL' on the door, "Oh...." She pulled the door up with a huff and flew inside, "HELLO!"
[17:39] Nirrae: . . . uh, arent you supposed to be on the moon?
[17:39] Lady Nightmare grins and reaches up, gently shifting the hand away from Felicia's mouth and leaning in to give her a soft kiss, then whispering "A pleasure to see you two... no need to be on edge tonight... I have enough eyes on things here, relax and enjoy yourself" then she glances over at the loud noise, holding back from chuckling when she sees the new arrival burst in, just giving another friendly wave "Hello there"
[17:40] XSU Trouble blinks and stares at nameless "if shes allowed to wear that i am going to change back into my seifuku" she says sounding a little annoyed
[17:40] Nirrae: i dont think there was a dress code or anything so...
[17:41] XSU Trouble mumble sounding a little annoyed..and makes plans too switch back between breaks
[17:42] Felicia Peterson kisses Lady N back softly. A smile on her face as their lips part, "Just trying to look the part Madam Mayor." She'd wink at her before rolling her shoulders back slightly and visibly becoming more relaxed. Her face scowled slightly at the loud noise, not being too fond of it, but then fixed her face to be more welcoming.
[17:45] Lady Nightmare nods slightly "I understand... you look lovely though... if I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to upstage me" giving a teasing wink
[17:45] XSU Trouble gives Neirae a squeeze "okay i am changing back into street clothes i can't dress up enough for this occasion"
[17:45] Taiyo enters the ballroom, adjusting her golden gown with a faint frown.
[17:47] Anna-Kate Harper stepped into the ball, the short dress would seem to be cold...
[17:48] Felicia Peterson smirked on the right side of her mouth, and would go to gently drag her fingertips down Lady N's exposed back, "We don't think that's even close to possible." She'd go to stroke Lady N's back up and down slightly, just dragging her glove covered fingertips along the mayor's soft back. She noticed Taiyo's dress, and wondered if the gold was supposed to be a status symbol or not. Something her symbiote would make a mental note about; can't have too many kingdoms out of the Symbiote Queen's reach.
[17:48] XSU Trouble returns in a micro skirt, baggy sweater and tights and boots that look like they had never been called delicate in their life. and humms wondering where to set up a katering table..
[17:49] Nirrae looks over to anna-kate "ah hi there!"
[17:50] Lady Nightmare gives friendly waves and nods to the newest arrivals, blowing a little kiss to Anna, then presses in against Felicia slightly as she's rubbed, chuckling softly "Hmm... wouldn't expect you to give up trying, though... even if just to keep me on my toes"
[17:50] Anna-Kate Harper frowned over at Felecia..something was off. She was getting vibed from the overlaid essense. She blows a kiss to Nightmare and waits for Marathon
[17:52] Anna-Kate Harper: so how many seem to be..stuck in snow? ~rubbuing her necklace
[17:53] Guy Gallagher enters the ball in a gray suit, his eyes looking to all the guests attending the ball. He seems like your typical guy as nothing really stands out about him aside from his crew cut.
[17:53] Nirrae: in snow eh? well i guess everyone here will be soon enough eh? good thing this stuff isnt outside... id need like an ev suit
[17:56] Guy Gallagher approaches the snack table, taking a scone and holding it to look at it for a brief moment. His gaze shifts to the girl setting up the drinks. "That doesn't look like proper attire for this occasion."
[17:56] Felicia Peterson continues to rub Lady N's back every so slightly, "No, don't suppose We ever will, will We? Guess you'll just have to keep us on our toes. In more ways than five." She'd wink at Lady N just before she noticed the white haired woman on Lady N's other side. She looked interesting. She checked out the woman in the armor as her symbiote continued to try and figure out Taiyo's social status.
[17:57] Anna-Kate Harper: well outside.. Ill be warm at least. Not due to this dress.. but.. Ive never liked the cold
[17:58] XSU Trouble turns to him and frowns "it was this or a maid dress and no ones paying me to dress up." she replies sulkily
[17:59] Taiyo makes her way over to Lady N, offering a curtsy to the Mayor. Those who remember will recognize the dress from the Beauty Pageant, though Taiyo carries it off much better than before.
[17:59] Guy Gallagher smiles at her. "I'm sorry. I guess my criticism was unsolicited. By the way, I'm Guy. Guy Gallagher."
[18:00] Lady Nightmare gives Felicia a little squeeze and chuckle, then smiles to Taiyo "No need for such formality, hon... hope you're well tonight, and getting all settled in around here"
[18:00] XSU Trouble nods too him "nice to meet you, Guy.. Ka-La-Na?" she asks propping up the tray almost apologetically as if too hide behind it.
[18:01] Nirrae: yep, winter sucks when youre cold blooded tho *nods and smiles*
[18:02] Guy Gallagher calmly takes from the tray. "Don't mind if I do, miss... Uh...? I never did get your name."
[18:02] Anna-Kate Harper holds up her bangle " tell me about it"
[18:02] XSU Trouble: "trouble." she replies having the good grace to actually look a bit embarrased by her name
[18:04] Nirrae: oh youre cold blooded too eh? didnt expect that
[18:04] Guy Gallagher shrugs, "Why so embarrassed? I've heard worse names. One masked mercenary calls himself 'Discord'." He takes a sip of the wine. "If you ask me, Discord is a worse name than trouble."
[18:05] Nirrae: anyway, hows stuff been? been a bit since i was back here myself
[18:05] Marathon walks into the building quickly spotting Anna... she moves over to her and whispers... "you know i hate these things right?" she tells her with a slight smirk despite the truth to her words
[18:05] Taiyo shrugs, "Well, I managed to find this in the closet. Fits, and seems to be appropriate for the event. Though I think my ticket was meant for... well."
[18:05] Felicia Peterson 's symbiote would suddenly remember where it saw Taiyo and her dress from before; when it was attached to Faith during the Beauty Pageant. It would alert Felicia of the remembrance, letting her know about the past experiences as well. Felicia would seemingly nod to her symbiote before leaning in to the slight squeeze. She'd raise her free hand and give a hand wiggle wave to Taiyo as Lady N spoke. She'd then suddenly pause, and look down as if she heard something. She'd then look up and finally notice Anna over there. She'd say to no one in particular, "New hair."
[18:06] Anna-Kate Harper slips close to Nirrae and bring a finger, hidden from view to her eye.. pulling the human contact off a second to show the amphibian eye
[18:06] XSU Trouble: "yeah except he only has to be discord when he is in a mask, i am trouble allround the clock" she replies setting the tray on the table and shifting it around before pulling a little warming device from her supply case and setting it nearby in case anyone wants their drink warm...
[18:07] Nirrae: huh, have you always been like that or did i just miss it all the time? kinda interesting anyway? oh can you breathe underwater too?
[18:08] Anna-Kate Harper nodded and held her finger to her lips " yes. and they freak people out so I cover them"
[18:08] Guy Gallagher shrugs and takes another sip of his wine. "I think Trouble has a better ring to it. Don't you agree?"
[18:08] Lady Nightmare waves and smiles wide to Marathon as she enters, then gives a small shrug back to Taiyo "Well, better that it be put to use, and it looks good on you. Maybe you should dress up more often"
[18:09] Anna-Kate Harper snickers" yes I do. Bu you look nice Mara... "
[18:10] Felicia Peterson would look to Lady N, then to Taiyo and nod in agreement, "Very fetching We'd say." She'd wink at Taiyo as she continued to rub Lady N's back.
[18:11] XSU Trouble blushes and shrugs "maybe i don't know..."
[18:11] Taiyo shakes her head, "Way too fancy for me to handle normally. I'd rather wear a latex bodysuit than /this/... and I don't particuarly like that."
[18:11] Nirrae: ah yes, well cant be too bad tho, tho i guess it helps to pass as human around here if possible
[18:12] Guy Gallagher smiles and nods to her. "If you're half as good out there as you are at serving these lovely refreshments, you might change the meaning of the very word itself."
[18:13] Marathon greets Nightmare with a friendly nod ""love the dress" she say to her then looks up at Anna "thank you... i... did something new with my hair... i took out the corn rows and braids...." the tells her
[18:14] Anna-Kate Harper smiles. I do hop the dress wasnt tooo short.. . I had one to match mine but.. I may have has a sewing accident
[18:14] Lady Nightmare grins at Taiyo "Oh, those can be quite fun too..." starting to rub Felicia's back as well, grinning to Marathon "Thank you"
[18:16] XSU Trouble blushes and mumbles something as she sets the tepriture on the heater and mumbles a sometehing that sounds like "thank you."
[18:16] Nirrae: eh, you mean you didnt want it that short?
[18:16] Guy Gallagher spots three women to his right and four to the left side of the fountain. He raises his glass. "To the Snow Ball." He approaches the group to the right. "If you'll excuse me, Trouble, the night is young and I'd like to get to know as many people as I can before it ends."
[18:17] Anna-Kate Harper: wait. we are under a snowman?
[18:17] Juno (angel8819) followed on with the PAE people the ball. Perhaps a little underdressed
[18:18] Felicia Peterson bit her lip at hearing that Taiyo's clothing preferences, "Would love to see ya in that some time." She'd lean into Lady N's back rub, enjoying the mayor's touch. She nodded to Marathon as she spoke to Lady N, not really knowing the woman herself.
[18:18] Nirrae: eh, i dont think so, why?
[18:20] Anna-Kate Harper face palmed " snow..balls.."
[18:20] Guy Gallagher casually approaches the group. "Good evening, ladies. To whom do I have the honor of speaking with?" He tries to remain composed, but lets out a laugh at Anna-Kate's comment.
[18:21] Nirrae looks over to guy "well, im nirrae myself, and you?"
[18:21] Anna-Kate Harper: Anna-Kate, dear. She is Nirrae and this lovelt figure next to me is Marathon
[18:21] Sigrid enters the place, of course feeling a bit nervous to represent the PAE corporation tonight. Gladly some of her coworkers were already present too and she would offer a polite nod towards the gathered, speaking in her usual soft and friendly tone "A good evening. I'm heartbroken to inform you that Miss Mikoto will be unable to be here tonight." addressing nobody specific with that statement.
[18:22] Kitty follows with Sigrid and Juno mumbling in annoyance she was forced to come. Could of been home playing video games or something
[18:22] Lady Nightmare gives a friendly wave as the PAE procession comes through the doors "Good evening ladies" smiling to Sigrid at her announcement "A shame to hear that, but always a pleasure to have you visit"
[18:23] Guy Gallagher replies. "Guy. Guy Gallagher." He extends a hand to Nirrae. If she takes his hand, he will try to kiss the back of it. "That dress looks quite stunning, Nirrae."
[18:23] Juno (angel8819) divested herself of her coat, and looked about for the bar "It'll be fine. It's just a ball"
[18:24] Nirrae takes a step closer and takes his hand, giving a firm shake, of course being her species said hand is very cold and clammy "thank you, finally got a use for it"
[18:24] Marathon "too short? my dres you mean?" she asks Anna blushes a bit and pulling it down some and she glances up at guy "You can call me Marathon.... pleased to meet you..." she tells him
[18:25] Felicia Peterson would lean in to whisper to Lady N, "What's the Vanguard's relationship with the PAE again? Feel like We're always out of the loop." She'd turn to Taiyo and ask, "So what have you been up to since the pageant?" She spoke as if she knew the woman, though the two had never met before this night.
[18:27] Guy Gallagher addresses all three. "How are you three enjoying the ball?" He swishes his glass softly, making sure not to spill the contents of his glass.
[18:27] Anna-Kate Harper eyes Felicia wary. " me and Marathon just got here. seems the weather may have impacted attendance
[18:28] Taiyo blinks a bit at Felicia's comment, then a look of comprehension crosses her face, "Oh, the normal, trying to be a hero, getting my rear handed to me...." She seems to pass of the other Taiyo's death as a rumor, "Kinda boring."
[18:29] Juno (angel8819) looked to her coworkers "So. Drinks?"
[18:29] Lady Nightmare whispers back to Felicia "Friendly non-interference for the most part" grinning a little at Taiyo's response "Decided to keep up the old routine, eh?"
[18:29] Sigrid nervously plays with her fingers when Lady Nightmare grants her such a warm welcome, of course smilig like an angel, replying with a shy "T-thank you." eventually she would return her attention to Juno, frowning slightly while whispering to her "You shouldn't underrate the significance of a social event, Juno."
[18:29] Nirrae: maybe, i think its decently full, anyway gonna go see what they have in the way of drinks an. . . *something goes ding in her pocket and she takes out some kind of mechanical device and looks at it* . . . figures that they'd finally get back now
[18:30] Kitty looks back to Juno before saying "I don't drink, i prefer to stay sober and stuff. Also i'm a super light weight."
[18:30] Marathon "i never did like the cold" she says with a slight nod..."still it takes more then a bit of bad weather to slow me down...." she says with a casual tone
[18:30] Taiyo gives a wink to Lady N, "Will do for now, though I am /not/ joining Vanguard, not yet."
[18:31] Nirrae: anyway i gotta get back to my ship, too much money hanging on this deal *nods* so see you around eh?
[18:31] Anna-Kate Harper nods" do sell well, and lots of profit,. I hope its not a long trip
[18:32] Guy Gallagher looks to Marathon. "Are you some kind of speedster, Marathon? Is that how you earned your moniker?" He looks to the dragon. "Until next time, Nirrae."
[18:32] Lady Nightmare laughs a little "No worries, not pushing for that... just the last we talked you weren't sure if you wanted to"
[18:32] Nirrae: its not, same galaxy, so maybe a few minutes *nods and smiles before turning and heading for the door*
[18:32] Felicia Peterson 's symbiote was watching Anna-Kate, and would alert Felicia of the eye gays. Felicia would simply look at Anna-Kate and wink to her. She'd turn to Taiyo, "Well, at least you're trying, right? Have you gotten much training or anything? Perhaps you just need a partner to help cover your back. You know, if you ever wanna." She heard Lady N's comments and would make a mental note, not trying to show the mental nod she was feeling. She decided to play nice, and would simply wave to Sigrid with a smile.
[18:33] XSU Trouble comes around the more populated portion of the party with a serving tray having dressed up again "wine anyone?" she asks
[18:33] Jaron totally squeezes himself through the door just after nirrae leaves, he looks around a moment before approaching the PAE crowd
[18:33] Anna-Kate Harper waves to nirrae
[18:34] Jaron: aaah, so this is where everyone was hiding
[18:34] Taiyo laughs, "No, I've been training as a Hen'tai since I was a child. I was just outnumbered by some top level enemies."
[18:35] Marathon chuckles a bit at guy's question... "I have this name for various reasons past and present... but.... yes speed is a valued part of my skill set..." she tells him with a smile
[18:36] Guy Gallagher looks at Jaron with equal parts astonishment and hostility. Looking back to Marathon with a smile, he lies between his teeth. "The only power I have is financial independence."
[18:36] Juno (angel8819) shrugged at Kitty "I can't get drunk, so it's all the same to me. I'll get you something non-alcoholic"
[18:36] Lady Nightmare shakes her head to Trouble "No thank you" smiling a little at the exchange between Felicia and Taiyo, giving Felicia a little pinch on the butt
[18:37] Kitty tilts her head to Juno before asking "then why even drink thats just a waste of guess a drink I suppose."
[18:37] XSU Trouble groans quietly the tray was actually quite heavy as she looked over to Felicia and Taiyo offering the tray...
[18:37] Jaron looks to kitty "its quite simple why one would drink even tho they cannot get drunk, it does taste good"
[18:38] Sigrid returns a wiggle of her fragile fingers to the stranger offering her a friendly wave, only to be surprised by a rather unexpected guest "Director Jaron ! I am glad that you decided to join us. It's been quite a while since i was able to meet you."
[18:39] Jaron nods to sigrid "indeed, a bit late but some kind of anomaly knocked the transformers at plant 7 offline"
[18:39] Kitty looks over to Jaron before saying "but... if she is artificial does she have taste buds?...." Pausing for a moment before looking to Juno "wait.... are you artificial? PAE is weird with that stuff."
[18:40] Felicia Peterson tilted her head, as 'Hentai' meant something different where she was from Or did it? This girl may just end up being a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Or maybe she was over thinking it. Only time will tell. She'd jump slightly at the unexpected pinch. She'd look at Lady N and smirk, "Naughty naughty." She looked to Taiyo, "Can't take this girl anywhere, can We?" She noticed that Sigrid did wave back, a further show of peacefulness. She'd slide her hand down Lady N's back and go to gently squeeze her ass.
[18:40] Taiyo takes a glass, offering a smile to Trouble, then taking a sip. "Thank you." She glances back to Felicia, "I'm just going to be a little less flashy going forward."
[18:42] XSU Trouble comes around to the PAE group "please take a glass this trays heavy." she mumbles too them holding out the tray which was overloaded with goblets as well as a jug of wine
[18:42] Jaron looks back to kitty "oh, just because its designed and built doesnt mean someone cannot taste"
[18:42] Sigrid frowns when hearing about another anomaly induced incident "I'm assuming that PAE engineering is already informed and taking care of the necessary measures. Additionally, a report should be filed to our Head of Security." she is then interrupted by Trouble and would nod polite, accepting a glass "Thank you, my dear."
[18:43] Juno (angel8819) looked at Kitty "Me? No. Well, yes, but not that way. It's just how my constitution is, it processes the alcohol before i have time to be drunk. Here"
[18:43] Marathon nods slightly looking him over her visor scanning for any tech or unusual materials that may be on him "i see.... she says with a shrug... well money has its own value" she says to him "and i do have other reasons for the name beyond simply speed but speed is admittedly the obvious go to when its heard" she chuckles
[18:44] Kitty shakes her head to trouble and says "no thanks." Before looking back to Juno and nods "ehh just going to assume that just means your artificial in some way."
[18:44] Anna-Kate Harper: well financial independance is a good thing..but it is at some point you realize you cant eat it.
[18:44] Jaron: well, its not really a security related anomaly *nods* in either case those transformers are already back online, hence why im late *nods again* the anomaly was consistent with heightened solar activity, so a solar flare essentially
[18:45] Felicia Peterson would smirk at Taiyo, "Then you'll fight naked in the future? No flashy clothes to get in your way." She'd giggle at her own comment as her free hand would cover her mouth as she did.
[18:45] Lady Nightmare chuckles a little at the squeeze, listening in only casually on the PAE exchange and tapping her foot softly in time to music, starting to laugh at Felicia's comment "I don't think that's what she meant..."
[18:47] Taiyo shrugs, "Frankly, I find the town a bit too prudish when it comes to Nudity... And... if you want to be technical, when I power up fully, I am naked... okay I'm solid light, but naked."
[18:47] Guy Gallagher looks at Anna-Kate as if she grew a third eye. "What's that supposed to mean? Why would one need to worry about food?"
[18:48] XSU Trouble ventures too the last little group offering the overstocked wine tray to the group "hello, wine anyone? i have a nice little collection of reds and whites here." she says smiling too them
[18:48] Anna-Kate Harper: well we are the only city inhabitable on thos rock. inside irradiated wastes. at least of a few years ago. The farms are kind of lifelines and we did have a locust issue before
[18:49] Felicia Peterson looked to Lady N, "Maybe not but would you really object to it?" She turned her head and raised a brow, "Solid light? Really?" Her symbiote started to become interested in what kind of symbiote it could make with Taiyo. It noticed Lady N's foot, and would whisper to Felicia a moment. She'd nod her head slowly at the comment, "We look forward to seeing that some time." She looked to Lady N, "Where are our manners? Would you care to dance? Or do you need to stay ready for your adoring public?"
[18:50] Guy Gallagher finishes his glass of red wine and places it on the tray before helping himself to a second glass. "I was raised to believe that there are different kinds of power. Some power is literal like say.... Super Speed. While other powers involve influence."
[18:51] Anna-Kate Harper smiles and takes ared wine " thank you dear. this is.. a lot like those balls back home'
[18:51] Marathon nods slight and smiles "wine sounds good..." she says taking a glass from XSU "thank you... tho do you have anything stronger around here?... like.. knock out and elephant strong and then some maybe?" she asks with a chuckle
[18:51] Juno (angel8819) would return and hand Kitty a bottle of the fancy sparkling water "Here" as she sipped her wine
[18:52] XSU Trouble pauses and thinks about that "whisky will be coming around in a bit." she replies soberly as she makes her way back over too her refreshment table and dissapears into a back room before coming back out to restock it.
[18:52] Sigrid takes a careful little sip of the red wine, by far not as hard-drinking as her older sister, returning her attention to Jaron then "Interesting. Solar magnetic activity cycles did confront me with the observation of coronal mass ejections of extreme proportions." of course getting aware that this wasn't the place for an academical debate "Excuse me, Director Jaron ... we should discuss this at a later time." returning her attention to Juno and Kitty.
[18:53] Jaron nods "of course"
[18:53] Kitty takes the fancy sparkling water taking a sniff at it before finally taking a drink out of it and saying to Juno "thank you......" Leaving a long pause go by before asking "so..... you enjoy fancy parties?"
[18:54] Lady Nightmare leans up and kisses Felicia on the cheek "I'd love to... but expecting someone else along shortly that has priority on my dance card tonight"
[18:55] Jaron turns to face the group to his left, giving a nod to anna-kate
[18:55] Nelly Portola (kya.warden): she glances up at Guy "why woudl you need to worry about food you say?... most people need to eat that i am aware of..." she chuckles "as for influence... it s more trouble then it is worth if you ask me.... and it requires to many people... people are fickle and untrustworthy.... i prefer to rely on myself"
[18:55] Taiyo lets her eyes start to glow in response to the 'Solid light' comment, "Well, perhaps not solid, but pure light."
[18:55] Marathon she glances up at Guy "why woudl you need to worry about food you say?... most people need to eat that i am aware of..." she chuckles "as for influence... it s more trouble then it is worth if you ask me.... and it requires to many people... people are fickle and untrustworthy.... i prefer to rely on myself"
[18:56] Juno (angel8819) looked to Kitty "I've never been to one before. Side effect of being a clone, you remember things you know didn't happen to you. So this is ... nice"
[18:57] Marathon "myself and my Boss of course.." she adds gesturing to Anna
[18:57] Felicia Peterson felt the cheek kiss, smiling softly, "Understood. We'll have to tear you away from her when you're ready for some other fun another time." She would then lean in to kiss Lady N on the cheek as well before turning back to Taiyo. She watched the eyes light up, "That is one cool ability. Tell us...What else can you do?"
[18:58] Kitty hmms and nods taking another sip of the sparkling water "huh..... ya I can understand that...... Personally I hate them. Fancy feels weird."
[18:58] Alexa(Pilix) enters the ballroom, giving it a look over before approaching the gathered crowd of people. "I hope I'm not too late." She offers with a smile to the room.
[18:58] Anna-Kate Harper nodes to Jaron and signs with her free hand 'generator 15 had some fluctuations. I heard you, when you are out should check that area for pae's systems' She smiles and sips her wine " I had influence. The simple things are more fun. That and not carying what I put on"
[18:58] Guy Gallagher shrugs. "People may be fickle. But talking to the right people can get the gears spinning in motion." He sighs. "I need to eat, just like everyone else." He tries to sneak Jaron a death glare, before looking back to Marathon. "Influence isn't infallible, but it's the best thing a normie like me can ever hope for."
[18:59] Taiyo shrugs a bit, not terribly lady like as she responds to Felicia, "Light, illusion, invisibility, lasers.... "
[19:00] Sigrid blinks and seems to be a bit worried over Juno's words "Perhaps you still struggle with the psychological impact of your lethal accident and perhaps the unexpected recovery. Which is only natural ..."
[19:00] Jaron looks to guy, wondering what the glare is for before looking back to anna-kate "well, if this activity continues it will bring the engineering crews a lot of extra work"
[19:02] Lady Nightmare waves to Alexa as she enters, not too worried about listening in on Taiyo, just relaxing for the moment with a smile while she waits
[19:02] Anna-Kate Harper nods to Jaron. Signing' sorry I didnt want to make you think of more work but knowing the area will help you'
[19:02] Felicia Peterson would go to tuck some of her hair behind her ear, but it didn't stay. Still getting use to her short hair, "That sounds fascinating." Her symbiote began to think about the variety of perks a symbiote made from Taiyo would have. She licked her lips slightly before she asked, "So tell us, you seeing anyone special? Or you waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet?" Her hand on Lady N's ass would grip it a bit tighter in anticipation.
[19:03] Juno (angel8819) looked to Sigrid "Hrmm...it
[19:04] Alexa(Pilix) smiles and waves back over to N, stepping over in that direction toward the people around her. "Good evening everyone. I hope you're all doing well."
[19:04] Juno (angel8819): It's not really that. It's more like I can remember things but they have no attachment, no value. So they feel like information I learned rather than experienced memories. But before you worry, I passed my last medical, including psychological profile, Sigrid. I'm fine. Actually better than ever.
[19:04] Marathon smirks at guy... "influence and maybe a piece.... of security.... in ones pocket?" she asks gesturing subtly to where he hid his weapon
[19:05] Jaron nods "indeed, tha. . . " he cuts himself off and looks up towards the cieling "i have to check on something, i just sensed a slight neutrino burst" and with that he hurries for the door, goes outside and takes off quickly (( time for bed here ))
[19:05] Taiyo lifts her hand to draw a spiral of light in the air as she answers, "I tend to be the one doing the sweeping." She takes a moment to look around the new arrivals.
[19:07] Lady Nightmare wiggles her butt against Felicia's hand a little, giving her a small grin and a soft whisper "Remember the rules, hon..." then smiling to Alexa "I am, good to see you... it's been a while. Been getting up to anything fun?"
[19:07] Guy Gallagher raises an eyebrow at Marathon, but doesn't touch the firearm he kept under his left shoulder. "It's hard when you don't have powers, you know. And not all people are fortunate enough to have money." He gives Benjamin a strange look. "Is there something you need help with, my good man?"
[19:08] Alexa(Pilix) smiles lightly toward N. "Mmh, nothing too much. I may be working on some things for the future, so we'll see how that turns out. Otherwise it seems it's been rather quiet lately."
[19:08] Felicia Peterson smirked slightly at the light show, simply stating, "Challenge accepted" She looked to Lady N, the smirk continuing, "Always." She'd give the ass one last squeeze before removing her hand.
[19:09] Anna-Kate Harper nodded" I wasnt born into it..my momma didnt care much. Im ..comfortable thopugh. the bar, generators, and water filts cover more than enough"
[19:09] Thrax (ty.zucker) stood off to the side, stuffing his face with cake, not even holding a plate, just straight up cake in hand. He looked upset. As always.
[19:09] Sigrid smiles, returning a thoughtful nod to Juno "Please, there is no need to convince me, Juno. First and foremost you need to be convinced of yourself and accept what did happen. Nobody blames you and we do not monitor your psychological stability. In my opinion, your most recent development is heading into a promising future. Just be yourself, Juno." she would offer a gesture of parting to the departing Director Jaron.
[19:10] Marathon she nods to Guy and answers "oh dont get me wrong... I dont blame you.... tho in this city you might need something a bit bigger depending on who you are dealing with..." she say with a smile
[19:10] Taiyo looks between Lady N and Felicia? "Rules, I think rules are to protect the common person, not to constrain those who act to protect them."
[19:10] Kitty lets out a long yawn as she just glances around
[19:11] Marathon glances down at herself looking annoyed "you.... will have to excuse me for a moment..." she says stepping close to Anna to whisper something quietly before heading off to the ladies room
[19:12] Guy Gallagher nods to Marathon. "You also have a keen sense of observation. Alright then. I'll be waiting."
[19:12] Lady Nightmare nods to Alexa "Yeah, seems to run in ups and downs... and I was away from the city for a while as well. Glad you've got a few things in the works at least... have to keep occupied"
[19:12] Anna-Kate Harper nods to Marathobn " the irony is I prefer bows than guns. Be a fool if I didnt know how to use them though
[19:13] Felicia Peterson looks to Taiyo, "It's...complicated. Lets just say it's in our best interest to follow them."
[19:14] Juno (angel8819) looked to Kitty "Don't you feel like mingling?"
[19:14] XSU Trouble humms quietly and mixes egg nog
[19:15] Kitty shakes her head "no not really I'm not one for socializing."
[19:15] Alexa(Pilix) gives a small nod. "One does. Can't let yourself get too stagnant." She glances to the others conversing next to N as well and smirks a bit. "Sometimes rules are made to protect, sometimes to constrain, and sometimes, rules are made to be broken."
[19:16] Sigrid shifts her focus to Kitty and giggles a bit "It seems that you have a lot in common with my elder sister."
[19:16] Taiyo puts her glass aside, "Well, I think this party is going to be a bit boring...." She flicks her fingers and her dress appears to fall tot he ground, though she still looks clothed.
[19:16] Marathon coem back a few moments later and takea slight breath... "sorry about that..." she tells him... "and its more then just observation... speed isnt the only skill i have in my wheel house" she tells him with a slight smile
[19:17] Juno (angel8819): What about dancing? You have the shoes for it
[19:17] Kitty looks to Sigrid before asking "oh and who is your older sister?" She then looks back to Juno and replies "I don't dance either. Never did, and never learned."
[19:17] XSU Trouble makes her rounds with the wine serving tray again
[19:17] Lady Nightmare chuckles a little at Alexa's statement "The hard part is knowing which is which... can get in a lot of trouble otherwise"
[19:19] XSU Trouble offers a cup too alexia "wine Miss? we have whites and reds here tonight." she says
[19:20] Anna-Kate Harper smiles " welcome back. now Guy, what parts of town do you preer?"
[19:20] Juno (angel8819): What do you like, Kitty? And i think she means Katy
[19:21] Guy Gallagher motions for Benjamin to join them. "Why not join us, my good man. You seem isolated." He turns back to Anna-Kate with a smile. "I miss the mall. Great place to go bowling."
[19:21] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles a bit glancing at Taiyo's little trick, eyes peeking over the round lenses of her shades. She glances back to N with a small casual shrug of her shoulders. "One simply has to navigate around it carefully." She turns as the girl steps up to offer wines, giving her a smile, then pausing a moment as something seemed a bit.. off about her... not quite sensing the flow of life as with normal people. She grins a little as it clicks for her, what the girl is. "Well, are you just a cute little doll." She looks over the wine selection, reaching for a red wine. "Thank you."
[19:21] Sigrid takes another sip of the exquisite wine and then answers Kitty's question "Oh it seems you are in fact quite familiar with her. Maybe you'll figure it out over time, Kitty."
[19:22] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Barely made it on time for the event, having his suit a bit tacky with all that rushing he had to do, barely had any time to put a tie on. A man near him asked him a question, wondering what he needed help with. ''Uhhumm, I-i just got here and uh.'' Not sure what to say, but then hit with another reply, inviting Benjamin to join them. ''Yeah sure!'' He said, walking in close to them.
[19:22] XSU Trouble lets out a gentle sigh "thank you Miss, and your welcome please enjoy."
[19:23] Kitty looks back to Juno before replying "well I got into video games recently. But I also enjoy exercising and going on adventures." She looks back to Sigrid before replying "I only really know Mikoto, Solene, and kate, I really haven't mingled much with other staff members. Oh and that one glow haired weird presence lady. Well weird to me at least."
[19:25] Felicia Peterson would look to Alexa "We got burned once not following the rules. Don't care to go through that again." She watched Taiyo her eyes rather enjoying the trick.
[19:25] Anna-Kate Harper: mm are mostly in the badlands. Cant really go wrong there or the clocktower
[19:25] Shun 'Yata' Itagaki (neophyte.wisent) points to Anna-Kate, then Marathon, then himself. "This lovely blonde is Anna-Kate. This beautiful purple clad lady is Marathon. And I'm Guy."
[19:25] Guy Gallagher points to Anna-Kate, then Marathon, then himself. "This lovely blonde is Anna-Kate. This beautiful purple clad lady is Marathon. And I'm Guy." He gestures to Ben. "What's your name, my good man?"
[19:26] XSU Trouble plucks the glass from kittys hand and slides a cup of eggnog into her hand
[19:26] Taiyo shrugs and smiles, then reaches out to carress Felicia's cheek, only to pass her hand right through the other woman, with barely a tingle. "I'm going to go out, but perhaps we'll see each other again." She starts to rise into the air.
[19:26] Kitty meows having her drink taken away and looks to the eggnog before sniffling it and not seeming to happy with it before offering it to Juno "umm here you can have this one."
[19:27] Marathon glances up seeing ben approach and she nods to him raising her glass with a smile then she sniffs the air and give him and odd look..."have we met?... you seem.... familiar..." she says to him sniffing the air once more
[19:27] Juno (angel8819) declined the eggnog "I'm vegetarian" before getting another wine from the passing waitress
[19:28] Felicia Peterson blinked at the lack of touch, only making her symbiote even more interested in the woman now, "Oh, We shall see more of each other. This We're sure of."
[19:28] XSU Trouble appoaches Benjamin and the rest of the group with a restocked tray of wine including a lonely glass of whiskey
[19:28] Kitty meows and frowns before trying to give the eggnog to sigrid
[19:29] XSU Trouble: "wine?"
[19:29] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''Ana huh? such a lovely name.'' He said with a smile creaking up his face. He rubbed the back of his neck, nervously. This was the first time he ever been to a type of party like this. ''My name is Benjamin. '' He said towards the man and offered a handshake. ''And you said your name is just... guy right?''
[19:29] Anna-Kate Harper sips " Im not sure. not while I was around. Not sure about lovely. But I did enter the beauty pangeant
[19:29] Thrax (ty.zucker) eyes the others in the room. He looked down at the note in his hand and grumbled before stuffing it in his pocket. A large bottle of Fireball comes into view, seemingly like a magic trick he did with some crafty hand movements. Uncapping it, he began chugging.
[19:30] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles and nods a bit to Felicia before sipping from her wine. She watches Taiyo lift into the air with a raised brow, but shrugging and offering her a wave in departing. "Have fun out there." Then looking back to N and the others around.
[19:30] Nelly Portola (kya.warden) smiles at XSU and takes the whiskey "that was quick... thank you" she says taking a sip
[19:30] Guy Gallagher waves dismissively. "Yeah. I'm just good ol' Guy. Nothing special about me."
[19:30] Marathon smiles at XSU and takes the whiskey "that was quick... thank you" she says taking a sip
[19:31] Anna-Kate Harper smiled" wondwer if its good as ours'
[19:31] Sigrid blinks, shaking her head after a short inspection of the offered eggnog "No, thank you, Kitty. I suppose it is your duty to consume this lovely spirit drink."
[19:31] Juno (angel8819): I'm sure you can ask for a non-alcoholic eggnog if you prefer Kitty. "
[19:32] Juno (angel8819) adjusted the straps on her dress, fidgeting
[19:32] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: reached his left hand over to the tray that the young lady was carrying, picking himself up a drink, not sure what it was, just took a sip of it.
[19:33] Anna-Kate Harper: tthank you iss ~ taking the glass*
[19:33] Kitty looks to Juno and replies "ehh it doesn't seem all that tasty...... Also I'm very cautious of drinks at these events."
[19:33] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''Met before?'' He said ruffling his hair, looking at the women, Marathon quite nervously. He knew who she was, didn't want his identity exposed though.
[19:34] Kitty she would also frown hearing Sigrid before looking around and silently walks over to the fountain and just drops the whole glass in the fountain before walking back over to Juno and Sigrid
[19:35] Galaxia glides into the room and smiles making her way to her love "Hello love, sorry am late"
[19:35] Guy Gallagher gives Ben a confused look. "What's wrong, Ben old sport? You seem quite nervous."
[19:36] Felicia Peterson looks at Galaxia a moment, thinking she looked familiar but wasn't sure why. That is, until the symbiote informed her who it was. She'd take a side step to the side letting Galaxia have Lady N all to herself, "Looks like your dance partner has arrived."
[19:36] Lady Nightmare glances over at the splash and chuckles a little at Kitty, then turns her attention back as she hears Galaxia's voice, purring softly and drawing her into a tight hug "Mmm... hey there love, no worries... glad you made it"
[19:37] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''Pffft! nervous whaaat? no way, I'm totally um okay, yeah.'' It was quite clear he was nervous, especially in an environment like this, he moved the drink up to his lips, sipping it a bit more.
[19:38] Marathon gives Ben a hard look for a moment... "yes... its a simple question.... you dont want to answer it?" she asks taking a sup of her drink... her one was clam but stern.. with a slight hint of accusation looking him up and down as her visor scanning him for tech unusual materials
[19:39] Anna-Kate Harper smiled " ok Ben? is it? Thes a trick to this. If you are feeling nervous you just take that part of you that worries about what others think. And shoot it. In the head, then bury it in a deep grave. You shouldnt worry what others thinks except for things like judges or the law..what it is
[19:40] Galaxia hugs Nightmare lifting her up a bit before setting her back down and looking around "Quite the gathering for the evening." smiling and kissing Nightmare whispering ion her ear "Are we still to do that tonight?"
[19:40] Alexa(Pilix) glances to Galaxia as she arrives and moves in for a hug with N. The love talk between them and overt affection cracks her smile with a slight frown at the edge of her lips, quickly covered up by her cup of win lifted for another sip. "Well, perhaps I'll wander and let you two have some time then."
[19:41] Juno (angel8819): So...Sigrid. What have you and my mother being working on? I mean, apart from the wedding. That is happening soon, right?
[19:42] Lady Nightmare chuckles a little at the lift and squeezes back tightly "Well, it was the plan... and we have to do it sooner or later" giving Galaxia a brief kiss, then glancing over to Alexa "If you want to, but there's no need"
[19:42] XSU Trouble grunts and rolls out a barrel of mulled wine too Thrax before righting it with a mighty grunt producing a crowbar and Wedgeing the lid off for him
[19:42] Guy Gallagher looks to Anna-Kate. "That's a crude way to put it." He looks back to Ben. He's tempted to use his powers to see how the man would react, but he resists the urge. He knows well that revealing his abilities could compromise the integrity of his earlier lies. He looks to Ben. "There's no need to worry, Benjamin. You're at a peaceful event."
[19:42] Sigrid just was about to reprimand the naughty Kitty for her indecent behavior, when another guest shows up. Sigrid wasn't sure if this person was the same as the former exotic guest of Miss Mikoto, but of course she would offer a polite nod to her "A good evening." soon returning her attention to Juno "I .. i am not authorized to discuss this matter right now, Juno." she tries to evade the question.
[19:44] Galaxia smiles and looks to Alexa. I apologize. I am Galaxia, it is pleasurous to meet you dear" Catching Sigrids greeting as she waves back with a smile
[19:44] Thrax (ty.zucker) looks down at the large barrel and the small glass of Fireball in his hand. Between the two, he preferred the much larger drink. WIthout a word, he simple gave a salute to the servant bringing him the drink and took the large barrel in a hand.
[19:45] Anna-Kate Harper: well, I tend to shoot to the point. Daddy didnt raise bush circlers. There no worry, Marathons here, Nightmares here... now Galaxia
[19:45] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''I think we have, Marathon.'' He said, sipping his drink once more before turning his attention to Guy. ''Really? maybe I should try that.'' quite the courage to give what Guy said, a shot. ''Thanks Guy, really appreciate it.'' raising his drink up to him than sipping it once more.
[19:46] Juno (angel8819): Oh no. No skirting round that one. I want to know, Sigrid.
[19:48] Lady Nightmare reaches out and strokes a hand through Galaxia's hair softly "So, you ready? I wanna get a few dances in with you too tonight"
[19:49] Alexa(Pilix) offers a small shrug to N. "Just felt you would prefer to focus on your.. friend, rather than need to put up with me." She glances to Galaxia at the greeting, giving her a small nod. "Likewise, I'm sure." Another long sip taken from her wine then.
[19:49] Galaxia smiles at N "Ready when you are4 dear"
[19:50] Marathon gives ben a look and shrugs slightly.... "if you say so... " she says sniffing the air again still looking a bit suspicious but she seems to let it go for now...
[19:50] XSU Trouble comes around to collect empty glasses and looks up at Guy "can i get you anything else?" she asks quietly not wanting to interrupt his conversation
[19:51] Anna-Kate Harper sets her empty glass over then finishes thw shikey and sets it as well
[19:51] Sigrid pale cheeks would of course show a little blush now, unable to escape Juno's question "I ... it's ... i mean ...the preliminary planning foresees a public ceremony in the not too distant future." confirming the imminent wedding, but still leaving it's date very vague.
[19:52] Lady Nightmare chuckles to Alexa "Put up with you? It's always nice to have you around... but we did have a plan for this evening, so excuse us for just a minute" taking Galaxia's hand and starting to pull her up towards the stage gently
[19:52] Marathon smiles toward XSU as she takes the glass and says "thank you can a get another nice and strong please no ice"
[19:53] Kitty grumbles a bit and mumbles "weddings mean parties don't it.... you should do something cool like a..... umm.... ehh.... oh a giant fire pit! That way I can at least make marshmellows."
[19:54] Guy Gallagher places his empty glass on the tray. Suddenly, a song plays from his inner jacket pocket. He takes his smartphone out of his coat and the song is identifiable as Columbia by Oasis. "Hang on, I gotta take this call."
[19:55] Anna-Kate Harper looks over to kitty" that sounds like a great wedding. Maybe a pinata too! " all with a smile..yes..the redneckw as showing
[19:55] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''Anna, what're your hobbies, If you don't mind me asking?''
[19:56] Juno (angel8819) gave Sigrid a look "Uh huh. Very specific" She'd sigh "Fine. I'm going to go find my team from work, show them I actually turned up dressed like this. I should win twenty if they honour their wager"
[19:57] Alexa(Pilix) gives a not to N. "Of course." Sipping her wine again as she watches her and Galaxia make their way up onto the stage.
[19:58] Galaxia smiles taking N's hand and walking up to the stage
[19:58] Kitty hears the pinata idea and agrees "yes add a pinata as well." before looking back to Juno "You are going to win money for dressing up? Wish I could do that....." Thinking for a moment though realizing she doesn't even spend her current money
[20:00] Felicia Peterson watches as Lady N and Galaxia go up stage, and decides now may be a good tie to actually network. She'd take a deep breath and walk over toward the PAE group, smiling brightly to them as she walked over. She gave a light wave to the group "Hi everyone!" Yep, that was the extent of her greeting to the group she had zero idea of what they were talking about before she walked over.

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Re: Celebration

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[20:00] Lady Nightmare makes her way up to the center of the stage, the band going quiet for a moment as she takes the microphone and clears her throat softly for attention "First off, I'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight and making this event a success again. I hope it will remain a tradition of Celestial City in the years to come... and this year, there's a little something extra to announce"
[20:00] Guy Gallagher returns from his phone call, trying to place a hand on Benjamin's shoulder as a friendly gesture. He tries to place his other hand on Anna-Kate's. "I'm sorry, you beautiful people. There's a matter that requires my immediate attention so I must take my leave."
[20:01] Anna-Kate Harper: well, I was working on a new metal alloy for the generators, but needed to fix the stills up. Though there has been an equation bumping around in my head lately. I need to get the heat off that metal, and the cold, to insulate whats inside
[20:01] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ''Oh alright. Take care man, be safe.'' He said nodding his head towards him.
[20:01] Sigrid returns a slighty confused expression to Juno "Indecent behavior in collaboration with our staff might cause frictions with your mom, Juno ... although i have to confess that your dress is quite amusing. Perhaps we can put a few shots of it on tw@tter ... Sheena would for sure enjoy it !"
[20:02] Anna-Kate Harper turns her eyes to Nightmare
[20:02] Guy Gallagher takes his arms off the shoulders and looks to Lady N.
[20:03] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Switched his attention towards the lady on the stage.
[20:03] Kitty looks over to Lady N since it seemed something was about to be said
[20:03] Sigrid directs her full attention on the stage
[20:03] Alexa(Pilix) watches N up on the stage, sipping from her glass of wine as she waits to hear her announcement.
[20:03] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) emerges from the flames and heads in, looking about the room.
[20:03] Felicia Peterson 's ears perk and turns to Lady N on the stage to hear the announcement
[20:03] Juno (angel8819) shrugged "Fine. One pic. So you have evidence. "
[20:04] Galaxia smiles holding N's hand looking out over the room
[20:05] Thrax (ty.zucker) suddenly lets out a loud burp just as the room falls silent. He glances around and shrugs, turning his attention to the stage.
[20:05] Lady Nightmare smiles "A year ago at this same ball, Galaxia and I had our first public date as a couple... tonight, we stand here to announce to the city that we're getting married" turning to give Galaxia a tender kiss
[20:06] Anna-Kate Harper: will there be enough kegs for the wedding?"
[20:06] Guy Gallagher makes his exit.
[20:07] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) remains silent, listening. If he was lucky this would mean a contract on metal pieces for some human ceremony.
[20:07] Felicia Peterson already knew the news, but smiles politely and started to lightly clap for the couple.
[20:08] Sigrid is quite suprised by the announcement, but would react with a sincere, happy smile and applaud with adequate intensity.
[20:09] XSU Trouble wolud try to clap but with her hands full instead resorts to what she hopes is a cheerful whistle
[20:09] Alexa(Pilix) offers a small clap, little more than a golf clap against her wrist as she held the glass of wine, as not to drop or spill it, a slight frown visible on her lips again, at least for a moment.
[20:09] Kitty whispers to Sigrid asking "Do I has to go to this one as well?"
[20:09] Galaxia smiles and kisses N
[20:10] Juno (angel8819) gives a small applause "Ok Sigrid" quietly "Now you have competition" before she'd step back to mingle in the crowd
[20:10] With a Woosh, Psi-kick arrived at the designated spacetime coordinates to find... a formal affair?
[20:10] Sigrid returns a whisper to Kitty "Of course. Your presence will be mandatory."
[20:10] Marathon raises her glass and calls to the stage from the crowd "Congratulations to you both"
[20:11] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: He lightly clapped on his wrist, since he still had his drink in his right hand grasp.
[20:11] XSU Trouble gives anna's elbow a gentle bump with her shoulder offering a tray of slightly steaming spiced smelling wine and egg nog
[20:13] Anna-Kate Harper smiles to trouble..the problem was the girl was still when she looked. Taking a glass of the mulled wine, she spoke " thank you" and the a larger " congratulations you two"
[20:13] Kitty grumbles at Sigrids answer but remains silent
[20:13] Thrax (ty.zucker) listens in and doesn't quite know how to react. When he hears other people clapping and cheering, he looks around in confusion and starts slapping the side of his large mug, seemingly to just go along with the flow, also inadvertently spilling his drink in the process.
[20:13] Lady Nightmare parts the kiss and smiles out across the crowd again "We'll be announcing details of the ceremony soon, hoping to have it this coming spring, and I hope to see many of you there. Now, please, resume your dancing and socializing, and enjoy your evening" stepping aside and gesturing for the band to strike up again
[20:14] Galaxia hears all the whispers with her incredible hearing and just shales her head with a smile. Turning and searching for her friend, Mikoto to ask her a important question. Not seeing her she takes N's hand and goes to the dance floor
[20:15] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) headed off to find some meat, if there was any. He had been working so long that this 'socializing' felt crowded to him.
[20:15] Juno (angel8819) slipped out into the crowd
[20:17] Sigrid turns around in a elegant manner and sighs "Such a coincidence. Miko will be quite intrigued about these news." eventually noticing 'Old Man' Yuri and wiggling her fingers towards him "Yoohooo Mister Yuri ! A good evening to you." pondering about the suddenly vanished Juno.
[20:18] Lady Nightmare makes her way down onto the floor, slipping an arm around Galaxia's waist and holding her close, holding up for a minute to allow anyone to come talk before we move to the dance area
[20:18] Alexa(Pilix) hmms softly as she looks around the room. "Yes, resume our dancing.. right." Finding a bit or irony in that statement as she really saw no one dancing. She sips the last of the wine from her glass as she looks around at everyone in the room.
[20:19] Kitty looks to Sigrid letting out a long yawn before asking "so.... can I go back to the tower? Sure I held up my qouta for being here."
[20:19] Felicia Peterson walked over to Lady N and Galaxia, smiling friendly to them, "Congratulations on the announcement!" She'd lean in to give Lady N a kiss on the cheek, and then would offer a hug to Galaxia, holding her arms out to the woman
[20:20] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) takes a cut of meat and grabs a plate, looking about. Humans had some funny celebrations, but he at least understood this one.
[20:20] Anna-Kate Harper: oh now we have to celebrate. ~She wopuld make a reminder to cover the alcohol for the wedding ~
[20:22] Galaxia hugs Felicia "thank you. is most exciting of news." turning and giving N a kiss "Will be right back, want to ask someone something" then makes her way to Sigrid whom she remembered as one of ones who helped rescue her with mikoto "Um. Where is Mikoto on this eve?"
[20:22] XSU Trouble wolud remember to make some more alcohol for the wedding smiling quietly to herself as she runs the numbers in her head
[20:22] Sigrid returns a nod to Kitty "Certainly. Please be so kind as to make sure Juno gets back safely. I see you later, Kitty."
[20:23] Lady Nightmare returns Felicia's little kiss, then gives Galaxia a longer one before letting her go "Okies dear"
[20:23] XSU Trouble with ninjalike skill slips a glass of eggnog into the yellow dressed womans hand
[20:23] accepts the Egg Nog, "Thank you."
[20:23] Felicia Peterson watched Galaxia walk towards Sigrid, staring at her ass the entire time, "We have got to have fun with her some time." She looked to Lady N, giving her hand a squeeze, "Enjoy your night with her tonight. We'll play together later."
[20:25] XSU Trouble offers an eggnog lady N "virgin herbal eggnog Miss?" she asks quetly
[20:25] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Proceeds to walk around the place, observing everyones evening.
[20:25] Kitty nods to Sigrid "will do, and be safe, I don't trust these parties." She says before going to head out the door so she can head back to the tower
[20:26] Anna-Kate Harper looks to Mrathon " youre not thinking it"
[20:26] Lady Nightmare laughs softly and gives Felicia a little smile, lowering her voice "You and me, of course... you and her... we'll see" then turns as Trouble approaches, shaking her head again "No thank you"
[20:26] XSU Trouble's ears seem to droop sadly
[20:26] XSU Trouble: "if i added rum to it wolud you accept it?" she asks
[20:26] Sigrid turns her attention to the arriving Galaxia and wiggles her fingers in a welcoming manner "Hello .. Miss Galaxia if i remember correctly ? Unfortunately, Miss Mikoto is prevented by internal circumstances and was not able to participate tonight." she explains to Galaxia.
[20:27] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Finishes his drink
[20:27] Felicia Peterson could feel her symbiote making it a goal to have fun with Galaxia some time, With or without Lady N there. She'd let go of Lady N's hand and take a few steps away so she could be with her adoring public.
[20:28] Alexa(Pilix) hmms and glances around, holding up her emptied wine glass. "Where did that cute little doll go.."
[20:28] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) finishes the food and drops the plate on the table. Didn't feel right not being in his fatigues, but some aspects of his unit training still held presidency. The big gray monster was festive, looking like a walking xmas demon from some kids cartoon. Even Sigrid was dressed up, gods only knew how badly Katy wanted to get out and throw back a keg or three.
[20:28] Lady Nightmare chuckles a little "If you really want to get me a drink, then I'll take a cup of tea... japanese style"
[20:29] Galaxia chuckles hearing N's and Felicias talking about her. Smiling to Sigrid "Yes, Galaxia is fine no need for Miss. Um I am sorry, I do not remember your name. It is shame, I was really hoping to ask Mikoto something important"
[20:29] Felicia Peterson turned her head towards Alexa, "What was that now? Lose your little play thing?"
[20:29] XSU Trouble lets out a gentle sigh "yes Miss."
[20:30] XSU Trouble holds out a cup of eggnog for Galaxia "miss," she offers
[20:30] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Suddenly, he would feel an sense of danger near this women, named Felicia. For some reason he was getting some mad deja vu.
[20:31] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles a bit. "Oh, I haven't made her a plaything as of yet. But she's the one serving the drinks, and my wine is empty."
[20:32] XSU Trouble's ear twitches and turns too that statement
[20:32] Sigrid introduces herself with a shy smile "I ... my name is Sigrid von Ritterhoff. Head of Research and Development for the PAE corporation. Perhaps i can help regarding to your question ?" she offers.
[20:34] Felicia Peterson looked at the woman carrying drinks, then back at Alexa and giggled slightly, "Sounds like you just need a nice girl to get you a drink." She'd smile softly to the woman, "Care for a drink?"
[20:35] Galaxia smiles taking the drink from Trouble "thank you dear" Turning to Sigrid "I am unsure if treadition for the custom is to ask private or not. Didnt read anything about it so guess you can for me then. I wishes to ask Mikoto to be the honorary maid for me at the wedding"
[20:35] Alexa(Pilix) glances over seeing the server girl look her way, giving her a little wave with her fingers. She looks to Felicia with a small chuckle. "I certainly wouldn't mind one.. But what do you have to offer?"
[20:36] Lady Nightmare grins and shakes her head a little at Felicia's antics, then starts making her way closer to the dance area slowly
[20:38] Felicia Peterson took a few steps closer to Aexa, and would go to tuck some of Alexa's hair behind her ear, "Whatever you'd like." She'd smile softly, "But, We suppose it all starts with getting you a drink, right?"
[20:38] Anna-Kate Harper smirks at Marathon as drinks were discussed
[20:39] Sigrid at first blinks in suprise over Galaxia's request, but soon a honest smile returns onto her pale features, nodding several times "Oh ! Of course ! I will inform Miko as soon as possible and introduce her to your idea. It will certainly be a great pleasure for her to fulfill your wish, Galaxia. Miko loves public ceremonies !" she giggles in her girlish tone.
[20:40] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles softly, looking back at the other woman over the rim of her shades slightly. "Whatever I would like? Such a bold offer.." She grins a bit. "A drink would be a wonderful start, yes."
[20:40] Thrax (ty.zucker) stomps over to the food table and takes an entire silver platter of pastries and a few bottles of wine. A glowing golden portal appears beneath him, allowing him to fall into it. At the very moment he was gone, the portal shut.
[20:42] XSU Trouble: .me blinks as the better part of her tables refreshments dissapear with thrax into the void and grumbles annoyedly as she starts setting up another tray of mulled wine mumbleing to herself
[20:43] Finally synchronized after transport, Nicole looks around for a familiar face.
[20:43] Nicole looks to get a refill of her drink.
[20:44] Felicia Peterson grinned widely at Alexa's words, "Then lets get you something to satisfy that nasty thirst of yours." She'd wink to her as she walked over to where Trouble was and would ask, "Glass of red if you'd please."
[20:44] Galaxia smiles and nods hugging Sigrid "thank you Sigrid. Mikoto is one of only friends besides my Nightmare so was not sure who I would ask if not her. I will stop by and visit sometime. For now I have a dance I am owed." smiling as she walks away towards N
[20:45] Nicole: Hello there.
[20:46] Anna-Kate Harper: hello dear. dont think we have met? I am Anna-Kate"
[20:46] XSU Trouble nearly jumped out of her skin when some one snuck up on her so consumed with her task she looks up and nods grabbing a jug and filling a cup before handing it to Felicia "here you go Miss" she replies
[20:46] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles softly, giving her a toothy grin. "Oh, my thirst is never satisfied for long..." She turns and follows her over to the cute little robotic serving girl, watching as Felicia orders more red wine.
[20:46] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) heads back to the door and follows Thrax's departure, having work to get back to.
[20:46] Nicole: Nicole Osbourne, pleased to meet you.
[20:47] Sigrid squeaks softly when exposed to a very unexpected hug, the blush showing up again "I .. i am ... i mean, it's my pleasure to forward your question. And please, please don't let me stop you." she wiggles her fingers and would move over towards Trouble.
[20:47] Lady Nightmare hugs Galaxia tight as she returns, smiling happily, then taking her hand and leading the rest of the way to the dance floor "Everything good, love?"
[20:49] Galaxia smiles taking N's hand "Yes, was asking Sigrid about Mikoto being my honorary maid for the ceremonies"
[20:49] Nicole: I don't often get the opportunity to enjoy a soiree like this.
[20:50] Anna-Kate Harper: mm they are rare. Usually we are busy in the lab or bar"
[20:50] Felicia Peterson takes the glass from Trouble, "Thanks!" She'd then blow her a kiss and go to hand the drink to Alexa, "Well, We look forward to trying our best to satisfy you...and your thirst." She'd lick her lips slightly as she held the glass out.
[20:50] Lady Nightmare nods slightly, drawing Galaxia in and starting to twirl slowly "I don't know if she'll be excited or infuriated about that... and did I mention yet that you look lovely tonight?"
[20:51] Nicole: Well, in my case, I'm was usually the entertainer.
[20:51] XSU Trouble blushes and scoots closer to sigrid and whispers "hay siggy, its busy." she notes
[20:54] Galaxia smiles Sigrid said that it would be great pleasure for Mikoto and she loves public ceremonies" Leaning down and kissing "And you are as beautiful as the setting suns of Pamdeu my love"
[20:54] Alexa(Pilix) chuckles, giving a wink to the little robogirl as she hold the emptied glass out for her to take. She turns back to look at Felicia again. "Mmh, careful what you wish for." She grins as she accepts the filled glass to sip from it again. "Do you like to dance?"
[20:54] Sigrid by now felt a bit tipsy from the red wine and would offer the empty glass back to Trouble "I .. will you please take it back. I really shouldn't have indulged to such an amount of ... *hicks* ..." adding a shy giggle.
[20:55] Anna-Kate Harper: hmm this does feel off.. just the last ofparty goers though
[20:55] XSU Trouble slides the tray under the empty glass and gracefully releaves her of it. and then collects sigs next giving her a look "you only had one glass and you where sipping it."
[20:55] Nicole: Have a lovely evening.
[20:55] Anna-Kate Harper: you as well
[20:56] Lady Nightmare purrs a little as she returns the kiss, squeezing Galaxia in tightly and nodding "Well, we've come a long way since you and I first started dating... seems you're getting over your dislike of crowds a bit too"
[20:56] Felicia Peterson hears Sigrid's reaction to alcohol, and her symbiote made a mental note of it. She'd offer a hand to Alexa, "We'd love to dance." She'd go to lead the red head on to the dance floor, mentally smirking at how the two actually kind of matched.
[20:59] Galaxia smiles holding N close "Well we have had many sessions and those have helped. The crystal no longer leaves me as weak as baby now alos. merely human"
[21:00] Lady Nightmare chuckles and nods "And not bad for that either... as we saw the other week" giving a small grin
[21:01] Hannah DuMont (hannahyagami) shudders remembering that week. Leanijng down and kissing N whispering "yes Mistress, that was quite the experience. Still muscle sore but feel oddly stronger"
[21:01] Galaxia shudders remembering that week. Leanijng down and kissing N whispering "yes Mistress, that was quite the experience. Still muscle sore but feel oddly stronger"
[21:01] Anna-Kate Harper: perhaps we should let the couple have the night
[21:03] Alexa(Pilix) smiles and takes a long sip of her wine before setting it down on the table to free up her hands. She follows along to the dance floor, moving to get in close to Felicia for a nice traditional ballroom dance.
[21:04] Felicia Peterson would dance closely with Alexa, "So tell us, do pretty girls have a name or do you want to keep this mysterious from us?" Some might find it odd that she talked in plural form, but so far no one has asked her about it
[21:04] Lady Nightmare chuckles and nods after returning the kiss "Yeah, you'll get some interesting workouts"
[21:04] XSU Trouble shakes her head gently as she checks Sigrid the only girl who colud nurse a single glass of wine and still get tipsy. she gently takes the pale girls elbow with one hand "Do you want to go back home?"
[21:06] Galaxia smiles and kisses looking around as the crowd dies "We can continue this dance at home"
[21:07] Sigrid puts a small hand in front of her mouth to hide another involuntary giggle, after a moment she would lean forward and nod several times "I ... i wish ... would you be so nice to *hickz* ... to call a shuttle to guide me home inside of my princess tower ?" she almost loses her balance and gladly is able to hug around Trouble in before ending up on the floor "Oh ... oh ! I am sooo sorry, my dear .."
[21:07] Lady Nightmare chuckles a little and glances at the room, giving a small nod "Yeah, think I've made my required appearance for the night... we can retire"
[21:08] Anna-Kate Harper snickers" good night all. and congratulations again~!" waving Marathon on
[21:08] XSU Trouble rolls her eye and turns off the heater.."okay lets go, i parked my shuttle nearby you tipsy princess" she replies sighing gently as she leads sig out wishing she had time to change first.."
[21:09] Alexa(Pilix) smiled lightly at Felicia. "Alexa, if we're keeping it casual." She didn't mind the plural pronoun the girl liked to use, between that and her tiara and jewelry giving off a royal air, that brought back some memories for the redhead.. "And yourself?"
[21:09] Galaxia lifts N in her arms and opens a black hole underneath them sinking away. The hoile closing after they leave
[21:10] Sigrid tries to follow Trouble, stumbling a bit while offering a gesture of parting towards the still present "Good night !"
[21:10] Lady Nightmare kisses Galaxia deeply as we sink out of sight

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