A Flame Snuffed Out: Inferno-Spider's Last Stand

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A Flame Snuffed Out: Inferno-Spider's Last Stand

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[21:21] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun supplies the burner phone, having Lawrence shoot the text to Benjamin. "Hey little bug. We need to have ourselves a little conversation. Come on down to the lower city, there's an abandoned building on the east. You'll know it. Your friend, The Shogun."

[21:25] Goku 悟 (llsongokull): -He scanned through the text as his heart started to beat rapidly, he felt a tight knot in his stomach after reading this message. This must be it! What he was sensing during the press conference. His eyes narrowed, as he went into a quiet area with no one there, changing into his Inferno-Spider costume, swinging across the buildings to head over too lower city.-

[21:28] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: After finally made it to the destination that was set for them to meet. He did a front-flip in the air, tweety feet, landing on his feet swiftly as he stared at the large male, known as Shogun… ‘’I’m here…’’ he said in a deep tone, knowing full-well that what may occur will be their final fight.

[21:31] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun within the abandoned building were others, gathered around and watching. Henchmen armed with their guns. A man in a hat and goggles, bullseyes on the lenses and on his hat. He was Shogun's main assassin called Precession or Mr. Cross. The other was a strong silent type, he watched with focused eyes. He was his second assassin, Sordino. His lawyer Lawrence also stood by as well as his secretary. Finally there was Mateo Tanahashi, the Japanese man who put the viral video, declaring himself to be the Shogun and yet at the head of them all was Shawn Gunn, back to the Spider. He doesn't turn around when the young man announces his presence. "Glad you came bug boy," he said. "I understand that you've been looking into me. You are very nosy aren't you?"

[21:36] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: ‘’Well… I’m surprised you figure who I am. But your infection in this city ends here. Ever since Ghostwalker left the scene, I’ve been picking up his slack.’’ He said, quickly scanning through the area, having his alertness heightened to it’s peak just in case any of his henchmen tried to do anything. Inferno-Spider was fed up of the harm that this bastard had caused with the civilians, he will not stand for it anymore! He clenches his left hand into a tight fist, with anger coursing through his veins, couldn’t look at the man. ‘’So… I’m assuming you going to get all your henchmen to fire at me?’’ he said, saying the most obvious thing that he probably might do.

[21:44] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun takes a lengthy drag of his cigar before exhaling the smoke. He starts to laugh then, his voice echoing in the empty place. "Little boy," he said, bringing the cigar to his lips again to huff before continuing. "Do you know all the ways I could've had you killed until now? Know how I found out who you are? The moment you put your nose in my business was the day you marked yourself. I got people. My man over here"-he points at Sordino-"Really good with stealth and getting a little info. With a word he would've put a bullet in your head any damn time. How about the other one?"-He then points at Precision-"He loves to kill. Gets off on it and he would've loved the challenge. Think I called you over just to have them reduce you to a bloody glob? Naw. I'm a fair man. See I knew someone just like you from my own world. Little mouthy teenage, a bug like you. Talked so much trash, always got in my business. He was just as annoying and we fought so many times." He pauses, taking another drag from the cigar. "I don't get you. Your type. Get a little power and you think it's your responsibility to save the world, do what you want. You think you know better when you don't. You run into a man like me and you will learn soon enough... that this is not the life for you. So I'm giving you this chance. Want to do something.. you can do it under my roof. Can come work for me and make some good bank. Get rid of my competition and live comfortably. One time offer, take it or leave it."

21:53] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: He chuckled, laughing at his offer. ‘’Haha, no thanks pal! Why don’t you ask a policemen when your in cuffs?’’ He said, putting both of his hands together, to crack his knuckles, to prepare what must come afterwards. ‘’Besides! Being a mouthy teenager with a big responsibility is what I do best.’’ he said, getting into position, spreading both his leg out while moving his arms to match the pose he was doing. He was essentially getting into a Spider pose. ‘’Now then! Let’s hope the cell is big enough for you and all your henchmen.’’ Immediately leaping on top of a ceiling, before shooting a ball of web out of his web shooter, with electricity surrounding it, to stun whoever get attached to it. Shooting five of em at each of his henchmen.

[22:05] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun doesn't react as the kid shoots his electric webbing at his henchmen. For the normal grunts, they fell victim. He can hear them drop and cry out in pain. In a cloud of smoke, Mateo disappears as the balls fly towards him. Lawrence and the secretary are also swallowed up in it, seemingly disappear, though the obvious reality would be that Mateo took them out of the picture. Precision is quick to react, unveiling a hand of playing cards and throwing them with such deadly force as they spun through the air, cutting through the webbing before it came near. Sordino sighs maneuvering out of the way of the weapons, showing his own finesse to it. He and Precision both are about to go on the offensive when The Shogun snaps his fingers. "See... why did you have to go and do that?" he said. "I told you.. I wasn't going to have you go down in a rain of bullets, blades, and what have you. See.. I am a business man. I have a reputation to uphold. Believe it or not, I am looking out for this city." He began to shrug off his coat, letting it slide to the ground before rolling up his sleeves. "I see great things for it, but certain... types of action are necessary and I can't have someone like you interfere. Also.. I am a leader. I am a man of respect. To be a leader in this life you must be strong. Your people needs to see that you are strong. So that is what I am going to show them." He finally turns around, facing the young hero, cane in his hand, cigar still dangling from his lips. "So if you won't accept my offer.. then it's time I teach you the harshest lesson of all. My boys won't interfere. They were simply just here to watch, though I advice against attacking them again." He takes the cigar, throwing it on the ground before stomping it out.

[22:15] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: It seemed that this wasn’t going to be easier than he thought. Especially with those two assassins in his way. He had to figure out how he can defeat them while taking care of the shogun but then… after listening what the shogun had to say, it seemed he wanted a one on one fight. If there was one thing about him, is that he is a man of his word. He detach himself from the ceiling dropping down on his feet. ‘’Hmm… you vs me, eh? No one else involved?’’ he said, looking around, trying to make sure he wasn’t trying to plan anything. ‘’Alright… I’ll take you on that offer.’’ he said, lifting up his fist near his face, shifting his footing, leaning forward a bit and having his eyes targeting the large male. ‘’Alrighty then big guy, you take the first shot.’’ smirking underneath his mask, as he knew that he could probably beat him easily. Since he was being generous to make it a one on one, he might as well let him get the first hit in. Inferno-Spider was ready, he scan his entire physical body, to see what he may have underneath his sleeves, to be ready for anything that may come his way. ‘’If you want, I won’t even use my webs either.’’ he truly was being cocky in this situation, trying to get a rise out of him, showing his determination and being a good sport as well.
[22:21] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun laughs as the young hero put his dukes up. He sets his cane aside, which itself contained a nasty surprise or two inside. With a whistle, his third assassin, Red comes out, joining her two comrades. She was an insurance policy just in case. He was going to humor this kid. The only thing under his suit otherwise was just Kevlar. He walks towards the hero, cracking his knuckles. The problem with hero types like him is they underestimate someone who has no powers, regardless of how much muscle they put on. He puts up his own fists, one forward, the other closer to himself for guarding. His walks slowly turn into shuffling as he neared, showing that he actually knows some boxing. As soon as he was in range, he throws out a hard jab aimed at his face, breathing with it.

[22:26] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: With both of them in range, Inferno, kept his fist near his face and kept his feet moving, circling around the large male. He noticed a punch was coming directly towards his face, a jab to be more specific. Inferno quickly tilted his head to the left-side, letting his fist glaze through the surface of his cheek as he leaned in forward with an uppercut aimed at his jawline. With enough force to lift his foot off of the ground and send him back a couple inches. ‘’C’mon, that’s all you got big guy? Should lay off the donuts, man.’’

[22:32] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun feels the uppercut land, indeed taking him off his feet but doesn't quite take flight as he's back on solid ground. He rubs the back of his hand against his mouth. No blood yet. He smiles. So the kid knows a little bit of something. Plus he got a good hint of how hard he can hit but he knows his type. He's a strong one. He knows it wouldn't be too wise to just let himself eat a hit from him Typical of course, here comes the jokes. He says nothing, he was going to prove a point tonight. He can crack all the jokes he wants, but they will not save him or win him this fight. He moves in again, He goes for another jab but this time throws a short second jab to follow before throwing a powerful left hook towards his ribs.

[22:37] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: moving his right arm to collide with his short jab, blocking it successfully until he was unnoticed to the other punch that came smashing against his rib-cage. He gushed out saliva underneath his mask, gasping for air, as his fist sunk in. He immediately dashed backwards to gather himself and to catch his breath. ‘’Phew… that was one heck of a punch…’’ he said, regaining his breath and his conscious back to fighting spirit, walking up close to him, as he swung his left foot towards the dome of his head. Sending a powerful kick, essentially.

[22:43] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun blocks the headkick with his right forearm before switching to hold on to that leg as he'd try to wrap his powerful biceps around it while driving his body inside. He'd try to grab him with his other arm, lifting him off the ground in other to drive him downward. If the slam is a success he'd try to follow up with a mount and good old fashion ground and pound, raining down fists and elbows.

[22:49] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Being slammed against the ground, he felt his multiple punches came at his face, including an elbow, losing conscious for a bit until recovering, using his right arm to cover his face with his fist coming straight down, clashing with his arm, as he used his other leg to send his knee towards his stomach, with enough force to cut out the circulation of his breathing momentarily.

[22:55] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun gulps for air as the knee strikes. He clutches his stomach as he stumbles to his feet, which made it more difficult to breathe. He steadies himself, breathing in through his nose and out his mouth. After a moment of recovering, he looks at the arachnid hero. A good hit. He got caught slipping. "Not bad little boy," he said. "But you messing with the big boys now.." He walks over, raising his foot and bringing it down towards his head to stomp him.

23:11] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: After successfully sending his knee into his stomach, getting a breather as well while he took his time catching his. As he proceeded to stomp his foot against his head, Inferno quickly, rolled over, allowing his foot landed on the solid surface. Picking himself up quickly, rushing towards the large man, with a barrage of punches, specifically five of em, directly at his rib-cage, the side of his head, his chin, his chest, and his stomach. ‘’Haaaah!’’

[23:15] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun tries his best to block the onslaught but the kid seemed manic in this approach, catching him on his head and chin. He would come back with a powerful backhand aimed for his jaw. before aiming a push kick at his chest.

21:16] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: The backhand would land, pushing his head to the side while a kick came into contact with his chest, sucking out the oxygen momentary as he went walking backward to catch his breath. ''Huff... huff... huff...'' He rushed towards the Shogun, hoping to tackle him down to the ground harshly and attempt to send a barrage of elbows directly at the bridge of his nose.

[21:22] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun prepared for the arachnid themed hero, bracing himself as he rushed him. "Oof!" The Shogun tries to stand his ground as Inferno-Spider collided with him. He finds himself sliding backward, shoes scraping against the pavement. He reaches down to grab him by the waist in an attempt to lift the young hero onto his shoulders and powerbomb him straight to the ground.

[21:27] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: As his body proceeded to be lifted and slammed into the ground brutally! His spine started to crack a bit, the pain was unbearable, he let out an intense scream from the impact. ''HAAAAGRAAAH!!'' his pupils were slowly fading yet... however, a little girl was watching from afar, scared of what she is seeing. A hero? Losing? Impossible. He looked over to her... which gave him the determination, the will to pick himself up! Disregarding the extreme pain he's feeling. ''Y-you know you can't win! You can't destroy what I am! Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place!'' He said, rushing towards the shogun once more, this time with a powerful uppercut with enough force to bring him down to the ground, should it succeed of course.

[21:38] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun stares at the young man and laughs. "You got spunk, kid. I'll give you that," Shogun said as Inferno-Spider seemed to be fading. He's ready to turn his back on him when he stands, giving his heroic speech. He responds, "That someone will die just like you." The hero rushes him again. Before Shogun had the time to react, Inferno-Spider slams his fist into his chin. The force was such that Shogun had no idea what was up and what was down. His body took flight. By the time he's on the ground, he's lost, almost forgetting where he is while gasping for air. He tries to get up or thinks he is. That was a hell of a whopper the kid gave him so he definitely needed to clear the cobwebs.

[21:44] Red was behind most of the audience, the men Shogun had brought with him, she growled as they traded blows. Pacing back and forth throughout the fight, her Alpha would win... Or he would die and be freed from this cursed existence of hating herself! She had betrayed him once and hated herself for it, it came out as the feral look in her eye and the way she smoked her cigs... *Alexa was wandering around in the lower city, half looking for her classmate, half keeping an eye out for trouble... She saw people walking away from the area with the fight, and over heard them talking about some fat guy fighting a scrawny but fast spider looking dude... She swallowed and hoped he had the sense to call for backup if he needed it! She started in that direction as she took calming breaths and focused her Chi, she was just going to make sure it was ACTUALLY him... *Red snapped her teeth violently as Shogun went down, she reacted faster then the rest of the entourage, drawing her pistols in a flash and charging out of the building! Ears back and teeth barred as she charged, firing laser bolts in a vain attempt to hit the masked hero! Pure instinct told her to protect her Alpha...

[21:51] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: With that single uppercut putting the big man down into the ground. A gasp of relief came to the young man, as he could barely stand, dropping to his right knee. ''Huff... huff... I-i did it.'' he said with a smirk underneath his mask. Giving a thumbs up to the kid that was watching from behind. Picking himself up and walking away from Shogun, thinking it was all over now... however his sensed went off the chart! something was heading towards him, he tried his best to move his body to the left side, only for the laser bolt to pierce through his right arm. ''D-damn...'' he shoots a string of web towards her gun, hoping to propel it in his direction.

[22:00] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun is stumbling all over the place, trying to get his bearings and unaware of one of his subordinates attacking Inferno-Spider. He stops moving, standing still but still feeling wobbly, trying to regain his balance. He breathes and takes a moment. The world finally stopped spinning. His memory came back to him. He turns and looks just in time to see that Red managed to shoot Inferno-Spider in the arm. His heavy footsteps beat the pavement, power walking towards the scene. Eyes focused on Inferno-Spider, he brushes pass Red and makes a beeline for the hero. Once he got close, he would try to take advantage of this situation, attempting to wrap his arms around him in a tight bearhug and start squeezing.

[22:07] Red was a feral animal at this point, one thought crossed her mind, "Kill the one who touched alpha!" As her gun was snagged she kept a tight grip and was pulled with it towards the two... *Alexa heard the ruckus and started running, her immense weight cracking the sidewalk as she picked up speed, where was it coming from!? She had to make sure her Ben was ok! *Red was pushed aside after landing, growling then whimpering and moving away once she realized it was her Alpha! She started chewing on the webbing, using her sharp teeth to cut through it eventually and freeing up the gun... *Alexa got closer, her heavy footfalls were easily heard down the road as she made small impact craters in the side walk, she had her phone in hand praying that Ben would ask for help, a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that he was unable to! She took another calming breath as she ran, starting to slow down as she got to the corner where the gunshots were...

[22:17] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: Suddenly he was in a bearhug, he used all of his strength to break through but... he couldn't. He was so badly damaged that half of his strength wasn't able to be used. Shogun sheer muscles applied more pain on his back, as he kept squeezing him, feeling his bones cracking all around his upper torso. ''HAGRAAAAAH!!'' coughing out a large amount of blood through his mask, you can see the stain on it. His pupils faded and his need for oxygen was beginning to cut off due to the pressure. ''Ughgaah...'' One final squeeze would do the trick.

[22:24] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun applies more pressure into the hug, just enough to make it hurt without killing him. Yet. "Ok," he said. "You got me. That was a hell of a hit but.. the problem with you types is that you never finish the job. If you bothered to properly check, you could've took advantage and put me down. And that is one of many reasons why I will always win. You fought like a man though, so I will end it quick just for you." He squeezes even tighter, hearing Inferno-Spider's bones crack. He entangles his arms, each hand latching on to either forearm. Then he simply, does a quick slight, but quick jerk.

[22:31] Red was grinning as she licked her lips, her cig had fallen out somewhere, she looked like she wanted to drain him. But turned towards the thunderous steps as they came around the corner... *Alexa rounded the corner, and saw her fears realized as the Shogun did his finishing move, "NO!" Her scream echoed through the street as a barrage of lasers impacted against her body, they hurt a lot but it felt like someone was smacking her a little bit! She tried getting closer as the demonic looking squirrel got between them, blasting her and turning her clothing into swiss cheese! Her arm began to darken and her demonic eye focused on Ben... *Red growled menacingly as she shot at the stranger, noticing with a miffed expression she wasn't really doing anything? She huffed and aimed for the head, knocking the mask off and froze! Her instincts told her to run... Fast! But her legs would not respond,the area was permeated with a terrible feeling as her eye was exposed to the world, staring at the two combatants...

[22:35] Benjamin ?Inferno-Spider.: After that last jerk, he gave out his final breathe... his body suddenly lost its life, his heart stop responding and his blood stop pumping. He had died, with body wobbles around with slight movement

[22:44] Shawn Gunn aka The Shogun releases him the moment his body goes limp and he gave his last breath. He watches his body slump down, but turns his head when he hears a woman screaming "NO!" He turns to see a masked woman approaching. Looking at the body of Inferno-Spider, he gathers that they must be close. When the mask comes off, he can see the fire behind her eyes, the intensity. He's seen that in but few people in his life. He wipes the back of his hand against his lip, seeing the blood. "So long kid," he said looking down at the fallen hero again. "Sorry it had to happen to ya, but this is the cost of messing with the boss." He looks to red, snapping his fingers to get her attention. "We need to go," he said. "We're getting too much attention and I have an image to keep, so bring your ass." He scoops up his coat, dusting it off and putting it on as he began to leave the scene, shadowed by his two assassins and other associates.

[22:53] Red holstered her guns as the terrifying feeling swept over her, she ran to her Alphas side as he instructed and whimpered, "We need to run Alpha... She is dangerous..." They'd hear wailing behind them, it had a sort of demonic chuckle mixed in, the sound made her want to cower as they headed to the Limo, "To slow... we need to run..." *Alexa collapsed next to her friend as her demonic eye focused on the Shogun and the squirrel thing, she leaned down and felt for a pulse, knowing she wasn't going to find one. Her sobs increased, her breathing became erratic as sadness and rage overwhelmed her, the skin on her arm darkened but didn't bulge as a black tear stained the left side of her face, and spread to her neck. She howled in anger and grief for her lost friend, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" She doubled over as her back began to tear, grunting in pain... But nothing else happened...

Aftermath: Alexa vs Red  Alexa rounded the corner, having heard gunshots and was sure her friend Ben was there! She saw a large man and a squirrel looking woman, the large man was holding the Inferno-Spider... She took a step, eyes wide with fear as the large man snaps the heroes bones and drops him, "NO!" The squirrel lady turns towards her and starts firing away with her dual laser pistol, they stung really bad! She held out her arm and tried to advance as her clothing burned away, "Ben... No..." She managed to get to the corpse as the large man called off the gunslinger...

All she felt was a hole where her heart was, she had opened up about that incident, taking Timbers advice and looking for help... Why was Fate so cruel?! She knelt over the body and cried, tears pouring down the right side of her face, 'It's not fair...' Her demonic eye snapped up and watched the squirrel chatter about how dangerous she was, Alexa wailed and gripped her head as grief and regret took over, RAGE Soon followed... She touched his masked face and grit her teeth, something painful felt like it was trying to rip out of her back, she doubles over and cries harder as the villains got into their fancy limo...

A single black tear ran down the left side of her face as the skin darkened and spread, 'No, not like this...' She was trying to get a hold of herself, gasping and choking... THEY WOULD NOT GET AWAY!

The limo was loaded up and Red, the squirrel thing was nervous! She looked out the window just in time to see the second Alpha standing, but she was turning black! "DRIVE!" She shrieked at the driver, her ears were back as the driver floored it! She saw the creature rear back and roar, then the ware house wall exploded outwards as she barreled through it, "FASTER!" The Shogun himself didn't seemed worried at all, go figure... The Driver was skilled in his trade, it was why he was known as 'Driver'... He headed towards the highway, Red screaming in his ear about a monster chasing them... He wished he could just tell her to stfu.... But Driver was not allowed to speak unless spoken to, screaming didn't count... He checked his side mirror as the blinker turned on for the on ramp, doing a double take of the nightmare behind them, Well shit! She wasn't joking! His expert driving skills kicked in and he drifted the limo across the four lanes of traffic, simply stating in a calm manner, "Hold on tight Ladies and Gents..." Flipped a few switches and hit the gas as the Limo went into speedster mode, which was honestly like the only thing he could do to make this baby of his drive faster...
Alexa smashed through the barrier on the highway, a Semi-Truck jackknifed and a mini-van spun out as she chased the damn villains, her arms both had bulged and her skin had turned jet black, consumed with rage and grief! Her feet pounded away at the concrete, sending a gravel spray out behind her! Two black SUVs got on the highway behind her and sped towards her, windows opened and guns started blazing, HOW DARE THEY! She growled, her demonic eye had grown to take up most of her face, but that didn't stop her from seeing her surroundings somehow! The SUVs sped past her and a guy popped up through the moon roof with a rocket launcher! The projectile missed, just barely, and she flew forwards, her massive claws ripping through the SUV like it was paper! The vehicle exploded and she ran even faster!

Red cowered as explosions and gunshots tore up the highway! Her associates were exclaiming and basically giving a commentary of what was happening outside... The Driver weaved in and out of traffic as they caught up to the busy section... He wasn't worried as long as something didn't hit his back end, he topped out at 100mph and that was not fast enough for him! The second SUV was torn apart, the engine flew through the air as Alexa had thrown it! It hit a car right in front of them and time seemed to slow for the Driver, his face never changed as he predicted the course of the crashing vehicle and dodged the debris... "That's why i work for Shogun..." He congratulated himself and then looked in the rear view mirror, HOLY SHIT THAT THING WAS RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM!

As Red cowered and shivered violently, The shogun listened to the panicked voices of his henchmen trying to protect him. Did anything phase this guy? Maybe? He looked at his Squirrelly gunslinger and patted her on the head, "You might have disobeyed me, but you helped me kill that nosy hero... I appreciate your help..." She perked her ears up at his praise, her fears forgotten about the other Alpha! The assassins were trying to come up with a plan to lose the nightmare following them, they thought about jumping off the limo as a distraction, but if they missed then they'd die instantly from crashing into the ground! Red rubbed her head wiped away the tears, She had an Alpha to Protect... She growled and hit the button on the moon roof for the limo, The shogun watched her approvingly as she started to climb out, "What are you doing!?" One of the assassins asked, she reached back in and growled as she hit the button to close it, "My job..." She didn't wait to hear anything negative which is what she needed the least right now! Her tiny claws dug into the roof of the limo as Driver dodged a tiny car, the nightmare simply barreled through it and knocked it aside... Oh great! The news had shown up in a chopper!

News 69! Was on scene filming the carnage, they didn't hear what the reporter was saying back in the news room, that was the coordinators job to tell them what to film... hey turned the camera towards the red haired squirrel on top of a speeding limo, just a little to blurry to get the license plate number... "As you can see there is a monster chasing a limousine, someone has climbed out and on top of the limo,OH MY GOD SHE JUMPED! She jumped at the monster... Is that a hero? We have no intel on who that is but she literally just jumped at the monster, they are rolling, ugh..." The reporter commenting on it saw Red basically explode with blood, and was trying to hold lunch down, "Ok, they have stopped rolling and shes getting up! She might have a healing factor or is in fact not hurt from the fall, She's standing her ground!"

Red grunted and stood up, watching the limo with her Alpha drive off, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it as she thought of something she had heard when she was younger, 'Courage is not about never feeling fear, it is defiance of Fear.' She wished she remembered who said that! She turned in time to see that black creature getting up, growling and cursing her in a tongue she'd never heard before... She drew her pistols and fired rapidly, not caring that the lasers seemed to just do nothing to the monster... The helicopter zoomed by overhead and she growled angrily, where were the so called 'heroes' of Celestial city when you wanted to not fight a demonic creature?!

News 69! Watched in horror as the fight began, "Ladies and gentlemen, this might be a little to gruesome for some viewers! She dodged! She dodged again! Who is this fantastic hero?! WATCH OUT WATCH OUT!" A car barreled into them both on the screen, the black creature punched it and picked it up as the person inside jumped out and ran away?! "what the hell was that about! Dodge! OH NO!" The red haired gunslinger was flung across the ground...

Alexa was lost inside her own dark Chi, was this her dreaded Berserker mode?! She didn't know what was happening, only saw flashes..

Alexa's berserker mode had no feelings aside from RAGE, it did not care about collateral damage! It wanted DEATH! She knocked the squirrelly one aside with the car that had hit them, words and sound were impossible unless it roared... She stomped over to the recovering villain as the chopper flew by, picking her up by one of her legs... Then proceeded to slam her into the ground repeatedly! She tossed her into the air after her leg broke and snatched her around her rib cage, then punched the ground hard! Over and over again! It wouldn't stop!

Red cried from the pain and passed out as she was slammed over and over! Her healing factor worked overtime to keep her alive! She grunted and spat blood, thinking it was going to be over, but never waking up outside of a world of pain! She thought about her Alpha... She didn't expect to see him again...

Alexa's Berserker mode finally threw the squirrel into the ground a few feet away and roared in triumph, it was a bit of overkill... She stomped over and gripped both of her legs, one in each massive claw and held her up, somewhere in that berserk mind it chuckled, no panties... It lowered Red until she was barely touching the ground, reveling in the whimper it's prey conducted! Was Red begging for mercy? IT didn't care!

Red whimpered as her eyes turned blue, the thirst in her throat BURNED, "Please, I'll change my ways..." It was the last words out of her mouth...

The news Reporter watched speechless as The nightmare and the red haired hero seemed to freeze in place... Then one black foot raised and stomped on the girls groin, while being pulled up! The reported puked right then and there as the black creature tore the squirrel lady in half! The chopper looked around for the limo but it was long gone, the Shogun closed the laptop and sighed, "Mission accomplished Red..." The chopper looked back for the creature but it had fled into the sewers... Heroes arrived on scene literally a minute later and the camera cut out, the reporter looked pretty sick and was shaking horribly, but didn't say anything... Eventually another reporter would come and take his place after a looooong commercial break...

Aftermath: The Discovery  In the Lower City, High-Roller saw the chase happen in front of him. Some demonic looking girl and squirrel like girl were going at it, but he recognized Shogun when he saw him. He had to catch himself before he went after him. His instinct told him to go the other direction.

He swings through the city, not having to go far as he sees a body on the ground. He lands, getting a closer look. Instantly, he recognized the body as that of the Inferno-Spider. He's met the kid before. He wanted to recruit him to join other heroes. "What have you gotten yourself into?" he sighed.

He activates his Investigation Vision System. The world around him goes blue. The body is highlighted in white, meaning he's dead. HUD in the system shows him his vitals to further confirm this. Kneeling down, he inspects the body closer, eyes falling on the hole in his arm. No gun powder. Burn wounds. Laser? Some other form of energy blast? It was deadly enough to pierce him. His scan lead to his mask then, the bloody stain soaking through it. Removing the young man's mask, he recognized him. Seen him around plenty of times. He snaps an image of the mask, sending it to his own personal server. There was blood all around his mouth, it had to be some internal bleeding and not just a punch to the mouth. He zooms in, running a deeper scan to do a DNA Analysis on his blood.

His name was Benjamin Richardson. He was photographer, he's seen some of his work.

"Richardson..." he said aloud.

The name is significant for him, reminding him of his old mentor, his friend, the original High-Roller, Robert Richardson. Everything he became, was because of this man. He often wonders if he could measure up.

He refocuses, the scanning process still at work. His scan catches something else. He sees an x-ray of Ben's body, seeing a spinal injury around his lower back. The poor kid was broken in half from the inside! Knowing Shogun, if they got into a physical fight, this was but one of the ways he liked to finish his opponent. The man was no meta but he was freakishly strong all the same. There were more bruises to confirm he was in a fight but these were the main ones.

With a sigh, he shuts Benjamin's eyes and sends a call out for the Vanguard and an ambulance. He begins to walk away, not wishing to look at the body any longer.

"Darius?" his wife Maya, The Bookie said. They usually use code names on this channel, yet she had genuine concern for him in this moment. "Are you ok?"

He stops, turns to look at the corpse of Benjamin again before turning away and sighing. "He deserves more than just dying in the street," he said. "I'm calling it a day for now. I'll be home soon."

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